I knew going into this past weekend that I was taking a big risk when ordering Starrcast on FiteNot only was watching Starrcast on Fite a time commitment, it wasn’t cheap. Still, Conrad Thompson was very ambitious when creating this event and I must give him credit for his efforts and enthusiasm when creating content for the fans. With Bruce Prichard, Tony Schiavone and Eric Bischoff headlining most of the big shows, it was great for the fans of the podcasts to celebrate and come together.

Here are some of the highlights and lowlights from the Starrcast weekend.

Monday Night War Debate

The Monday Night War Debate between Eric Bischoff and Bruce Prichard started this whole weekend off with a very underwhelming “debate.”

This was not much of a debate but just an hour and half of rehashed conversation with nothing new or interesting coming out of it. I suppose if you had not been a regular listener to Conrad’s podcasts with these two men (Something to Wrestle With & 83 Weeks) then you might find this interesting but if you are a fan of the podcasts then this was like listening to old episodes of the show.


Botchamania lived up to its name.

Maffew from Botchamania had Tony Schiavone, Ron Funches and Casio Kid on his panel and the show went off the rails hard from the start. This was my first introduction to Casio Kid and the second this man opened his mouth I was looking for an escape route, this man is unbearable and not capable of speaking without yelling into the microphone with a high-pitched squeal that would make a hungry hog jealous. Unfortunately, Casio Kid was a mainstay and featured on many shows this weekend and made for some times when I seriously questioned myself about watching some of the shows. Yes, it was really that bad. 

Karaoke & Papa Buck Jam Session

Thursday night ended off with Karaoke and a Papa Buck Jam session. This was worse than anybody could imagine and then some. Papa Buck, god bless him has no business hosting a jam session and I was shocked that he actually made music on a regular basis as it seemed he could only do the same notes over and over again.

One point of this session had Cody and the Young Bucks come up on stage and do the “Superkick Party” song. They repeated the words “Superkick Party” over and over again with the background of Papa Bucks music. For it seemed like an eternity they proceeded to repeat the same two words for around 10 minutes straight.

Scott Steiner & Conrad Thompson Angle

Your Scott Steiner and Conrad Thompson angle that had been building on the What Happened When podcast all got payed off and Scott Steiner showed up during Tony and Conrad’s show and chased the boys off the stage throwing a chair around and berating Conrad with fat jokes.

The old Steiner personality from WCW came out and it was the highlight of the weekend so far, but that’s not saying much at this point.

Barbarian and Tommy Young also showed up and they did a funny segment with those two surrounding the “TOMMY YOUNG!” skit.

Total Non-Stop Jarrett Panel & War Games Retrospective

I popped in and out between the Total Non-Stop Jarrett panel and the War Games Retrospective with Tully, Lex Luger, JJ Dillon and Animal.

Jarrett had a great stage with tons of memorabilia from TNA. If you are a TNA fan you would have loved this show as it had great conversation and information about the past and history of TNA that a real hardcore fan would appreciate and enjoy.

The War Games panel had great guests and legendary stories surrounding the War Games match. I don’t think that I came out of this with any new information that I had not already heard before but the guests and energy was good and it made for an entertaining time. It was great seeing Tully as you rarely get a Tully appearance anymore in this day and age and he seemed to be enjoying himself.

Pat Patterson Karaoke

I personally got a hidden gem at Starrcast and a moment that I will remember for a long time. It came when Bruce Prichard and Jeff Jarrett hosted a Karaoke and Pat Patterson showed up. Being a huge Patterson mark I was very happy when I saw Pat get up on stage and do a couple songs. Patterson impressed everybody and was genuinely good at performing.

Bruce Prichard Roast

Oh man. The Bruce Prichard Roast tops everything this weekend in the awkward category. The roasters were Brutus Beefcake, Eric Bischoff, Jeff Jarrett and a collection of comedians. Bischoff and Jarrett must have forgotten this was a roast because their stories about Bruce were more like a Hall of Fame induction then a roast and I can’t for the life of me remember one joke being told by Bischoff. Brutus was on the mic mic for about a minute and honestly just rambled about something I can’t understand and says that he tried to think of Bruce stories to tell but he couldn’t come up with any. Thanks Brutus.

The End was near, I could taste it. The final day turned out to be my favorite day of all four days of Starrcast. The panels and shows focused on the night before and what had happened at All IN. The panels were all in good spirit and clearly everyone buzzing from the night before.

Story Time with The Young Bucks

This was Great! The Bucks came out with the whole family, Nick had his two kids and wife, Momma and Papa buck showed up with Matt’s wife and they held what I feel was a great feel good moment that might be lost when talking about this weekend. Nick actually admitted that they have been scouting venues for another show for awhile already. The family talked about the childhood and growing up, it was a great way to cap off this weekend. At points we even had some family members tearing up. The entire session was filled with feel-good moments and was the most enjoyable part of the weekend.