It’s JOSHI-MANIA this week on Wrestling Omakase, as we cover two recent Korakuen Hall events from two undercovered joshi promotions, plus give an overview of the current joshi scene as a whole! First we cover women’s wrestling in Japan in general, mainly focusing around the TV/streaming landscape and where you can watch various promotions, as well as some of what’s been going on lately. Then we get into two specific show reviews: first Ice Ribbon’s 10/8 show headlined by a tag team title match featuring the Lovely Butchers, Hikaru Shida’s return to the company she left after four years and her daring the entire roster to fight her, and a brief discussion on whether we’re okay with 15-year-old rookies in joshi.

Then we move on to SEAdLINNNG’s 10/3 show featuring the first round of the tournament to crown their inaugural singles champion! We discuss the very cool way the tournament was built up, with the promotion highlighting all 8 wrestlers’ past or current championship success to justify their inclusion in the tournament. We talk the LADY HOSS style of SEAdLINNNG and four really vicious singles matches, as well as the light-hearted six-man tag opener featuring a recently retired wrestler.

Finally, we wrap things up with your questions, which touch on some topics like: STARDOM super rookie Utami Hayashishita, STARDOM training in general, Ice Ribbon’s new TV deal, picking 1 man and 1 woman to build your new company around, Alex’s old website Wrestling with Words, why there are so many freelancers in joshi, the most underrated/underappreciated joshi wrestlers right now, and more. It’s a packed two hours of discussion on nothing but Japanese women’s wrestling, this week on Omakase!

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