We officially kick out off Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame coverage with a look at 2018’s Non-Wrestler category. Special guest David Bixenspan of Deadspin, MEL Magazine and Between the Sheets joins Joe and Rich for a spirited and insightful conversation about this year’s non-wrestler candidates including:

  • Bill Apter
  • Dave Brown
  • Don Owen
  • Ed Francis
  • Gary Hart
  • George Scott
  • Howard Finkel
  • Jerry Jarrett
  • Jim Crockett Jr.
  • Jim Crockett Sr.
  • Jimmy Hart
  • Larry Matysik
  • Lord James Blears
  • Stanley Weston
  • Steve Rickard

Discussions include what separates Jim Crockett Jr. from Jim Crockett Sr., the impact of Stanley Weston and Bill Apter, why the hell Jimmy Hart still isn’t in, if one of the greatest ring announcers in wrestling history belongs in the Hall, whether Gary Hart is worthy, George Scott’s booking history and much more!

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For those new to the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame, you can listen to a primer and introduction at voicesofwrestling.com/2018/09/29/won-hof-2018-primer-introduction.