We’ve just completed a busy G1 Climax season and it time for July’s Voices of Wrestling Power Rankings. This month we analysed the wins and losses of over 850 wrestlers to find the definitive Top 20 Wrestlers in the world. The criteria as always is as follows…

  • Wrestlers win/loss records during the previous month
  • The position of the match on the card (a win in the main event is worth more points than a win in the opening match. A Loss in the main event minuses less points than losing in the opening match of the night.)
  • PPV and TV Show wins are worth more points than house shows
  • Title match wins and losses are also worth more points.

1. WALTER (Freelance)

The big German is currently the hottest free agent in Professional Wrestling and has been on the radar of WWE for quite some time now… Defeated Yujiro Takahashi on Night 2 of RevPro’s Strong Style Evolved Show… Returned to RevPro on the 7/8 to defeat Josh Bodom at Live at the Cockpit 30… Successfully defended his PWG World Title against Brody King at Threemendous V… Captured the PROGRESS World Title against Travis Banks at PROGRESS Chapter 74: Mid-Week Matters in a No Count Out match… WALTER is currently the PWG World, PROGRESS World and Defiant Internet Champion and will continue to dominate the Independents this summer


The former ACE of DDT is still one of the promotions top stars… Teamed with Antonio Honda to defeat Mizuki Watase and Shigehiro Irie on the 7/3 DDT TV… At the Masahiro Takanashi 15th Anniversary Show HARASHIMA teamed with Ken Ohka and KUSO to defeat GENTARO, Takashi Sasaki and Tanomusaku Toba… Defended his DDT Extreme Title in a Blindfolded Bra match against Antonio Honda on the 7/10 DDT TV… Was unsuccessful in his KO-D Openweight Title shot again Shigehiro Irie at DDT Summer Vacation 2018… Defeated Mad Paulie to progress to the Second Round of the King of DDT Tournament on the 7/31

3. Minoru Suzuki (New Japan)

At 50 years old Minoru Suzuki is possibly having his best year yet in the business… Captured the Undisputed British Heavyweight Title from Tomohiro Ishii on Night 2 of RevPro’s Strong Style Evolved Shows… Lost his opening match of the G1 Climax to Hiroshi Tanahashi but not without causing damage to an already injured ACE… In a typically hard-hitting match against Togi Makabe, Suzuki went 0-2 in Block A… After the loss to Makabe, Suzuki proceeded to go undefeated for the rest of July defeating YOSHI-HASHI, Jay White, Michael Elgin and EVIL to finish the month with a 4-2 record and definitely still a contender to qualify for the finals by the end of the month

4. Kenny Omega (New Japan)

The Best Bout Machine and the reigning IWGP Heavyweight Champion had his first ten match month of 2018… Successfully defended his title against Cody at the G1 Special in San Francisco… After the match the Bullet Club reunited against their new enemies the Tongans… Opened his 2018 G1 Campaign with an impressive win against Tetsuya Naito on night 2… Defeated Hirooki Goto in the main event of Night 4 in a phenomenal match… Faced rival Tama Tonga on Night 6 in a outside interference ridden match which ended in DQ when Tonga Gun Stunned Red Shoes… Went to 4-0 with a defeat against United States Champion Juice Robinson on night 8… On Night 10 Omega continued his Undefeated run by beating the very impressive SANADA in an excellent match… Kenny is very much the front runner for the G1 and could be the first IWGP Champion to win the tournament since Kensuke Sasaki in 2000

5. AJ Styles (WWE)

The Champ that runs the Camp is a regular in the VOW Power Rankings and his WWE Title reign continues… After finishing his run with Shinsuke Nakamura P-1 moved onto a mini feud with Rusev… Defeated Rusev’s second Aiden English on the 7/3 SmackDOWN Live… Defeated Nakamura by DQ when Rusev interfered and Jeff Hardy made the save… This led to a tag match between Hardy/Styles and Rusev/Nakamura which ended in a loss for the WWE and US Champions on the 7/10 SmackDOWN Live… Won his mini feud with RUSEV at Extreme Rules in a great match… Defeated Andrade Almas in a Non-Title Match on the 7/17 SmackDOWN Live… It seems like July was very much a nothing month for Styles but the potential show stealing feud with Samoa Joe is extremely exciting (If WWE allows these men to work to their true potential)

6. Tetsuya Naito (New Japan)

Potentially the most popular man in New Japan went into this year’s G1 Climax as many peoples pick to repeat 2017’s success… Lost to reigning IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega on Night 2 of the tournament… Redeemed himself on Night 4 defeating Tomohiro Ishii in an excellent match up… Successfully bested United States Champion Juice Robinson on Night 6… Defeated Tama Tonga on Night 8 in a fast paced match that included Interference from Tanga Loa but not as much as previous Tonga Matches… Naito went to 4-1 with a win against Hirooki Goto in what was a disappointing match from these two stalwarts… Is still in the running but the loss to Omega has put him on the back foot for now

