What a September we had. The month started ALL IN and finished with Fighting Spirit being Unleashed in the United States. This month we analyzed the wins and losses of over 890 wrestlers to find the definitive Top 20 Wrestlers in the world. The criteria as always:

  • Wrestlers win/loss records during the previous month
  • The position of the match on the card (a win in the main event is worth more points than a win in the opening match. A Loss in the main event minuses fewer points than losing in the opening match of the night.)
  • PPV and TV Show wins are worth more points than house shows
  • Title match wins and losses are also worth more points.

Cody (ROH/New Japan)

The Son of a Son of a Plumber had potentially the biggest and most successful month of his career this month… Promoted “the Biggest Independent Show Ever” All In and was involved in the shows most passionate match up when he defeated Nick Aldis for the NWA World Heavyweight Title, the belt most associated with his father… Teamed with the Bullet Club Elite members (minus Kenny Omega) to defeat the CHAOS team of Beretta, Kazuchika Okada, Rocky Romero, Tomohiro Ishii and Chuckie T at Ring of Honor’s Death Before Dishonor… The Young Bucks and he successfully defended the ROH World Six Man Tag Team Title against The Kingdom (Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan and Vinny Marseglia) on the 29/09 ROH on Sinclair… Captured the IWGP United States Heavyweight Title from Juice Robinson at New Japan Fighting Spirit Unleashed in Long Beach… The American Nightmare is the archetype for all frustrated WWE workers and has proved that with hard work and the right attitude you can make a career outside of Stamford

WALTER (Freelancer)

The Austrian big man is a VOW Power Ranking’s regular and possibly has the highest average position so far this year… Successfully defended his PROGRESS World Title against Zack Gibson during PROGRESS’s German tour… Teamed with Timothy Thatcher on both nights of RevPro’s British J Cup… Night One was a loss to Chris Brookes and Jonathan Gresham and Night Two they defeated LAX (Ortiz and Santana)… On Night One of PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles Ringkampf defeated Ilja Dragunov and Shingo Takagi…  Defeated his tag team partner Thatcher in his BOLA First Round matchup and Jonah Rock in the Second Round but he came up short in the Semi-Final against Takagi… Again, successfully defended his PROGRESS World Title against Tyler Bate at PROGRESS Chapter 76: Hello Wembley!… WWE announced this month that they will be holding tryouts in Germany before the end of 2018 and you have to wonder if this is another attempt to try and sign WALTER or if they have decided to look elsewhere for now

Jay Lethal (ROH)

The reigning ROH World Champion successfully defended his title three times during September… Defeated the winner of the Over Budget battle royal, Flip Gordon at All In… Defended the World Title against Jonathan Gresham in a 30 Minute Iron Match which went to Overtime on the 08/09 ROH on Sinclair… At Death Before Dishonor Lethal successful defended against Will Ospreay in an excellent match… Lethal is having a very good title reign so far but there doesn’t appear to be an overabundance of challengers

Tama Tonga (New Japan)

Tanga Loa (New Japan)

The Guerrillas of Destiny’s push is still on-going… On the Road to Destruction Tour the Bullet Club OG’s defeated different combinations of Ayato Yoshida, David Finlay, Juice Robinson, Michael Elgin, Toa Henare, Togi Makabe, Ren Narita and Shota Umino… GoD teamed with Taiji Ishimori to defend their NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Titles against David Finlay, Juice Robinson and Ryusuke Taguchi at Destruction in Hiroshima… Captured their Forth IWGP Tag Team Championship at NJPW Fighting Spirit Unleashed defeating the Young Buck’s in a good tag match… GoD and the Bullet Club OG’s continue to have a love/hate relationship with the NJPW fanbase but are now double champions

Roman Reigns (WWE)

Another successful month for the WWE Universal Champion. A win against Braun Strowman at Hell in a Cell would have made him our first ever two-month winner… Said match ended in a No Contest when Brock Lesnar made his surprise return to set up a Triple Threat match for the next Saudi Arabia show (Crown Jewel)… Defeated acting General Manager Baron Corbin the following night on RAW… Teamed with his Shield brothers Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins to defeat Corbin and the Authors of Pain (Akam and Rezar)… Dissension appears to be brewing amongst the Shield potentially leading to an Ambrose heel turn in the future

Kenny Omega (New Japan)

