This week on Wrestling Omakase, John is joined by first time guest Kyle (@ThroughMyKyes) of Sheet Sandwich to discuss WWE Backlash. The two of them break down each and every match on this truly wretched, no good, horrible show, from the very good opener to the very, very bad main event. Once they’re done burying that awful piece of crap, they move on to a briefer discussion of the two NJPW Wrestling Dontaku shows, mainly based around the main events of each night and some other key angles as well. Finally they wrap things up with your questions, including: the 3 worst WWE PPVs of all time, the worst decision each puro company has made so far this year, why the run sheets keep leaking, and more! It’s a fun time burying a really terrible show, this week on Omakase!

Note: Before the show begins proper, John speaks for a few minutes about the shocking and incredibly sad death of their good friend and multiple time Omakase guest Sean Williams. Just wanted to make sure everyone was warned ahead of time in case hearing someone briefly discuss their friend’s death is too upsetting for you and/or brings up painful memories. It lasts about 5 minutes. Rest in peace Sean. Though this isn’t much, from now on Wrestling Omakase is dedicated in your honor.

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