New Japan Pro Wrestling
G1 Climax 28: Night 2
July 15, 2018
Ota Ward Gymnasium
Tokyo, Japan

Watch: NJPW World

Before I dive into the tournament matches, here’s what happened on the undercard:

  • BULLET CLUB (“The Hangman” Adam Page & Chase Owens) def. “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin & Shota Umino
  • Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL & BUSHI) def. CHAOS (YOSHI-HASHI & SHO)
  • Suzuki-gun (Minoru Suzuki & El Desperado) def. Togi Makabe & Toa Henare
  • The Bullet Club (Bad Luck Fale & Tanga Loa) def. CHAOS (“Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada & Gedo)
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi & David Finlay def. CHAOS (“Switchblade” Jay White & YOH)

When it’s comes to these G1 undercards, I tend to only check out matches that look interesting to me on paper. The only tag team match I didn’t watch was the fourth one (Bad Luck Fale & Tanga Loa is a team from my nightmares). I did actually watch the other four, and four most part, they were all solid to good (*** range). There were some storyline developments in the CHAOS vs. Tanahashi & Finlay bout.

Jay White tried to get YOH to use a chair, and when YOH threw the chair back at White, he was immediately hit with a stunner from Finlay. White had the chance to break up that pin, but he opted not to. I guess White is trying to “corrupt” some of his fellow CHAOS stablemates so that they will be more like him. It’ll be interesting to see if this story spreads to the rest of CHAOS, or if it’s just contained to Roppongi 3K for now. I’m sure this won’t be the last time we’ll see something like that in an undercard tag involving Jay White.

G1 Climax 28 B Block
Tomohiro Ishii (2) def. Toru Yano (0)

Believe it or not, this is the first time that these two have met in the G1. It’s crazy to think that there are still first time matchups in this tournament involving guys that’ve been part of it for years. Anyway, while I wasn’t expecting much from this one (for obvious reasons), it was still pretty intriguing, since Ishii and Yano have spent most of 2018 as the regular CHAOS team in the heavyweight tag team division. When the dust settled, they ended up having an incredibly entertaining contest that clocked in at just under nine minutes. What made this match work so well was that Yano took an entirely different approach. For the most part, he didn’t rely on his usual tricks, and instead utilized his amateur wrestling background. Every time he used those skills to take the fight to Ishii, the crowd really reacted. There were a number of fun exchanges between the two, and as a whole, it was so much fun to see a more serious side of Yano for a change. Unfortunately for Yano, he ultimately came up short after Ishii used some of his own tricks against him! With the referee distracted, Ishii kicked Yano low, and cradled him to score the pin. That was such an awesome finish. This bout was a blast to watch from start to finish, and while I’m sure it won’t be one of the ten best matches of the tournament, it might be one of my favorites, when all is said and done. ***1/2

G1 Climax 28 B Block
Tama Tonga (2) def. Juice Robinson (0)

The G1 Special in San Francisco was a big night for both of these competitors. While Juice Robinson captured the IWGP United States Title from Jay White, Tama Tonga made a statement following the main event, when he (along with his brother Tanga Loa and his father King Haku) brutally attacked the rest of The Bullet Club. Before that show, I don’t think a lot of people were expecting Tama Tonga to do that well in this year’s G1 Climax, in terms of the standings. After that aforementioned angle, however, you knew he was going to get some key wins, and he definitely scored one here as he pinned one of the three champions in the B Block after hitting Robinson with the Gun Stun. Aside from a very messy brainbuster where Robinson appeared to drop Tonga right on the top of his head, this was a relatively fine bout that was (again, for the most part) technically sound. The wrestling itself was solid, but they never seemed to get out of first gear, and crowd didn’t seem to be that into it. In fact, the only times the fans made some noise was when Tanga Loa (who was at ringside) interfered. Now the english commentary team mentioned that Tama Tonga was looking to take The Bullet Club “back to its roots”, and based on the first two nights of this tournament, it appears that phrase means that interference (which was very common in the first few years of the group’s existence) will become a staple for the “Bullet Club OG’s” during the tournament bouts involving their members. Hopefully that’s not the case, but we’ll see as the tour goes on. Again, this particular Block B match was far from terrible, though it was certainly the weakest of the night. It also went a little longer that it really needed to (at just over fourteen minutes), though to be honest, it never felt like it was overly long when I watched it. We all know that Robinson will be having more exciting matchups later on in the tour, but hopefully Tama Tonga (who has presumably earned a shot at the IWGP United States Title off of this victory) can set up his game and have better performances as the tournament progresses. ***

G1 Climax 28 B Block
B Block – Hirooki Goto (2) def. SANADA (0)

Now we’re getting into the business end of the card. SANADA defeated Goto during the 2016 G1 Climax, but Goto was able to avenge that loss here, as he hit the GTR to pick up the win and his first two points. These two had a really strong match, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. There was good back and forth action throughout, with the closing few minutes being particularly exciting. SANADA had the GTR scouted and nailed some great counters (and transitions) into variations of the Skull End at multiple points. However, it seemed like he went to the Skull End one too many times, and Goto eventually caught him with a draping reverse GTR, which set up the regular GTR that secured the win for Goto. There isn’t much else to say, beyond that. This was just two incredibly talented performers kicking off the tournament with a very good match. Exactly what we expected. ***3/4

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G1 Climax 28 B Block
Kota Ibushi (2) def. Zack Sabre Jr. (0)