The Best Bout Machine is still the reigning IWGP Heavyweight Champion… Defeated Penta El Zero M (Pentagon Jr) in a great matchup at All In… Teamed with Golden Lover partner Kota Ibushi to defeat Tomohiro Ishii and Will Ospreay in an excellent match on Night 2 of the Road to Destruction Tour… Successfully defended his title against Ishii in another amazing match at Destruction in Hiroshima… The Golden Lovers defeated the team of Ishii and Kazuchika Okada at Fighting Spirit Unleashed… Defended his Championship in a triple threat match against Cody and Kota Ibushi at King of Pro Wrestling but this will be covered next month

Masato Yoshino (Dragon Gate)

The reigning Open the Dream Gate champion defended his title twice in September… At the Gate of Origin 2018 Speed Star defeated the former Cyber Kong Takashi Yoshida… Teamed with Jason Lee and Naruki Doi to defeat Kagetora, Ryo Saito and Shun Skywalker on Night 6 of Storm Gate… Defeated his DoiYoshi tag partner Doi in his third title defence at Dangerous Gate 2018… The return of PAC to DG could make some interesting angles for Yoshino

Soma Takao (DDT)

The DAMNATION member makes his VOW Power Ranking debut this month… Teamed with Mad Paulie and Tetsuya Endo to capture the KO-D Six Man Tag Titles on the 04/09 DDT Live!… Defeated Makoto Oishi on the 11/9 DDT Live!… Takao won a three-way at Shinshu Char Siu Mino No Shu defeating Jason Kincaid and Shunma Katsumata… Teamed with Daisuke Sasaki and Endo to defeat Danshoku Dino, Jun Kasai and Oishi on the 25/09 DDT Live!


The Former DDT Ace is still one of the top stars in DDT… Appeared at the Naomichi Marufuji 20th Anniversary Show in a six-man match teaming with Danshoku Dino and Sanshiro Takagi to defeat the NOAH team of Atsushi Kotoge, Kenou and Maybach Taniguchi… Teamed with Toru Owashi and Yuki Ueno to defeat the Shuten Doji trio of Kazusada Higuchi, KUDO and Masahiro Takanashi on the 11/9 DDT Live!… He and Ueno teamed with Kazuki Hirata to be Akito, Konosuke Takeshita and Yuki Ino at Shinshu Char Siu Mino No Shu… They then teamed with Daichi Hashimoto to defeat Antonio Honda, Higuchi and Keisuke Okuda on the 25/9 DDT Live!

Diamante Azul (CMLL)

Diamante Azul is our highest ranked CMLL Wrestler in September… Teamed with Caristico and Mistico to defeat Los Guerreros Lagueneros (Euforia and Gran Guerrero) and El Barbaro Cavernario on the 2/9 Arena Mexico Show… With Angel de Oro and Niebla Roja defeated Los Hijos Del Infierno (Ephesto, Luciferno and Mephisto) on the 9/9 Arena Mexico Show… Diamante teamed with the Lucha Brothers (Rey Fenix and Pentagon Jr) to defeat Caristico, El Hijo de LA PARK and LA PARK on the CMLL 85th Anniversary show… With Kraneo and Volcano to defeat La Sangre Dinamita (El Cuatrero, Forastero and Sanson on the 23/9 Arena Mexico Show

Daisuke Sasaki (DDT)

Daisuke Sasaki makes his second appearance in the VOW Power Rankings this month… Teamed with Soma Takao and Tetsuya Endo defeated Shuten Doji (KUDO and Masahiro Takanashi) and MAO on the 9/9 Road the Ryougoku Show… With Endo and Mad Paulie he defeated DISASTER BOX (HARASHIMA and Kazuki Hirata) and Meiko Satomura… Sasaki, Paulie, Takao, Endo and Nobuhiro Shimatani defeated DISASTER BOX and Super Sasadango Machine on the 23/9 Road to Ryogoku show… Sasaki and Endo defeated the RENEGADES (Mizuki Watase and Shigehiro Irie) on the Shinshu Char Siu Mino No Shu show

Jeff Cobb (Freelancer)

One of the hottest US-based Free Agents had an excellent September… As the Monster Matanza Cueto on Lucha Underground he defeated Joey Wrestling (Joey Mercury) and Jack Evans this month… Cobb won PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles defeating Darby Allin, Rey Horus and Trevor Lee to reach the Final and then won a Triple Threat match against Bandido and Shingo Takagi… Cobb appears to be being pushed all over the country and will soon be turning up in Ring of Honor

