During NJPW’s King of Pro Wrestling show, “Sniper of the Skies” Robbie Eagles was subtlety announced as Taiji Ishimori’s tag partner for NJPW’s upcoming Super Junior Tag League. Amongst the hardcore fans of the Australian indies, he has been considered to be the best wrestler in the region if not one of the most outstanding wrestlers in the world. Here is some insight into Robbie Eagles and why you should be excited about his inclusion.

Robbie Eagles has been wrestling for ten years and is synonymous with the Pro Wrestling Australia promotion in Sydney. Eagles is one of the more accomplished wrestlers in the promotion’s history as a former three-time PWA heavyweight champion. The promotion has a lot of CHIKARA influence in its product and a few PWA wrestlers have traveled to CHIKARA to train and partake in shows, including Eagles, who appeared in the 2011 Young Lions Cup.

Robbie is a part of the respected Eagles clan with brother Ryan Eagles and women’s wrestling standout Madison Eagles. Both Ryan and Madison had a hand in training a very young Robbie. Fast forward to now, Madison and Robbie are currently head trainers at PWA — one of the best pro wrestling schools in Australia. In 2012, Eagles spent a couple of months in Japan with ZERO-1. This was during a time where a number of young gaijins would come to their dojo like Travis Banks, Jonathan Gresham, Jordan Devlin, Jason Lee, Sean Guinness and more.

Though he had been successful with the PWA promotion and was positioned as the ace, it did not appear that Eagles was going to have a big breakout on an international level. That all changed in 2017 when he had the biggest match of his career with Will Ospreay at PWA Call To Arms. The match was an instant classic.

The Ospreay match created a lot of hype for Robbie and he has been on a tear since then. Eagles has been putting on a number of great matches across Australia, most notably in PWA and Melbourne City Wrestling.

Eagles would make his Pro Wrestling Guerrilla debut in April for their All-Star Weekend shows and again made a huge impression. Eagles would later participate in the prestigious PWG Battle of Los Angeles tournament and made it to the second round.

Eagles is a high-flyer but not in a typical sense. Sure—he can wrestle a fast, high spot match and is extremely smooth with his movements—but that’s not the reason that he has the moniker “Sniper of the Skies”. Outside of his high-flying, Eagles is known as a tactician… someone who would attack and target his opponent’s legs in order to set up his 450 splash finisher or get the tap out with the Ron Miller special (a reverse figure-four leglock).

Earlier this year, NJPW had touring shows in Australia and some national talent were involved, including Eagles. At PWA Call to Arms 2018, the much anticipated Ospreay/Eagles rematch was yet another huge moment for Eagles as the match was not only an instant classic but Eagles beat Ospreay after losing to him the previous year. After the match, Ospreay had handed Eagles the Japanese flag from his tights. This was seen by many as an invitation of sorts to come back to Japan.

Whether or not you’re a fan of BC Firing Squad, it’s hard to imagine anything but fun matches from Ishimori & Eagles. Eagles will presumably work as a heel despite being mainly known as babyface.

If you want to learn more about Eagles and check out some of his best matches from the year, see the list below:

  • Will Ospreay vs Robbie Eagles – PWA Call to Arms (August 11)
  • Will Ospreay vs Robbie Eagles vs Mick Moretti vs Caveman Ugg – PWA Return of the Ospreay (February 25)
  • Robbie Eagles vs Jonah Rock – PWA We Sold our Soul for Rock and Robbie (June 16)
  • Robbie Eagles vs Bandido – PWG Bask in His Glory (May 25)
  • Travis Banks vs Robbie Eagles – PROGRESS x PWA (April 23)
  • Robbie Eagles vs Slex (Ladder War) – MCW Clash of the Titans (February 24)
  • Will Ospreay vs Robbie Eagles vs Cody – NJPW Fallout Tour: Perth (February 19)