Join Rich for a solo Q&A answering questions from our Patreon supporters.

Questions include:

  • Satoshi Kojima NJPW World Recommendations?
  • Is Common’s “Be” a perfect album?
  • WWF Attitude Era gimmicks you wish lasted longer?
  • What mid 00s indie wrestler do you wish was just now entering his prime?
  • Which promotion do you most want to see live and why?
  • Advantages to training at the WWE performance center vs. NJPW dojo?
  • What do you want Bryan Danielson to do when his contract expires?
  • Who will be the next person to hold the IWGP Heavyweight Championship that hasn’t already held it?
  • What’s the best jump on point for AJPW in 2018?
  • Your wrestling podcast weekly rotation?
  • Is NJPW due for a faction overhaul?
  • Whatever happened to the CHIKARA expose?
  • Best wrestling autobiography?
  • Does EVOLVE/WWN mean less to wrestling than ever?
  • What wrestlers have you re-evaluated positively and negatively this year?
  • And many more!