Drew McIntyre (WWE)

The Big Man from Ayrshire appears to be one of WWE’s high hopes for the future… With Dolph Ziggler captured the WWE RAW Tag Team Titles from the B-Team (Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel) on the 3/9 RAW… In their automatic rematch B-Team came up short on the 10/9 RAW… McIntyre and Ziggler successfully defended their title against the Shield team of Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell in an excellent matchup… Defeated Ambrose in singles action on the 17/9 RAW whilst also fuelling Ambrose’s potential heel turn… Successfully defended his Raw Tag Team Titles for a fourth time in the month against the Revival (Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson) on the 24/9 RAW… Seems like he is playing a key role in the Shield dissension angle and may also be being primed for a singles push come the new year

YAMATO (Dragon Gate)

YAMATO is currently one half of the Open the Twin Gate champions with BxB Hulk… They successfully defended those titles against Don Fujii and Ryo Saito at The Gate of Origin… He and Hulk and Kagetora defeated the trio of Gamma, Mondai Ryu and Susumu Yokosuka on Night 3 of the Storm Gate Tour… Teamed with Willie Mack to defeat Fujii and Masaaki Mochizuki on Night 6 of the Storm Gate Tour…  At Dangerous Gate 2018 Tribe Vanguard (Hulk/YAMATO) defended their titles against Mochizuki and Shun Skywalker… After his deathly boring year and a half Open the Dream Gate reign last year YAMATO has settled back into tag competition nicely

Mistico (CMLL)

Mistico makes his third appearance on the Power Rankings after a three month absence… Teamed with Diamante Azul and Caristico to defeat the trio of Los Guerreros Lagueneros (Euforia/Gran Guerrero) and El Barbaro Cavernario on the 2/9 Arena Mexico Show… Teamed with Atlantis and LA Park to defeat Gilbert El Boricua (El Mesias/Mil Muertes), Mephisto and Negro Casas on the 7/9 Super Viernes… Defeated Casas on the 21/9 Super Viernes… Teamed with El Hijo de LA Park and El Soberano Jr to defeat Casas, Rey Bucanero and Forastero

Ronda Rousey (WWE)

The World Most Dangerous Women isn’t to everybody’s taste but there is no denying that she is the biggest female wrestler in the world at the moment… Teamed with Natalya to defeat Alexa Bliss and Mickie James on the 10/9 RAW… Successfully defended her WWE RAW Women’s Title against Alexa Bliss at Hell in a Cell… Impending feud with the Bella’s doesn’t hold much anticipation but Rousey has surprised us before

Danshoku Dino (DDT)

Seriously! Danshoku Dino has appeared in the VOW Power Rankings three times and is currently the DDT Wrestler with the best overall performance so far… Teamed with HARASHIMA and Sanshiro Takagi to defeat Atsushi Kotoge, Kenou and Maybach Taniguchi at the Naomichi Marufuji 25th Anniversary Show… Recaptured the KO-D Openweight Title for the forth time when he defeated Champion Meiko Satomura and Shigehiro Irie in a Three Way Elimination Match at Road to Ryogoku… Teamed with Makoto Oishi and Super Sasadango Machine to defeat Sanshiro Takagi in a Three On One Handicap match at Shinshu Char Siu Mino No Shu… A very underrated performer who constantly reinvents himself

Valiente (CMLL)

Teamed with Volador Jr and Diamante Azul to defeat Gran Guerrero, Ultimo Guerrero and El Barbaro Cavernario on the 4/9 Arena Mexico Show… Defeated Sanson at the 16/9 Arena Mexico show… Teamed with Azul and Caristico to defeat both Guerrero’s and Felino on the 23/9 Arena Mexico show… Defeated Felino on the 28/9 Super Viernes Show

Volador Jr (CMLL)

Volador Jr sneaks into the Rankings and currently holds the record with four appearances so far this year… Teamed with Valiente and Diamante Azul to defeat Gran Guerrero, Ultimo Guerrero and El Barbaro Cavernario on the 4/9 Arena Mexico Show…  Defeated Cavernario on the 11/9 Arena Mexico show… Teamed with Caristico and Michael Elgin to defeat Cavernario and La Sangre Dinamita (El Cuatrero/Sanson) on the 28/9 Super Viernes… Is due to make his return to New Japan for the Super Junior Tag League in October

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