This week on Wrestling Omakase we dive into the Dramatic Dream Team for one of their biggest shows of the year! John is joined by our two most prolific Omakase guests, Jesse (@K0jiii) and Taylor (@tamaimbo), as we break down all twelve matches on this massive 6-hour show.

Hear us talk the controversial Dieno-Sasaki main event, the CIMA-Takeshita semi-main, Irie’s final appearance as a DDT roster member, GIANT PANDA BATTLES, and much more! We also get a little into the upcoming D-ou Grand Prix, mainly just going over the list of participants, and discuss some upcoming dates across both DDT and many of its sub-brands. Finally we wrap things up with your questions on a ton of DDT-related topics, including whether a full American expansion is a good idea, what karaoke song we’d sing with Shuji Ishikawa, Tokyo Joshi Pro’s future, and more! A fun show focused all around maybe the most fun wrestling promotion in the world, this week on Omakase!

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