Sendai Girls
August 19, 2018
Miyagano Ward Cultural Centre
Sendai, Japan


Manami def. Mei Suruga

A “young lion” opener featuring the 4’10 of Mei Suruga taking on the (easily) taller Manami. We have a power vs. speed matchup on our hands with this one. Manami is very comfortable when grappling so she gets the most of the early going. After a butterfly lock rest hold by Manami Suruga gets unleashed. She flies around the ring delivering dropkicks as if she had wings.

After this series of offense Manami tries for some rollups but us unsuccessful and we get the butterfly lock again. Suruga gets out and locks in a boston crab where she occasionally remembers to grab the other leg. And then she locks in a butterfly lock of her own. Manami escapes and hits her own series of dropkicks for a nearfall. The two begin to trade forearms until Manami ties her up, rolls her up and gets the win. Solid opener from these two ***

Ami Sato vs.Yuna Mizumori – Draw

Another “Young Lion” matchup. Usual grappling to start off, they establish Mizumori as the powerhouse when Sato bounces off her on some shoulder tackle attempts. Rest holds follow. They trade forearms until Sato hits the ropes and finally takes Mizumori own with a shoulder tackle. Sato then goes for a suplex on the Mizumori and the crowds get behind her as she fights to lift her opponent up she then scoops her up for a bodyslam for two. Sato has actually controlled a fair amount of this match. Mizumori eventually fights Sato off and hits body splashes into the corner before doing an up and over for a roll-up attempt.

After a splash gets her a two we transition into the trading rollups portion of the match. In a rough spot, Mizumori picks Sato up in a wheelbarrow position and cannonballs into the corner but loses Sato early, if pulled off perfectly that could be a fantastic move, if not someone might get hurt. We get a bit sloppy towards the end as this goes to a time-limit draw. Mizumori has potential but only debuted this year so is visibly green. Sato was ok. Overall, the opener was tighter and better-paced. *1/2

Cassandra Miyagi & Heidi Katrina def. Alex Lee & Nyla Rose

Miyagi and Lee start out slow. Lee takes control for her team with some hard kicks but that doesn’t last long as they trade falls. Rose and Katrina in, standard powerhouse trade with forearms and shoulder blocks. Lee in and she isn’t happy with Miyagi interfering, so she kicks her in the head. The distraction allows Katrina to take advantage as she locks in a rest hold. Heat segment with Lee playing face in peril, Heidi Katrina bickering with the ref is a funny highlight. Lee finally makes the tag and Rose is in to take out Katrina. Rose and Katrina settle down and not much happens until Miyagi tags in.

We are in second gear now with a hurricanrana and a german suplex, Lee tags in and hits some nice kicks, we continue revving up as Miyagi and Lee don’t immediately go into a hold so we get some good stuff. 15 minutes in and Lee slips on an attempted second rope cross body. Lee and rose are double teaming Katrina now with some good combo offence until Rose almost drops Katrina on her head. Miyagi mists Rose who chokeslams Lee, allowing Katrina to hit a top rope legdrop for the win. Unfortunately, this match took 15 minutes to get going and was sloppy down the stretch. Heidi Katrina shouting stuff was the highlight.**

Post-match Miyagi and Katrina talk down to Alex Lee who promises to take their belts from them. They make a tag title match official but if Lee loses it is her last ever challenge for the tag titles.

RIOT Crown (DASH Chisako & KAORU) def. Meiko Satomura & Rin Kadokura

A quick start from Kadokura and Chisako as the action spills outside. That means ITS HEAVY METAL TIIIIMMMMEEEE!!!

Usual RIOT Crown pose, usual RIOT Crown offense. RIOT Crown has a very apparent formula. If you like that then you’ll be into this match, if not then avoid it. I don’t mind it and we got the added bonus of Meiko Satomura so ill go with a ***

Post-match KAORU tells Meiko to never give up because you never know what can happen, Meiko finds this hilarious and tells us that she will never give up hope.

Chihiro Hashimoto def. Mika Iwata

IWATA KICKS HASHIMOTO’s HEAD CLEAR OFF BEFORE THE BELL. Iwata then proceeds to try and cave Hashimoto’s chest in with kicks. Hashimoto gets back into the mix with some very MMA-style transitions to apply a headlock. Out of nowhere locks in an armbar as Iwata scrambles to the ropes. Hashimoto continues to have top control with an anaconda vice-style submission. Iwata tries to trade forearms but Hashimoto is loving it and invites more, Iwata smartly hits an enzuigiri to knock Hashimoto down. Again Iwata goes to those kicks which are some of the hardest I’ve ever seen.

After a lariat, kick exchange Iwata went up top but Hashimoto German Suplexes her off the second rope. Hashimoto smells blood in the water and hits a lariat and powerbomb for two. Finally, a bridging german suplex puts Iwata away for three.

What a sprint, this main event was under 10 minutes and they just stiffed each other for most of it. Hashimoto strikes me as a talented, female Brock Lesnar holy crap was she awesome here. Take nothing away from Iwata she was stiff as hell with her strikes. ****