7. Bobby Lashley (WWE)

Lashley’s second run in WWE has had its ups and downs but he seems dominant in the wins and losses department… Teamed with rival Roman Reigns to defeat the Revival on the 7/2 RAW… Defeated Reigns at Extreme Rules in a good big man style match… Won a Triple Threat match on the 7/16 RAW defeating Elias and Seth Rollins to qualify for the Universal Title Number One Contender match the following week… Lost to Roman Reigns in that match… Currently doesn’t have a match for SummerSlam

8. Atlantis (CMLL)

The reigning Mexican National Light Heavyweight Champion was CMLL’s number one wrestler of July… Teamed with El Soberano Jr and Flyer to defeat La Sangre Dinamita (El Cuatrero, Forastero and Sanson) on the 7/8 Super Viernes… Team with El Rayo de Jalisco Jr and Octagon to defeat the trio of Fuerza Guerrera, Mascara Ano 2000 and Ultimo Guerrero on the 7/13 Super Viernes… Defended his title against Rush in a Best Two Out of Three Fall match on the 7/23 Lunes Arena Puebla Show… Teamed with Diamante Azul and Volador Jr to defeat the Los Ingobernables trio of El Terrible, La Bestia Del Ring and Rush on the 7/27 Super Viernes

9. Yukio Sakaguchi (DDT)

Yukio teamed with Yuki Ino and his Shuten Doji teammates KUDO and Masahiro Takanashi to defeat Hiratimo Dragon (Kazuki Hirata), Takatimo Dragon (Sanshiro Takagi), Ultimo Dragon and Washitimo Dragon (Toru Owashi) in a best out of three falls match on the 7/3 DDT Live… Teamed with Manjimaru to defeat Kota Umeda and Yuki Ueno at the Masahiro Takanashi 15th Anniversary Show… Shuten Doji teamed to defeat Nobuhiro Shimatani and the DAMNATION team of Daisuke Sasaki and Soma Takao at DDT Dramatic Mood Seijo 2018… Qualified for the second round of the King of DDT 2018 Tournament by defeating Hoshitango by Referee stoppage at DDT Beer Garden Fight 2018

10. Zeus (All Japan)

July 2018 is easily the biggest month in the 11 year career of the Osaka native… Teamed with Joe Doering and The Bodyguard to defeat KAI, Mushnuke no Akatora and TAJIRI on night 12 of AJPW’s Dynamite Series… Went to a time limit draw teaming with Jake Lee to face Kento Miyahara and Suwama at AJP GROWIN UP Vol 13… Teamed with Doering and KAI to defeat Miyahara, Naoya Nomura and Yoshitatsu on night 1 of AJPW’s Summer Action Series… Teamed with Big Gun’s partner Bodyguard and Doering to defeat the Sweeper trio of Lee, Keiichi Sato and Ryouji on Night 5 of the Summer Action Series… On Night 11 Zeus captured his first ever Triple Crown defeating Kento Miyahara in a must see match… Zeus is now the torch bearer of the ever improving AJPW and a lot is now resting on his huge shoulders

11. SANADA (New Japan)

If the 2017 G1 Climax was a break out for EVIL, 2018’s tournament has been a break out for his tag team partner… Lost to NEVER Openweight Champion Hirooki Goto on Night 2 in Ota City General Gymnasium in a good match… Defeated Tama Tonga on Night 4 in potentially Tonga’s least irritating match of the G1 so far… Another strong performance saw Cold Skull move to 2-1 when he defeated Zack Sabre Jr… Main Evented Night 8 in an excellent win against Kota Ibushi to move to 6 points… Again, Main Evented on Night 10 against IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega, he came up short but the match quality again raised his profile… The Great Muta protégé will hopefully finally be making the move up the card that experts have been predicting since his arrival in NJPW

12. Viper (Freelance)

The Scottish Grappler is our highest ranked female in this months VOW Power Rankings… Toured Stardom this month where she is currently the reigning SWA Undisputed World Women’s Champion… Teamed with her Queen’s Quest stablemates Konami and Momo Watanabe to defeat the Oedo Tai trio of Hazuki, Kagetsu and Natsu Sumire at the RISE vs Stardom Afternoon Show… Again teamed with Konami and Watanabe in a 8 Women tag (including AZM) to defeat Mayu Iwatani, Saki Kashima, Shiki Shibusawa and Starlight Kid in the RISE vs Stardom Evening Show… Successfully defended her Title against Tam Nakano at Night Two of RISE vs Stardom… Was unsuccessful in her World of Stardom title shot against Kagetsu at Stardom X Stardom… Defended her ICW Women’s Title in a Three Way defeating Kasey and ‘Session Moth’ Martina at Night Two of ICW’s Shug’s House Party 5… Viper has replaced Toni Storm as the hottest Non-WWE signed woman free agent and will continue to be a focus of ICW, Stardom and World of Sport until Stamford comes a calling

13. Caristico (CMLL)

Another VOW Power Ranking regular the former Sin Cara is still the biggest star in CMLL… Teamed with Dragon Lee and Mistico to defeat the La Peste Negra team of El Barbaro Cavernario, Negro Casas and Gran Guerrero on the 13/07 Super Viernes… The trio again faced El Barbaro and Casas on the 7/20 Super Viernes but this time with Pentagon Jr but to the same result… Defeated El Barbaro in singles action on the 7/27 Super Viernes