These two were 1-1 against each other coming into this bout. Ibushi defeated Sabre in last year’s G1 Climax, while Sabre evened up the score in the second round of this year’s New Japan Cup, enroute to winning that tournament. I went into this expecting it to be fantastic, and in the end, they definitely delivered. This was the first truly epic match of this year’s G1 Climax. They spent the first few minutes locked in a greco-roman knuckle lock, which might sound a bit boring, but it was far from boring, as they had several cool exchanges without ever letting go of that knuckle lock. Shortly thereafter, we got a very important moment, as Sabre blocked Ibushi’s triangle moonsault with a heel hook, which dragged Ibushi from the turnbuckle, to the apron, and then to the floor. That was an excellent counter, and it set up the rest of the bout, as Sabre would go after that leg. As the match progressed, the intensity picked up, and we got some more incredible exchanges between the two. It seemed like every time Ibushi would try to hit a quick and explosive flurry of offense, Sabre would catch him, and go back to working on the leg. At one point, Sabre tried to hit the Zack Driver (his version of the Michinoku Driver that he used to win a tag team match the night prior), but Ibushi was able to counter it. While Sabre had managed to block the Kamigoye Knee Strike earlier in the bout, Ibushi was finally able to hit it (following a straight jacket german suplex) to score the victory. Once again, this was an awesome match from start to finish. There was one sloppy moment in the final few minutes that did hurt it, but the rest of the bout was so awesome that I can forgive something like that. Additionally, one could argue that Ibushi could’ve sold the leg a bit more. However, he sold it just enough that it didn’t look like he was totally ignoring it, and much like Michael Elgin the night before, I can buy the adrenaline of the moment enabling Ibushi to get through the injury. ****1/2

G1 Climax 28 B Block
Kenny Omega (2) def. Tetsuya Naito (0)

To say that I was incredibly excited to see this match would be a massive understatement. This was my most anticipated matchup of the entire tournament, aside from Kenny Omega vs. Kota Ibushi in Budokan Hall on the final B Block show. Omega vs. Naito has been my match of the year for the past two years. Their first encounter in the 2016 G1 Climax is the greatest wrestling match I’ve ever seen (in my view), and their rematch in the finals of last year’s G1 Climax isn’t that far behind. That being said, my expectations going into this third encounter weren’t overly high, since it was the opening night for the B Block. When the dust settled, these two had yet another outstanding match that will surely be a highlight from this year’s G1 Climax. There was some taunting early on, as both men stole their opponent’s signature pose, but things got heated pretty quickly from there. For the most part, Omega was in control during the first portion of the bout, as he went after Naito’s back. However, once Naito managed to connect with a couple of neckbreakers, we started to get more back and forth action between the two, and the pace really picked from there. Omega hit his big dive over the barricade (which he bust out in all of his big matches), and at that point, this match kicked into overdrive. The final ten minutes or so were nothing short of stellar, as these two traded big move after big move. In these Naito/Omega matches, the closing stages are what really lift them over the top for me. They’re so good at putting together amazing sequences that just take a bout like this to the next level. Of course, the crowd was with the bout from the beginning, but their excitement grew immensely throughout the second half of this main event. Eventually, Omega was able to hit the Jay Driller (which I don’t think has an Omega specific name yet), and followed up with the One Winged Angel for the win. The fact that this could be a MOTYC, despite being the weakest match of the trilogy, just speaks to how awesome this rivalry is. They’ve set the bar incredibly high right out of the gate, and if one (or more) matches are able to top this, then we’re in for an awesome tournament, particularly on the B Block side of things. A fantastic match from start to finish. *****

Final Thoughts

After the G1 Climax got off to a less than stellar start (by New Japan’s incredibly high standards) on Night 1 with the A Block, the B Block delivered a really great show on Night 2. The only match that didn’t totally deliver at a G1 level was Juice Robinson vs. Tama Tonga (even then, I still thought it was pretty solid), but aside from that, the rest of the B Block ranged from very good, to great, to outstanding. Ishii vs. Yano and Goto vs. SANADA were both incredibly entertaining undercard bouts. Ibushi vs. Sabre was an excellent semi-main event, and Naito vs. Omega was nothing short of amazing, as they added another instant classic to their rivalry. We’re only two shows in the 2018 G1 Climax, and it already looks like the B Block is going to blow away the A Block.

