OTT was once again back in its spiritual home of the Tivoli Theatre in the heart of Dublin city. The show had a stacked lineup featuring the return of the Rascalz to OTT as they would team with the legendary Meiko Satamura in her OTT debut against More Than Hype. Also in the main event duo of Jordan Devlin & Sean Guinness aka ‘The Big Hangovers’ would take on the debuting Strong Hearts duo of T-Hawk and CIMA.

Over the Top Wrestling
Fan Appreciation Night
September 30, 2018
Tivoli Theatre
Dublin, Ireland

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Club Tropicana def. Rough Stuff

Club Tropicana’s rise from comedy on Contenders to semi serious regulars on the main OTT shows continued in what was ultimately a match better suited to a Contenders show. While Tropicana and their charismatic ring announcer Jose Idol are hugely popular with the OTT crowd their opponents, the appropriately named Rough Stuff, are not ready to be a featured act on the monthly supershows. With ex-commentator Tony Kelly as their manager, they want to bring serious wrestling to OTT and put an end to all the comedy. Sadly at the moment they bring nothing to the table and Kelly is the only one of the trio capable of drawing a reaction from the crowd.

On a better note Tropicana continue to grow as an act and as wrestlers with Aidan in particular showing progression month on month since their debut. As we seen in the Aussie Open match recently when Tropicana have better opponents they can deliver. A reversal on a rollup was enough to get the win in a sadly forgettable match. **

Curtis Murray def. Michael May & Scotty Davis

This match was to determine the #1 contender to Terry Thatcher’s NLW Title with the winner getting his shot on the all male preshow of the all female Defiant II show on October 14th. It was also the first time all three members of Legit 100 had shared a ring since they were forced to disband the group when More Than Hype defeated them.

The young trio told a fairly simple story with Murray already established as a heel and both May and Davis wanting to get their hands on their former partner. Scotty Davis’ in ring work is so smooth and every move delivered with such ferocity that to remember he is still a teenager is absolutely terrifying. Of the three Davis stands head and shoulders above his older former partners in terms of potential, with May already a well respected worker by not only the wrestlers but also the fans. So it made perfect sense that Murray would be the one to get the title shot against Thatcher when he stole the win after May had put Davis down with a variation of Shingo’s Made in Japan. I expect all three to now move on different directions with Davis set for a push to the top of the company, Murray set to be a hated lower card champion and May to be a workhorse who will deliver in any spot he is asked to occupy. **3/4

Tag Team Championships
Kings of the North def. Team Whitewolf

Fresh from their heel turn in their title defense against the Angel Cruzers, the Kings returned to the Tivoli and were in no mood to mess about. The Bonesaw & Dunkan Disorderly combination is my personal favorite line up of the Kings in a straight two on two setting, but unfortunately this match was a slight disappointment as some miscommunication and unfortunate errors from the inexperienced Whitewolf guys resulted in a disjointed affair. A-Kid took a hell of a beating in the first half of the match from the “Belfast bad boys” and even the staunchest KOTN fans had to feel bad for the young man from Spain. The match lost its momentum when Carlos Romo appeared to land on Dunkan’s head with a moonsault from the top rope. The Kings would pick up the decisive win with a Celtic Cross followed by a frog splash by Dunkan. I would love to see these teams hook it up again sometime in the near future as they are without a doubt capable of better. ***

Paul Tracey & Charlie Sterling def. The Wards

This match begun the nostalgia period of the show as Paul Tracey faced off against Luther Ward for the first time in over a year in an OTT ring. Ward vs Tracey was the first big feud in OTT and was a highlight of many of the earliest OTT shows. While the action in this one was never likely to blow anyone away I have two highlights from it. Firstly it was great to see Luther performing with a smile on his face and enjoying once again having 400 people in the Tivoli cheering him on and chanting his name. Secondly: Charlie Sterling. Between his Dynamite Kid style gear, his goofy over the top selling and the fact that he is damn good in the ring, I get great enjoyment in seeing him every time he is on an OTT show and I hope we get to see some regularly once again. The big spot in the match was Tracey and Luther coming face to face for one more time in the Tivoli and it hit all the right nostalgic notes. It was to be Sterling who got the winning pin with a rope assisted rollup on Pa Ward. **3/4

New Nasties def. Lads from the Flats & Martina

Another throwback to a feud from OTT history as the reformed Gymnasties duo of Justy and Sammy D introduced their new member Liam Royal to take on familiar foes in the also returning Lads from the Flats and Session Moth. This match served one purpose, establish the New Nasties and in particular Liam Royal as threats to the Angel Cruzers. Royal looked particularly impressive hurling Paddy M and Martina around the ring at every opportunity. A special mention also needs to be made to Martina who worked her ass off and seemed to be everywhere in this match with a leaping hurricanrana from the top rope and a flawless springboard Seshbreaker being particular highlights.