14. Dolph Ziggler (WWE)

The reigning Intercontinental Champion had his best month in a long time in July… Defeated Seth Rollins 5-4 in their 30 Minute Iron Man match at Extreme Rules in a match that was overshadowed by the Irritable crowd… Defeated Bobby Roode the next night on RAW… Teamed with Drew McIntyre to defeat Seth Rollins in a handicap match on the 8/6 RAW… WWE’s track record with Ziggler is there to be seen so don’t be banking on a prolonged push

15. Tanga Loa (New Japan)

Tanga Loa??? Yes, you read that correct, the member of the Tongan’s that isn’t in the G1 has qualified for the VOW Power Rankings… This is mostly because of the fact that he isn’t eating the loses that Tama Tonga and Bad Luck Fale are but, is on the winning side of the tag matches they are competing in on their off nights… Teamed with his brother to beat David Finlay and Juice Robinson on night 1 of the G1… With Fale he beat Gedo and Kazuchika Okada on Night 2… Again, with Fale he defeated Finlay and Tanahashi on night 4… Guerrillas of Destiny defeated the Bullet Club duo of Chase Owens and Kenny Omega on Night 5… Defeated the Los Ingobernables de Japon team of BUSHI and EVIL on Night 6 teaming with Fale… On Night 8 he teamed with Fale to defeat Jay White and YOH… GoD defeated the Suzuki-Gun duo of TAKA Michinoku and Zack Sabre Jr on night 9… GoD then defeated the CHAOS team of SHO and Tomohiro Ishii on night 11… Tanga Loa was undefeated in July but in many meaningless matches which means this isn’t a sign he is being pushed but that his Tag Team partners are

16. Yuma Aoyagi (All Japan)

Teamed with his NEXTREAM stable mate Naoya Nomura to defeat Black Tiger and Yohei Nakajima on AJPW GROWIN UP Vol.13… Defeated Atsushi Maruyama on Night 1 of the Summer Action Series… The NEXTREAM Trio of Aoyagi, Kento Miyahara and Yoshitatsu defeated Joe Doering, Jun Akiyama and Zeus on Night 4 of the Summer Action Series… On Night 11 Nomura and Aoyagi defeated Akiyama and Yuji Nagata to capture the All Asia Tag Team Titles

17. Bad Luck Fale (New Japan)

The Underboss took two months off and returned nearly 100ib’s lighter and with a nice new head tattoo… Sided with Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa to feud with Kenny Omega’s Bullet Club… The Tongans or the Bullet Club OG’s have run havoc through the G1 seeming happier to hurt people than winning… Suffered a rare DQ on Night 1 of the G1 against Hangman Page… Bounced back on Night 3 defeat former IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada… Outside interference forced Fale to be DQ’d for the second time on Night 5 against Hiroshi Tanahashi… DQ lose on Night 7 against EVIL (noticing a pattern?) … Defeated Jay White on night 9 to move to 2-2… Started to gain some momentum when he defeated Togi Makabe on Night 11… The Tongan’s actions seem to be the only downside to a great G1 but proves that Fale and Tonga are being pushed as top Heel’s in the company

18. Brian Cage (Impact)

An Impact wrestler in the VOW Power Rankings? Brian Cage has been one of many highlights in what appears to be a resurgence in Impact… Defeated Kongo Kong on the 7/5 Impact Wrestling… Captured the Impact X-Division Title in a good match against Matt Sydal at Slammiversary XVI… Sydal activated his rematch clause but, Cage was still the winner on the 7/26 Impact Wrestling… If Impact keeps up the good work they’ve been doing we hopefully will see more Impact Wrestlers in the VOW Power Rankings

19. The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson) (Freelance)

The World’s Favourite Independent Tag Team actually had a quiet July only wrestling four matches all month… Successfully defended their IWGP Tag Team Title against the former champions EVIL and SANADA at the G1 Special in San Francisco… Were unsuccessful in their attempt to become five-time PWG Tag Team champions against The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz) at Threemendous V… At RoH Honor For All they won a Three Way defeating The Addiction and The Briscoes… G1 is traditionally an off period for Juniors (I know they’ve moved up to heavy but they aren’t G1 Competitors) and The Bucks are resting up

20. Tetsuya Endo (DDT)

For the second month in a row Endo sneaks into the VOW Power Rankings… Teamed with his DAMNATION stablemates Daisuke Sasaki, Mad Paulie and Soma Takao to defeat Baliyan Akki, Façade, Sammy Guevara and Shigehiro Irie at the Masahiro Takanashi 15th Anniversary Show… Defeated MAO in singles action at DDT Dramatic Mood Seijo… Lost the KO-D Tag Team Titles to MAO and Mike Bailey at DDT Summer Vacation… Teamed with Takao to defeat Gran MilliMeters (Daiki Shimomura and Nobuhiro Shimatani on the 7/24 DDT Live… DAMNATION were successful in the Scramble Bunkhouse Ten Man Death match at DDT Beer Garden Fight – DAMNATION DAY