Few years ago when bookies started accepting bets on professional wrestling matches, it created quite a buzz amongst the sports bettors everywhere.

The introduction of pro wrestling betting has become a mainstream topic in all betting circles. What more, it also became the cause of a divide in the sports betting industry! While many people question the idea of betting on outcomes that have been pre-decided, claiming that it’s nothing more than a promotional gimmick by the bookies, others are confident about its potential, regardless of the scripted endings. In fact, you can grab a free bet and maximize your winnings from pro wrestling betting!

Why pro wrestling is hugely untapped betting market?

There are 3 main reasons why pro wrestling is hugely untapped from the betting perspective and has plenty of potential.

Possibility of expansion of events  

The bets placed on pro wrestling matches are usually limited only to the WWE PPVs, apart from a few RAW matches. There is scope of expansion of the events, which can significantly increase the betting revenue for both off-line and online bookmakers. Bookies can also expand their reach by accepting bets on pro wrestling promos such as New Japan, considered to be a major international powerhouse by many.

When WWE stars have become so popular that they’re winning mayoral races, expanding the reach of WWE as well as betting activity on it, is only inevitable.

Provision of live betting

Counted amongst the most favourite betting features by a large majority of sports punters, live betting makes sports betting even more exciting and appealing! Imagine if your favourite online bookie starts accepting live bets while the WWE RAW matches happening right now! It would be highly beneficial for the bookies too, to accept such bets. As sports bettors would have less amount of time to go through the updates on the Internet, the house would always have a bigger edge.

Consistently allowing the future bets

Not every off-line and online bookmaker out there consistently accepts future bets on pro wrestling matches. As it’s a constantly changing and evolving industry, it might be highly advantageous for the betting portals to accept future bets on pro wrestling events.

Regardless, it’s pretty rare for even the WWE to stick to its own original plans. If you carry out some research you would understand that most of the so-called leaked plans are rumours actually change every week! While pundits might frown upon the idea of bettors indulging in pro wrestling future bets, who’d mind throwing a few bucks at WWE future bets if the offered lines are juicy enough. Look at it closely and it’s not anymore crazier than punting on which NFL team is Kirk Cousins going to head to during the next off-season!

Final Word

For people betting on pro wrestling matches, punting on these predetermined contests can indeed be a profitable activity no matter what kind of betting restrictions might be in place. If you factor in all the historical trends, data points and risk vs reward figures, pro wrestling indeed offers punters a chance to come out ahead in the game!