Chris Harrington (@mookieghana) and Brandon Howard Thurston (@brandonthurston) discuss this week’s news:

  • WWE Saudi Arabia: Is it more valuable or not?
  • Impact officials have meeting at WWE HQ
  • Legal update: WWE CTE lawsuit and more
  • WON HOF ballot
  • WWE tryout in Chile / NXT Success

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WRESTLENOMICS PREMIUM. This week only sign-up for $1 at and listen to this week’s premium episode. This week’s Wrestlenomics Premium topics:

  • Brian Nurse hired as SVP of Legal Affairs
  • Independent contractor Part 1 & 3; Cowley’s 2014 article
  • Other WWE news:  MMC2 views, 205 Live taped before Smackdown, Wrap article on FOX/WWE
  • Mookie’s corner: Ring Warriors, Mavericks

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