This week on Wrestling Omakase we talk both of Japan’s two longest running wrestling promotions! John is joined by first time guest Joey Bay (@joey_bay), as they begin the episode reminiscing over their first trip to Japan together in 2016 and then talk traveling to Japan more generally, as both have been on multiple trips (Joey leaves for his next one in just a few days!).

Once that’s out of the way they discuss the All Japan 7/29 show from Osaka, a big show that featured three title changes! They also look ahead at the major matches on the next AJPW tour.

After that it’s back to New Japan and the G1 Climax, as the two break down the last four shows (7/26-7/30), including: more BC OG shenanigans, Kenny Omega fatigue, YOSHI-HASHI having two awesome matches (yes, really), Ibushi and Ishii continuing their amazing tournaments, ZSJ’s first good New Japan run, and much more! John wraps things up with a quick list of their favorite and least favorite matches in this year’s G1, and Joey looks ahead to the final nights of the tournament (including an update on ticket sales at the Budokan). It’s a fun jam packed show this week on Omakase!

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