Voices of Wrestling G1 Climax 28 Pick’Em Standings

RankNameWinnerRunner-upTotal Points14-Jul15-Jul16-Jul19-Jul20-Jul21-Jul22-Jul26-Jul27-Jul28-Jul30-Jul
1Matt QuinlanKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi4322455244555
1geekypineappleKota IbushiKazuchika Okada4335245344355
1Khairul AzriTetsuya NaitoJay White4335344444543
1Derek Von ErichKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi4334343345455
1Matthew FosterMinoru SuzukiZack Sabre Jr.4333444244555
1Morten VHHiroshi TanahashiKota Ibushi4345254425444
1Sean AylwardKota IbushiJay White4334454344354
8matt ludemannKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito4242355533444
8Nathan SartainKota IbushiKazuchika Okada4232255334555
8Super MastodonKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi4233344445534
8Matt GerardiTetsuya NaitoEVIL4234345443534
8Darren AllamKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi4223445335445
8Matthew BrownKota IbushiHiroshi Tanahashi4244345433444
8Christopher DuarteTetsuya NaitoJay White4224435335355
8ChrisB313Kazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi4213255444545
8steelstrong98Tetsuya NaitoHiroshi Tanahashi4233255234555
8JoelyTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada4245145335453
18David MahadyKota IbushiKazuchika Okada4134255234445
18AlanKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi4142554335532
18Robert LashHiroshi TanahashiTetsuya Naito4133453334553
18RicemanKazuchika OkadaMinoru Suzuki4123255333555
18AjmKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi4133354334535
18Bryn Edwards GunnKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi4153353534532
18PatrickKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi4132355323555
18Chris AdamsKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi4131455533444
18Stuart IversenKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi4142454334543
18Jeremy LambertJay WhiteTetsuya Naito4152254443255
18Clinton PloetzKota IbushiKazuchika Okada4144355334253
18The Phill McKota IbushiKazuchika Okada4124255244454
18Giorgio De MedioKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi4142244444445
18Andy PolandZack Sabre Jr.Hiroshi Tanahashi4133454333544
18Parker HollandKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi4142255443444
18LecramFalcaoTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada4144343245345
18JMLKota IbushiJay White4133543334553
18Steve KortisKota IbushiJay White4134255254344
18Wrestling GuruKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito4133255334445
18Nicolae DuicaKazuchika OkadaKenny Omega4143334244455
18Danny TrinderKota IbushiKazuchika Okada4143245424535
39LazarKota IbushiHiroshi Tanahashi4032253435544
39Heikki OinonenKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi4033253434355
39Eugene LunsfordKota IbushiKazuchika Okada4035353334533
39Aaron NKota IbushiKazuchika Okada4043355333245
39Jan BuxtonKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito4042334355245
39Alejandro CendejazKota IbushiKazuchika Okada4045144344353
39Craig AndertonKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi4033433534354
39Adam WattsKota IbushiHiroshi Tanahashi4033344334553
39KathyJay WhiteZack Sabre Jr.4032354234545
39Lee DalyKota IbushiKazuchika Okada4025245324454
39JP HoulihanKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito4054355233433
39Andrew ParkerKota IbushiKazuchika Okada4032345344444
39ChupakickKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito4024444244552
39Jason WoodJay WhiteTetsuya Naito4033435443344
39Lou PickneyKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi4043254343345
39SASiraKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi4032444244454
39Scott ClaytonTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada4033245343355
39Mike SpearsKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi4045342353443
39TylerKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi4044444243434
39togetmesomepantsKota IbushiMinoru Suzuki4023155344544
39Matt PackTetsuya NaitoJay White4034335153445
39Patrick GibsonTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada4043325234554
39Jeff ChaseTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada4044354234344
39FinnTetsuya NaitoJay White4025444134445
63NJPWThoughtsKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3931345244553
63ShaneKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3931455243453
63WadeJay WhiteTetsuya Naito3922345244454
63Andrew VaughnKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3933155333544
63abolishiceKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3921254444454
63Johnny_The_CleanerJay WhiteKazuchika Okada3933355324254
63Joel AbrahamKota IbushiHiroshi Tanahashi3933533344353
63Matthew AllenTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3923354345325
63Brennan PatrickKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3913254443445
63Histerik22Tetsuya NaitoHiroshi Tanahashi3931255234455
63DefrostKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3942444433443
63dribblybobKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3943444244334
63Brian BrennanKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3934434434343
63Vijay PrithviKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3923545242525
63Lucas WolfeKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3932155344444
63harley duncanKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3932354335434
63Rory BKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3932543234454
63Errol OrtegaKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3932244344544
63HeatherJay WhiteZack Sabre Jr.3932353234455
63Robert NelsonTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3932245444434
63theeoinTetsuya NaitoJay White3921355344453
63Dylan DiotKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3943331434455
63Ben GarrowKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3933454242345
63Edward E.Tetsuya NaitoJay White3943334334444
63Drew McKenzieTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3943445132445
63Sam LemonKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3924344343543
63Marcus HallKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3924434334345
63Sandin RekicKota IbushiJay White3913454434443
63Paul KKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3933335345343
63JosephKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3923445233445
63WarrenWKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3923354254443
63EdKota IbushiHiroshi Tanahashi3933245134455
63EmpyreanKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3933344354424
63BenMinoru SuzukiKota Ibushi3923355233445
63Jason ChaeKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3933355432452
98jorgeKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3832355332453
98CamTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3833344323454
98Chris WarnerKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3832254333445
98SkylarKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3831354434542
98Jacob PettryKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3832355333353
98King of Indy StyleKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3833344434334
98Jack SmithJay WhiteKota Ibushi3822254434345
98Heather CKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3822445334335
98Nivv AliavKazuchika OkadaTogi Makabe3833353424443
98Shane HagadornKota IbushiMinoru Suzuki3823154442553
98Christopher RochonKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3832255225534
98Andrew SinclairKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3832454244334
98Jon PhillipsKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3822344354335
98Will WellsKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3843143425255
98MattKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3822254253544
98JoeKota IbushiMinoru Suzuki3814254334354
98SleeperAwakenedTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3842354333254
98Jonathan RidgwayKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3843455134522
98Mark BergmanKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3824243225545
98Nickolas JaroshKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3812255333554
98Matthew CurtisKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3833255233453
98Timothy KellyKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3831354353335
98TomK421Kota IbushiKazuchika Okada3833344134544
98Jimi ConwayKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3821335343455
98SlimmsKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3833255232454
98RodriKota IbushiJay White3843424354234
98burke2018@mail.comKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3832325354344
98Brady EstcourtKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3823453253425
