This week on Wrestling Omakase it’s our much anticipated review of WWE SummerSlam 2018! John is joined by returning guest Kevin Brown (@darukinoi) as the two talk maybe the first halfway decent WWE PPV since the Royal Rumble (or Mania, I guess, depending on how you felt about that one).

They break down all the main card matches in some detail, including: two boring openers, the first of many squashes, the latest in the modern WWE specialty of “100% justified heel turns”, the amazing Samoan cucking saga, a legitimately great Bryan-Miz match that the crowd weirdly wasn’t that into (which spins off into a discussion on modern WWE crowds), CALLING ON YOUR INNER DEMON TO FIGHT A BALD GUY IN A VEST, Jeff Hardy nearly killing himself desperately trying to win the title Orlando Jordan once held for six months, a Klingon does judo, and finally, the most hilarious main event finish maybe in WWE history. It’s quite the show and we have quite a lot to say about it, as a mix of funny-bad and some legitimately good stuff definitely never made it boring.

Plus, we somehow spin off into a brief discussion of Inoki-ism, a topic surely no one is bored of hearing about at this point, and then wrap things up with your questions and even a tiny bit more Attack on Titan talk! It’s a surprisingly packed show just for a WWE PPV review, this week on Omakase!

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