This may have been the New Nasties first official match since Justy’s return but it very much felt like they have always been here. The newest Nastie would secure the win for his team with a wicked arm trap powerbomb on Session Moth. A fine first outting for The Nasties and a welcome return to form for Martina made this so much more than just a nostalgia match. ***1/2

Following the match the Angel Cruzers would appear in a wacky skit involving a Logan Bryce tribute video and a head in a box to set up a No DQ six man tag match at OTT Four Year Anniversary at the National Stadium between The New Nasties and The Angel Cruzers and their mystery partner. 

Raven Creed def. Katey Harvey

The winner of this match would win a shot at the OTT Gender Neutral Title at the National Stadium in a five way match involving Gender Neutral Champion LJ Cleary, Paddy M, “Mr. Juicy” Gino Gambino and Rocky Romero. While the match involved two of my favourite women wrestlers in Europe right now the match never left second gear as things just didn’t seem to click quite right on the night. Although the match fell short of what I expected, I was incredibly impressed by Raven who despite still being just 19 years old and a relative newcomer never appeared out of place and embraced the hate of the Dublin crowd like a veteran heel. Raven would get the win with a rollup after running the “Feminist Icon” into the corner for the surprise victory. Similar to the Kings of the North and Team Whitewolf, these two are capable of stealing the show on another night and I hope they get that opportunity at some point. **3/4

More than Hype def. The Rascalz & Meiko Satomura

The best match to ever take place in the Tivoli Theatre! Get familiar with the names LJ Cleary, Darren Kearney and Nathan Martin because this was the night that they announced they are for real. Each one of the More Than Hype guys delivered on the night and did it in the semi main event of a show against one of the best tag teams in the world and possibly the greatest female wrestler of all time. At the stately old age of TWENTY ONE LJ is the oldest of the trio while Darren and Nathan are still teenagers and yet they are so highly regarded by both OTT management and fans that being in this spot on the card was not a shock to anybody. I would not do this match justice running through the spots so all I will say is MTH would pick up the biggest win of their fledgling careers after an assisted destroyer and an Angel’s Wings superkick combination they call the OverHype.

The match was not all about the Irish youngsters however. Meiko Satamura got a deafening reception befitting of her standing as a living, breathing, ass kicking legend of the business and Meiko did not come just to have a pleasant Saturday night in Dublin. She kicked the MTH lads asses and made sure they earned their moment. The Rascalz have in my opinion the best tandem offense of any tag team in the world right now. They are the perfect example of two guys who as a team multiply to better than the sum of their parts and they were an integral part of this match and deserve just as much praise as anyone else for this match. Go out of your way to watch this one, it is probably the best six man tag team match you will see all year. ****3/4

After the match the OTT Tag Team Champions the Kings of the North would hit the ring and inflict a ferocious beating on More Than Hype and go so far as to cable tie Darren and LJ to the ropes and make them watch as they destroyed Nathan Martin’s knee. More Than Hype vs Kings of the North is most definitely a feud I can fully get behind.

Jordan Devlin & Sean Guinness def. CIMA & T-Hawk

Seeing CIMA live was definitely a wrestling bucket list entry which I can now mark off my list and while this match couldn’t possibly follow what came before it, it was still a damn good match in its own right. Now that Stronghearts are free agents and not tied to any promotion I would love to see them as semi regulars in Europe. T-Hawk’s chops are downright nasty and without a doubt on a par with WALTER for best sounding in the world. Whether he was in the ring or on the apron CIMA was oozing charisma and even those who may not have been familiar with Strong Hearts before this match they will have left in no doubt that these two men are stars.

I enjoy any opportunity we get to see the Hangovers as they work together so effortlessly and they were right there with Strong Hearts throughout this match matching them move for move. Guinness has almost been under appreciated since his return from Zero One, he never ever has a bad match no matter who he is against. Coming of the back of his championship loss to WALTER at WrestleRama II, this was Devlin’s return match and a great showcase of why the OTT fans fell in love with him over a year ago. The Hangovers pick up a big win with a double stomp package piledriver combination on T-Hawk. Given that Ringkampf are an acknowledged part of OTT canon now I would love to see Jordan and Maxer challenge WALTER and Thatcher to a Big Hangovers vs Ringkampf match down the line. ***3/4

Final Thoughts:

OTT Fan is a show more for the OTT hardcore audience with some heavy nostalgia and a lot of Irish talent in featured spots. That said I urge everyone to seek out the More Than Hype vs Meiko & The Rascalz match, a genuinely star making match.