98Sam ThorpeKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3824254325443
98Ben HKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3833423254354
98Nicholas MonacelliKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3833445223354
98Trevor StruthersKota IbushiMinoru Suzuki3813345244444
98Jffry WolfeKota IbushiEVIL3823245244453
98Ryan PikeKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3823345344442
98Jonathan ParsonsKota IbushiJay White3844442143543
98NicquetaTetsuya NaitoBad Luck Fale3811343545435
98Lee MaloneZack Sabre Jr.EVIL3824454034444
98RyGenericoKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3844243244542
98Simon CoppKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3832344235453
98Kenny SmithKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3835243223455
98Tom SossicJay WhiteZack Sabre Jr.3832343444344
98N RandallTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3813243434545
98MadMarineKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3823355243353
98PhiLIJ206Kazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3833344124554
98Henry VKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3834344532253
98Darren CuddyKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3822435433444
98Stefan FloodKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3814245333445
98Joe GagneKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3844342144534
98Lemurs75Kota IbushiKazuchika Okada3834244234444
98Ga'HootJay WhiteTetsuya Naito3844444234243
98Luke StacksKota IbushiHiroshi Tanahashi3833433233545
98James KalynKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3825343234444
98Machoke'sFinishingMoveHiroshi TanahashiTetsuya Naito3834432255334
98Michael GrantKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3851323354345
98Edward MillsKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3832335233554
98Allen VickHiroshi TanahashiTetsuya Naito3833255342344
98AlbertTetsuya NaitoJay White3835343224453
98Stevey DKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3834445344133
98Yazan GableKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3843323345434
98Andy StowellKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3833245242445
98Dan Murphy (DSE)Kota IbushiKazuchika Okada3844235234254
98Adam RehouMinoru SuzukiTetsuya Naito3832435243444
98Christa WaldorfMinoru SuzukiKenny Omega3813155344435
161Matt RiversKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3732443335244
161James needhamTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3723254434343
161Steven CaseKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3733353235253
161Darin PhillipsTetsuya NaitoJay White3733154415434
161HaKoe2000Kazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3743344221554
161Brock JahnkeKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3742354224344
161cris navaKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3723353324354
161LarryGee1017Kazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3723354224435
161goshireallysuckKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3741344433353
161Paul StoreyJay WhiteKota Ibushi3721245354245
161Nick RKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3742353352433
161Matthew TiltKota IbushiJay White3742255214354
161Drew D HallKota IbushiJay White3745235215343
161Sal KidaneKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3722245352435
161SpencerTetsuya NaitoHiroshi Tanahashi3722155242554
161Jerry EvansZack Sabre Jr.Minoru Suzuki3722353334543
161John ForteKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3711355234355
161Anna ChangKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3741244145354
161James WaumsleyKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3703354344443
161Daniel DavidJay WhiteKota Ibushi3751353342434
161MRD1337Kazuchika OkadaTomohiro Ishii3732535343342
161Ben HollandTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3721353433544
161Mr KawaxKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3735245222444
161AllBotchEverythingKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3722343234455
161JamesieKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3722445142454
161Tenese SarwiehKota IbushiJay White3743344323443
161Taylor *redacted*Kota IbushiJay White3721453243544
161Kyle in NCKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3723454333433
161Anders VilsterKota IbushiJay White3722244254444
161Mark HarringtonKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3734144233445
161Darius GillisonTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3723353444342
161RJKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3714443244443
161Jack G. KingKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3734245332245
161Joel KizKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3742135244345
161Fighter HayabusaKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3713444343353
161Drew SpearsJay WhiteTetsuya Naito3723344243345
161CthrillaSANADAMinoru Suzuki3722244435344
161JoelTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3734232335543
161Robert C-WKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3733342134545
161Randy GarciaTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3732344343443
161Tommy StrykerTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3713245335344
161Ben FoxKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3723354134453
161Aaron SnoverTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3733135224455
161Casey ForanKota IbushiJay White3734234134454
161Jow O'TooleKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3722445233444
161Chris GorskiTetsuya NaitoJay White3740534145524
161Sean HickeyKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3732345343253
161RylinKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3723255143345
161Chris SmithKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3742454234333
161Jack BickmoreTetsuya NaitoJay White3734335224344
161Jack MaverickMinoru SuzukiTetsuya Naito3734245332434
161Evandro FurtadoTetsuya NaitoJay White3733435234244
161Rich KraetschKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3733342235444
161Erin QuinnTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3742434134552
161MajinBengTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3735353123453
161Bryan StaebellKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3712345134455
161KolinKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3722433243455
161Anwar ShihōinKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3733242344534
161Weston GibbonHiroshi TanahashiKota Ibushi3724443244334
161TraeHiroshi TanahashiKota Ibushi3733245433343
161Andy CHiroshi TanahashiTetsuya Naito3733223235554
161Jeremy SavageKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3734344124345
161J HaunKenny OmegaKazuchika Okada3724145333444
161Jon LovelessKota IbushiHiroshi Tanahashi3732245134544
161Abu TakiTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3712255243454
161HollyEVILTetsuya Naito3712145155544
227DalilKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3633245233344
227Kastriot DumaniTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3622445223354
227Ben Joseph BKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3641344333434
227John CarrollKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3641343443442
227Daniel MitsonKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3612245233545
227Critic DriverKota IbushiHiroshi Tanahashi3632453334432
227packerman120Tetsuya NaitoHiroshi Tanahashi3633433334352
227Liam cheekKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3632244244443
227Dylan JKota IbushiJay White3641344333434
227William Housell Jr.Kazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3634242434334
227EnzOmegaKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3624344234442
227c12fourHiroshi TanahashiKota Ibushi3613353334533
227TrenWolfmanKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3622352343444
227Matt NielsonKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3633344334333
227James ColabelliKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3622244323455
227Justin BallardKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3620255234544
227Tom BoultonKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3622455332352
227Damon McD dances to Taichi’s theme musicKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3632434433253
227Vinicius MonteiroKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3632244333354
227Andrew BatesKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3612345354234
227Sean FlynnKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3633243444333
227Angel RodriguezKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3633345443232
227CrazyChrisRKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3641145354342
227Jay DaravongTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3624355332432
227Andrew HardingKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3613454144334
227gabrielTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3614325244335
227ShowOffKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3615345334233
227rallysport206Kazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3632354333244
227LordBirdmanKota IbushiJay White3633342333444
227Greg PattersonKota IbushiHiroshi Tanahashi3643245222444
227Rasmus SaloKazuchika OkadaTomohiro Ishii3634335522333
227Stewart MarshallKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3622254334443
227Patrick HughesKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3633345252324
227Chad T.Kazuchika OkadaKenny Omega3620254334544
227Barry HessTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3622343234553
227Jake RandlettKota IbushiJay White3641344143453
227Matt LoveKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3643444234314
227joshua bryanHiroshi TanahashiKota Ibushi3633442234434
227Sean SedorKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3643323144453
227ThatThiccDumplingBoiZack Sabre Jr.Kazuchika Okada3633054334344
227Tim MugabiKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3634242443244
227ChrickKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3614333244453
227darkomattersKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3633333144453
227HarryKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3634154034453
227Patrick PunchhardKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3642434234424
227DJTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3633454312434
227Floyd JohnsonTetsuya NaitoJay White3642444143253
227Michael GalasziaTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3634433143344
227Ben molterKota IbushiMinoru Suzuki3614243233545
227Jacob MooreKota IbushiJay White3643244354322
227David MansfieldMinoru SuzukiTetsuya Naito3614243245533
227Gareth PooleKota IbushiJay White3623245224444
227John, But OnlineTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3632435133543
227Maxwell CKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3631434245334
227Derrick DravenMinoru SuzukiZack Sabre Jr.3624234233535
227mattsdlHiroshi TanahashiZack Sabre Jr.3643353223434
227Billy CarpenterTetsuya NaitoJay White3633453324243
227Johannes KnielingTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3635334242343
227MetabolicINKTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3624233235354
227StephanieJay WhiteKota Ibushi3632445314334
227thomas fischbeckKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3633242324454
227gwynbleidd49Kota IbushiKazuchika Okada3635254244322
227Bryan ChanKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3623433235434
227RustyDinklemanKota IbushiHiroshi Tanahashi3624245343450
227BixTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3623234325345
227BertJay WhiteKenny Omega3642424252344
227SempTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3633344323245
227JoelKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3634334144343
227Edward Anthony SierraKenny OmegaJay White3624345233334
296LeeKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3541255422343
296Liam JonesKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3542342332453
296Flame286Kota IbushiJay White3532244333443
296Jacqueline GojKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3532255220554
296Vinny CullottaKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3523354233343
296Dries BerrensKota IbushiJay White3532352444242
296Andrew RichKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3533144323345
296SirTightyKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3524343423244
296Ben WyatteKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3552254224324
296John CunninghamKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3542453425303
296markshawKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3522353324344
296Zarif1995Kazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3542244224434
296SosatomKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3541454333233
296JasonTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3542444224432
296Matt DoyleKota IbushiJay White3543254222344
296Nick PKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3511355323354
296Sandy WilliamsonTetsuya NaitoJay White3522343325344
296JuettHiroshi TanahashiKota Ibushi3541432434244
296Jamie O'DohertyKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3524344325341
296Joey GruszeckiKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3523243334443
296ChickenmanKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3541243333354
296Kenny OrtizKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3533333324443
296Phoenix_777Kota IbushiKazuchika Okada3543243434422
296Quetzal818Kota IbushiKazuchika Okada3521253344254
296TonyKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3522353323354
296Tucker LaCourKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3522244234444
296Nate ReynoldsKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3513144334453
296Jeremy FritschKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3532154233354
296KathleenTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3513234343453
296Joshua WhiteKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3533244243343
296Kevin LoweryKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3503245125445
296NiklasFecKota IbushiHiroshi Tanahashi3525134325343
296Frank OlsonKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3534344133433
296ArteePhactKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3512245344343
296BG05Kota IbushiKazuchika Okada3523245134245
296KellyKota IbushiHiroshi Tanahashi3532244234542
296IowaJoeKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3513254232445
296David MintyKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3513234144454
296Rich LattaKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3523434214444
296John GronkowskiKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3523434234424
296Ian LaneKota IbushiJay White3535144234432
296Calvin BerryKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3524454042244
296Naaihl HaqKota IbushiJay White3534234134434
296Nic PKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3512255133544
296Jean JacobyKota IbushiMinoru Suzuki3523234235452
296Conor McLaughlinKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3521345334253
296John ServiceKota IbushiHiroshi Tanahashi3522444343423
296StefanoKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3532423444324
296SoCyDKazuchika OkadaKenny Omega3541334322544
296Dr. LandlordTetsuya NaitoMinoru Suzuki3522344134444
296Emilio HernandezTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3524344233343
296Maximilian YapKota IbushiJay White3535243225324
296Euan TaylorZack Sabre Jr.Minoru Suzuki3513242234554
296Olivier TremblayKazuchika OkadaKenny Omega3534143332444
296SizzleHiroshi TanahashiTetsuya Naito3531155333425
296LanceKota IbushiJay White3543344133235
296Christopher SewellKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3533235231535
296Oli CourtKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3542324434333
296JKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3512334324553
296bennyowensKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3512453234353
296Omrí SchejtmanKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3531344342542
296BrandonKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3533245324342
296Taylor HollowayKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3514154144245
296Ben BrunetteKota IbushiJay White3533443333333
296DJKota IbushiJay White3533343324532
296Kimmortals ShowcaseKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3524444222443
296JaderockTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3513333233545
296ChesterHiroshi TanahashiTetsuya Naito3512241444445
296Damonek w motorówceKota IbushiMinoru Suzuki3532334134444
365Liam McCannKota IbushiJay White3432342334433
365Gabriel ChemhuruKota IbushiJay White3432342325532
365Abraham DelgadoKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3411154342355
365CaaarlinKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3433255332233
365Eric ThornleyKota IbushiJay White3442332434243
365Jonathan D'AntoniTetsuya NaitoJay White3442234234244
365Scott MacGregorKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3411334224554
365TannerKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3432353443223
365Italo SantanaKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3423354233333
365Bastian SauerKota IbushiEVIL3432244344242
365WHKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3432334413434
365Ian MarshallKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3423254323424
365Me1Kazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3422245224425
365FernandoKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3402154433453
365Scott BKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3443334433232
365Chris WagstaffTetsuya NaitoMinoru Suzuki3431233442534
365Joseph MastronardiKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3422454422333
365Chris VerdeKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3411244254551
365David NevittTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3432334244432
365Lucas McFaddenTetsuya NaitoHiroshi Tanahashi3442252333334
365Timothy Robert BuechnerKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3413353234424
365AITOR SANCHEZ ABELLOKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3422342334533
365Andrew PughKota IbushiJay White3424252432442
365Luke HawkinsMinoru SuzukiKota Ibushi3433245332414
365Joshua HeizerKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3432254333225
365JasManKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3432145333352
365Sara SkyKota IbushiHiroshi Tanahashi3422234424353
365Eddy GunzKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3412255234325
365HannahTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3422245342343
365Dale SteppKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3422245234433
365JoeKota IbushiJay White3432334324334
365Marlon HarvilleKenny OmegaKazuchika Okada3434244332333
365August M BakerKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3432343143443
365Ajay SameerHiroshi TanahashiKota Ibushi3444245212541
365Ryan CookeKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3433433223443
365Juan PimientoKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3412145333345
365DamonTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3432343234433
365Nick WalshJay WhiteZack Sabre Jr.3411244235354
365SLCKota IbushiMinoru Suzuki3413444323244
365Richard ShieldsHiroshi TanahashiZack Sabre Jr.3423244244234
365Alexander ClarkHiroshi TanahashiKota Ibushi3445244123441
365Greg RossbachKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3444243023354
365Jeff ParkerTetsuya NaitoEVIL3453313233443
365Justin MarineauKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3422244153353
365UpholderofthoughtsTetsuya NaitoJay White3413334133535
365Brian SemonKota IbushiJay White3422314344344
365Fred CholowskiKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3432333224444
365Ed BurnsTetsuya NaitoJay White3441244235243
365Gerard Di TrolioHiroshi TanahashiTetsuya Naito3423244144235
365EdgarKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3442344142334
365DKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3443334212444
365Dylan HarrisKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3414343133543
365Jason "Njiska" WesthaverKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3442252143425
365Jan NeuteboomTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3423354313442
365marvell2kTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3433434232352
365J KataKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3432332434433
365Ricardo GallegosKota IbushiJay White3433244145143
365Kevin MusgraveKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3411244343543
365Chaz M AtkinsonKota IbushiJay White3443244122453
365Jake BannonTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3415242234542
365Kyle DmochKota IbushiHiroshi Tanahashi3433342045442
365HubertKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3423343344242
365SilverocKota IbushiBad Luck Fale3414353234324
365Sean NTetsuya NaitoHiroshi Tanahashi3443343252422
365Jack DeanKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3444223333442
365Alan Four EllKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3442343332253
365LecramFalcaoMinoru SuzukiTetsuya Naito3443234134532
365Ben GoughKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3433443244232
365AxelKota IbushiJay White3432233434343
365Mickyw33Kazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3434253043343
365Dan MastersKota IbushiJay White3422244143534
365Dan AtwoodTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3423234334523
365Thomas HoffmanKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3433235342234
365WJAKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3452224243442
365Casimir DouglasKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3443335123451
365deerhandsKota IbushiHiroshi Tanahashi3422154223445
365Markeem GrahamKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3423242334443
365Michael DoddKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3432434152343
365Matthew GalasziaKazuchika OkadaKenny Omega3404255313254
365Aaron PinerKota IbushiJay White3424353333233
365Matt RogersKota IbushiJay White3434342142344
365BrianTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3422244233444
365AndiKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3442125343433
365John EllisKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3432125432255
365CaseyKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3434144125352
365Kelly M CorcoranHiroshi TanahashiKota Ibushi3442314244352
365DaneKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3442233144443
365David MoraKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3423335222444
365Hamish MacIverKota IbushiJay White3424253124353
365ScorpioCorpKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3433344343241
455Darrian MartinezKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3344244322332
455Tim LeeKenny OmegaKazuchika Okada3323222235345
455Ethan MorganKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3331245323433
455Joel YentisKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3322254334422
455Igor NikitinKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3331254243243
455KatiKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3324253323333
455Kyle SchwabTetsuya NaitoHiroshi Tanahashi3334253243142
455josh buckleyKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3313423134435
455Scott WilcoxTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3331444324512
455Sarah FlanneryKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3341244233424
455HirOnyx LeeKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3344243233323
455Mark McIntyreTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3312535131435
455HotovyTetsuya NaitoHiroshi Tanahashi3315043324524
455Traci A.Kazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3323343323442
455Tranquilo66Kota IbushiKazuchika Okada3331354232235
455Travis RaserHiroshi TanahashiKota Ibushi3321353343243
455Juan MoralesKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3322245323433
455Matthew LynchKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3340233244443
455Rob HuttonKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3324244234323
455Wayne MillerTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3321345314451
455DevonKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3322134433353
455Ondrej VitekKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3331245333153
455Chris BaconTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3332234333235
455GregGlea44Kazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3321444232434
455JvAurelKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3333253233423
455Jeremy ParenteJay WhiteKenny Omega3323345223243
455maq7742Kenny OmegaKazuchika Okada3321234144543
455ArturKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3324244233234
455Tyler RussellTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3323334313443
455Kevin CKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3344145114432
455PATRICK S FLEMINGKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3332335235322
455JosiahTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3333153232452
455Jeff HensonHiroshi TanahashiKenny Omega3323045123445
455TGfuckingOKota IbushiJay White3323333113554
455MartinHiroshi TanahashiKota Ibushi3332251125435
455Travis McNeillKota IbushiJay White3333331333443
455GriggsyKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3323334332244
455Matt NawrockiKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3324244212444
455Fábio TorresKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3332344233333
455Warren DavisTetsuya NaitoJay White3333354312243
455jason r hickeyKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3324345333132
455LeechrKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3303245332353
455SwarlesKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3332344123344
455Juan S SalasKota IbushiJay White3322244033454
