Dramatic Dream Team is once again at Shinkiba 1st Ring for the seventh installment of their TV show, ‘Maji Manji’.

‘Maji Manji’ has been a breath of fresh air in terms of wrestling TV product for me, it’s a fun variety of matches and styles that keep me intrigued and glued to the wacky universe of DDT. This show from June 5, 2018, is headlined by a KO-D Tag Team Championship defence, putting the champions, Daisuke Sekimoto & Kazusada Higuchi up against the ALL OUT duo of Konosuke Takeshita & Shunma Katsumata.

Makoto Oishi & Akito def. Kota Umeda & Daiki Shimomura

In a decent opener, Shimomura and Oishi start the feeling out process with some chain befo re Oishi gets the upper hand, delivering a triage of arm drags to the young DNA talent. Oishi tags in Akito and they double team Shimomura, Akito continues exerting his teams control on the match as he and Oishi keep Shimomura isolated and tag in and out frequently. Shimomura gets some breathing space and tags in the impressive but still developing Kota Umeda who trades forearms with Akito before getting him out of the way, he turns his attention to Oishi with a series of deadly kicks. But the more experienced duo of Akito & Oishi get back into after taking out Umeda and focusing on Shimomura. Akito gets the win over Shimomura after submitting him with a Scorpion Lock.

Toru Owashi & Riho def. Masahiro Takanashi & Saki Akai

In a fun match that started off seriously between Owashi and Takanashi, going through some technical holds before Riho and Akai come in, after Riho gets Akai down, she brings in Owashi for some fun with some rolling Sentons on poor Akai. The fun doesn’t last as Takanashi breaks it up, unfortunately. The momentum of the match swings back and forth as the pace speeds up with Owashi eventually pinning Akai after the Somato from Riho. Riho was the star of this match.

Mike Bailey & MAO def. Shigehiro Irie & Mizuki Watase

Match starts hot between MAO and Watase as MAO lost his Right To Challenge prize to Watase in Tsukuba. MAO tags Bailey while Watase is outside, as the climb up to the top rope their pulled down by Irie-gun. Shigehiro Irie delivers a piledriver on the apron to Mike Bailey.

Irie-gun is in control until MAO gets his team back into it. I really like seeing MAO and Bailey tag, they’ve great chemistry together. The match breaks down and it comes down to Mike Bailey facing both members of Irie-gun but he successfully fights them off, taking them both out simultaneously.

MAO gets back in to the ring and they do a Double Michinoku Driver on Mizuki Watase, Bailey gets the pin and one Right To Challenge prizes off Watase.

Danshoku Dieno & Yoshihiko def. Keisuke Ishii & Antonio Honda

If you saw last week’s review, you’d know Yoshihiko won the DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship. And is also a doll, which seems to have confused the Idol on commentary.

This was a typical DDT comedy match, so understand if it’s not to everyone’s liking. Honda and Ishi both selling offence from Yoshihiko, while also delivering more exaggerated moves. Danshoku Dieno applied a few of his usual tricks.

After a Danshoku Driver to Honda, Yoshihiko gets the decisive pinfall.

Daisuke Sasaki, Soma Takao, Tetsuya Endo & Mad Paulie def. HARASHIMA, KUDO, Yukio Sakaguchi & Masahiro Takanashi

This was an okay match, it done nothing really except to advance the story of DAMNATION vs HARASHIMA & Shuten Doji. The match was originally a 6 man, but Sasaki declared himself fit and put himself in leading to Takanashi doing the same, making it an 8 man tag match. It started quickly as DAMNATION go for their opponents. Before settling into Shuten-doji isolating Sasaki before DAMNATION then isolating Takanashi, whose in his second match of the night. Things break down and it’s Sasaki whose left with HARASHIMA. Sasaki gets the pin on the DDT Extreme Champion after the Sasaki Hurricanrana.

KO-D Tag Team Titles
Daisuke Sekimoto & Kazusada Higuchi (c) def. Konosuke Takeshita & Shunma Katsumata

Match of the night and another great match for the champions who are quickly becoming my favourite tag team in wrestling at the moment.

Kazusada Higuchi and Konosuke Takeshita start things off, building slowly from a lock up into some chain, striving for the all important advantage before it breaks down into them both looking for, but not hitting, big moves. They tag in their partners, a mismatch of epic proportions as Katsumata faces off against the massive Sekimoto. Shunma Katsumata shows incredible spirit as he takes the fight to Sekimoto, who knocks him out with a massive Lariat, Takeshita has to break the count and his partner is dazed on the outside for the next few minutes.

Takeshita tries in vain to take the fight to SekiGuchi but is shot down by the champs. This match is well under their control, it’s being fought on their terms and there is nothing ALL OUT can do at the moment.

Whats great about SekiGuchi is they are classic big men, efficient tag machine, isolating opponents. No wasted motion, every move designed to weaken their prey.

After Katsumata reanimates, the pace quickens and favours the challengers, they set Higuchi up on a table and Katsumata dives onto him from the steel frame at the entrance. He brings Higuchi back to the ring and delivers a dropkick from the top rope.

The match is on a pendulum, but still definitely favouring the champions but as I watch I admire the fight of the challengers.

After a spell of ALL OUT attack, SekiGuchi reassert themselves, with an amazing final sequence between Higuchi and Katsumata, which finishes with a Doctor Bomb.

As the champions celebrate victory no. 2, DAMNATION come out, Mad Paulie & Tetsuya Endo will be their next challengers.