It’s back to our Fantasy Draft series this week on Wrestling Omakase! John is joined by returning guests and Burning Spirits co-hosts Brennan Patrick (@brenpatrick) and Kevin Hare (@stan_hansen), as well as first time guest Tanner (@Tanner1495) from the All You Can Hear podcast, as the four of them compete to draft from indie puroresu! Since so many wrestlers are eligible this time around we expand to doing 25 picks each, as we are able to draft anyone from All Japan, the entire DDT Universe, Big Japan, NOAH, Wrestle-1, Zero-1, and more! Who goes early and who drops surprisingly late? Once it’s all said and done we create four very eclectic and different supercards, and it’s up to you to go to the @WrestleOmakase Twitter account or see below to vote for your favorite in our poll!

Once again it’s a fun time drafting and booking a variety of wrestlers and we hope you enjoy!

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