455Timothy M GlancyKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3342345411441
455Rogers HudsonTetsuya NaitoJay White3335342233332
455SivapcKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3322432223445
455hewassleepKota IbushiHiroshi Tanahashi3321345333333
455kevinJay WhiteKota Ibushi3324233232435
455VictorKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3334344142413
455PolatronKota IbushiJay White3322254144324
455Eric HartmanTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3322234134453
455Paul VölschTetsuya NaitoJay White3321443144244
455Bucky McDanielHiroshi TanahashiKota Ibushi3332345233242
455Mike ColettiKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3311453225343
455Jon BananaKota IbushiHangman Page3333444213243
455J CampbellHiroshi TanahashiKota Ibushi3333224135352
455LoHiroshi TanahashiTetsuya Naito3332234344242
455RaymondKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3342234323244
455ElHijodeIshiiHiroshi TanahashiKota Ibushi3332352124443
455Hunter S GibbonKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3343245043332
455Andrew GKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3312154423434
455Lady GreyKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3313342235253
455channelclickerHiroshi TanahashiKota Ibushi3332445322332
455Donnie AldridgeKota IbushiJay White3335323221453
455supercollider028Kazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3333225134433
455thaurosKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3341434132335
455The Gift of RickyMinoru SuzukiKazuchika Okada3314244123444
523LiamTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3241144242235
523Simon FessendenKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3242133234334
523Josh RobinsonHiroshi TanahashiKota Ibushi3242233234423
523Jerico V.Kota IbushiKazuchika Okada3232344233233
523oblit3ratiZack Sabre Jr.Kazuchika Okada3212252433253
523mattKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3242254342222
523LeviTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3231334334422
523Giorgio VernettiKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3232244232334
523alexmonroTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3232234212355
523KyleKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3230434324414
523Dustin P.Kota IbushiKazuchika Okada3210235234444
523Brady LivingstonKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3221443153432
523Chris GannonTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3201445224433
523stienerKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3231333234424
523Ian HamiltonKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3222145134244
523VilinskiKonjicTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3211435232353
523Sean O.Kazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3231254232244
523Gur SamuelTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3222244143334
523Mark BerlowitzHiroshi TanahashiKota Ibushi3232243143343
523Jim HarrisKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3203344234243
523Kevin AustinKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3233234034352
523Steven JacksonKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3211333353343
523Leo CKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3242333225323
523EVILEVILKazuchika Okada3224231242543
523Prince DamonTetsuya NaitoEVIL3220344323524
523Kevin HareHiroshi TanahashiKota Ibushi3222225315343
523karaKota IbushiJay White3242433223423
523ScottParkerJay WhiteKota Ibushi3231254232433
523Jim LeszczynskiTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3223143324334
523Andy ClarkHiroshi TanahashiKota Ibushi3213234233443
523Ben BeekerKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3225243233341
523BrandonTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3243133125343
523Tokyo Wrestling FanKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3223234333342
523Tom HemmingsTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3232143232255
523Jeff HansenKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3222324342343
523Shariff MusallamMinoru SuzukiKota Ibushi3233242133344
523RandyKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3231155143342
523Jody PlanteKota IbushiMinoru Suzuki3211445113543
523Suit WilliamsTetsuya NaitoHiroshi Tanahashi3233232143245
523Joseph BayKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3232234134343
523Mathieu FréchetteKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3222244224154
523Tim HassallKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3223335024442
523Ricky-Lee HowardKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3233135033443
523Garwin PosnerKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3234345221242
523MarkKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3231222244453
523Jeremy DonovanKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3241334122552
523Rob HartKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3223244313433
523Timothy RegalKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3241345331233
523Laurence HartTetsuya NaitoHiroshi Tanahashi3224215034344
523SilveranovskyKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3222443232532
523Steven FitzgeraldKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3223234333342
523SoppeKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3241333114444
523cardiacpuroesKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3222333324433
523Udit SharmaTetsuya NaitoJay White3242223243433
523Damon McDonaldKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3233134034344
523Jordan BentermanKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3234444222322
523Jay LangleyZack Sabre Jr.Jay White3243242333233
523QuentinKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3234342324223
523crazy_sabuKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3232242144334
523DaughtKenny OmegaHiroshi Tanahashi3225234232342
523Robin ReidTetsuya NaitoJay White3223233343243
523MarcKota IbushiMinoru Suzuki3210344224435
523Gregory GaulTetsuya NaitoJay White3233323145233
523MartyTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3222144323434
523Jack AntonioKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3213233135434
523Jonas HoltKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3232344224323
523Udit Kumar SharmaKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3232232334433
523CesarKenny OmegaHiroshi Tanahashi3222243025255
523axelgnoelTetsuya NaitoJay White3234315125233
523AlexWKKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3241244024353
523Daniel GarciaKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3223144134334
523PNasty316Kenny OmegaKazuchika Okada3213244224244
595Linsey WarnerTetsuya NaitoHiroshi Tanahashi3122124343343
595Michael PapichKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3133032244343
595Liam KirbyKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3121443323324
595a.j. sharerMinoru SuzukiZack Sabre Jr.3112243433432
595Daine PavloskiJuice RobinsonKazuchika Okada3123244122353
595Luiz Guilherme JusttKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3133241423423
595MikeFKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3133155313223
595Aussie GregKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3142224433232
595Cody McNalleyKazuchika OkadaTomohiro Ishii3123323125433
595CMTownsKota IbushiEVIL3142343143412
595Danny KuchlerKota IbushiJay White3113343323252
595Jonathan C HooperKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3122154214424
595HautisZack Sabre Jr.Kazuchika Okada3122234123444
595inhuman138Kazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3142244223332
595Mike DaysleyKota IbushiJay White3122355232214
595Cameron DonahueKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3123343442222
595Eduardo TessisJay WhiteTetsuya Naito3112443321254
595Marc StankusTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3132343343222
595Alex ForbesKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3122342242433
595ARCHIT BERIKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3122355323411
595PuddyKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3122333222552
595LewisBCTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3114433334411
595LukasKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3122144241452
595Conner SmillieKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3124143413423
595Davey Boy ShitTetsuya NaitoJay White3130343224334
595Robert McCauleyTetsuya NaitoJay White3123153123353
595Stephen Jessup-PeacockKota IbushiBad Luck Fale3122432032544
595Adrian GaskinKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3122245123343
595RalphusLives!Kazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3101243434343
595Will DennisonKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3121343133443
595Andrew ChupurdyKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3121343223434
595Jeff JUddKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3155143123331
595Ben EnglebretsonKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3141332233442
595saaifKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3123233224343
595James NissenKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3113234124551
595Jamie BlandKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3133324123334
595Nick HarrapHiroshi TanahashiKota Ibushi3120234233354
595Chris CunhaTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3121314224552
595Jon CarnegieTetsuya NaitoJay White3122244314234
595Mike RossiKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3113245242242
595SteinTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3132144134144
595LucasKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3123235332233
595George ReedKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3122032424354
595Theo WilsonTetsuya NaitoJay White3142234225322
595Mikko NiemelaKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3124254413114
595Darren S.Hiroshi TanahashiTetsuya Naito3131135135243
595Ayden C.Kota IbushiKazuchika Okada3132133142453
595Bryan RoseTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3123244133333
595AntoKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3113234124335
595PotterKenny OmegaKazuchika Okada3133343243222
595stargirlTama TongaKazuchika Okada3133143033344
595TiirshakTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3124124324333
595BodFather76Kota IbushiKazuchika Okada3132443233340
595Todd McKenzieKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3104243324234
595Dominic LeighKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3103235234333
595Grief AngelHiroshi TanahashiKota Ibushi3121244322452
651Azri Firman bin AqilJay WhiteKota Ibushi3032234223234
651TheEliteChrisKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.3021052234344
651FelixAlwaysWinsKenny OmegaKazuchika Okada3030353122443
651Thomas SmithKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3032243333322
651Mark WorrallKenny OmegaKazuchika Okada3021323225343
651Spencer TumblesonKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3013242224532
651adam murphyKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3032233334232
651Griffin PeltierKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3031245233232
651Steven BakerHiroshi TanahashiKota Ibushi3013222335252
651Nathan GrimTetsuya NaitoHangman Page3021113334453
651HumorousvillainKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3031342324332
651Cieran MillerKota IbushiJay White3022344133233
651Kevin PantojaKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3032312343333
651Aryeh Harris-ShapiroKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3033232334313
651Lee ConnellTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3023442142332
651Kharn96Kota IbushiKazuchika Okada3034234122234
651MrVeraKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3025332142314
651Zama5000Kazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3012233313543
651Jack StevensonZack Sabre Jr.Hiroshi Tanahashi3032133143442
651Lisa JonesKenny OmegaKazuchika Okada3024053412342
651Gary O'DonoghueKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3022244222244
651Ethan AllenTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3013223034453
651BPaneralKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3012344114343
651TigerkinneyKota IbushiKazuchika Okada3022323433422
651Drake CapleTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3034134013353
651Will HKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3032323243332
651Carlos A.Kota IbushiKazuchika Okada3023333243331
651ASH 515Kota IbushiKazuchika Okada3042244043241
651AVHiroshi TanahashiTetsuya Naito3023333124342
651Berwin VargasTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada3010235243334
651Mark ThompsonKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito3023133043353
651OwenKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi3022144224333
683SpoilexHiroshi TanahashiKota Ibushi2933142153232
683KLCTetsuya NaitoHiroshi Tanahashi2941341225322
683Dominic SchmidtKota IbushiKazuchika Okada2933133114253
683Adam LyonKazuchika OkadaTama Tonga2914123152433
683Lisandro Ulises CarranzaKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi2921343313243
683DominikKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi2922133323325
683AwaadKota IbushiHiroshi Tanahashi2913250223155
683Paco SilvaKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito2931344134204
683Filip PejicJay WhiteZack Sabre Jr.2921334332233
683Brian SchwingKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi2922134211454
683Tristan TohKota IbushiKazuchika Okada2942322312433
683Case LoweKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.2921353324312
683Peter NewmanKota IbushiJay White2921244524122
683Diego IbanezEVILZack Sabre Jr.2922344221342
683Steve MesaKota IbushiKazuchika Okada2912333132245
683NunzioKota IbushiHiroshi Tanahashi2932133324413
683Yuriy BortnikTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada2921244332332
683Brian StaffordTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada2931255033223
683Patrick AlvarezKota IbushiMinoru Suzuki2912234231353
683ZekeNYCKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi2934232223341
683The Amazing EnziguriJay WhiteKota Ibushi2932333222333
683Dylan MourtonKota IbushiKazuchika Okada2923344131143
683Adam GhosseinKenny OmegaYOSHI-HASHI2924234241223
683Levi MorrisKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito2903234234323
683Alasdair GlenTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada2922234223324
683Mario SaucedoKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi2923333124224
683Claire LaytonKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi2941233043342
683HOT HANDS HARVEYKota IbushiKazuchika Okada2933144021344
683XavierTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada2913134133334
683MickflyeJay WhiteTetsuya Naito2931323133244
683TLiodiceKota IbushiJay White2921044313452
683Ismael PerezKota IbushiHangman Page2914243022443
683Zain KermisHiroshi TanahashiTetsuya Naito2902353323242
683Danny S.Kenny OmegaHiroshi Tanahashi2931232134442
683Gin MalkavarTetsuya NaitoJay White2922413223442
718Mary RobinsonZack Sabre Jr.Kazuchika Okada2812233314423
718Alan Jessup-PeacockKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi2801333323532
718Anthony FlesherKota IbushiMinoru Suzuki2812243252313
718AlexMcSANADAKazuchika Okada2832235131512
718Tom WischmannKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi2813435112314
718Pin-up PunkKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito2821142235431
718gburr60Kota IbushiJay White2811324134333
718Neil PurcellKenny OmegaJay White2811345232313
718Anthony AlbicoccoKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.2822253222242
718Tom FeelyKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito2823332133332
718Kevin CarrollKota IbushiKazuchika Okada2814253021442
718Trent WilliamsKota IbushiKazuchika Okada2812333233332
718Mike GrindleKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi2812232233352
718GuilleSkullEVILZack Sabre Jr.2820352222334
718Rob PowellKazuchika OkadaTetsuya Naito2813235122333
718Mike LooneyKota IbushiJay White2812143043325
718HeadCheese (Maybe Gedo)Toru YanoKazuchika Okada2832432243212
735Dylan McCullyKota IbushiKazuchika Okada2705251212243
735jobbermaniaKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi2721333024522
735Michael LevyTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada2711343322512
735Zebra ParadeKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi2723343221322
735Gregory DavisHirooki GotoYOSHI-HASHI2742123243312
735BennoKota IbushiKazuchika Okada2703135113343
735RománJay WhiteKota Ibushi2722232224521
742Shane DTetsuya NaitoKazuchika Okada2613321331423
742OttoKazuchika OkadaZack Sabre Jr.2630232134332
742Jon KinseyMinoru SuzukiKota Ibushi2612234232322
742Remember my FaceKota IbushiJay White2610233133253
742DiegoKota IbushiJay White2612245123132
742illwill0620Kota IbushiKazuchika Okada2623232032234
748WeirzbowskiKota IbushiKazuchika Okada2521243232222
748Josh BakerKazuchika OkadaKota Ibushi2532132133331
748Ganda GirlJuice RobinsonHangman Page2541322322132
748Michael CarneyKota IbushiKazuchika Okada2531144022332
752Fred HandtowelKenny OmegaJay White2431133133123
752Slayadex23Kazuchika OkadaKenny Omega2421124014243
754Josh TreadwayTetsuya NaitoMinoru Suzuki2313011023543
754SuperdeformedJuice RobinsonHangman Page2324122022323
756Zack mondayMinoru SuzukiKota Ibushi2241132211223