Just a quick note from me here, nothing of length but something I feel should be said amidst a lot of negative views online.

While many would disagree, the WWE is the best it has been in a while. Hot off the heels of a huge WrestleMania and a record-profit-breaking Greatest Royal Rumble (which I had fun previewing with pure satire a little bit ago), Vince McMahon’s touring rock show has been on a hell of a roll for the past few years.

Match quality has been improving by leaps and bounds to the point that Dave Meltzer himself gave out not one but TWO five-star ratings for a WWE produced show. Now, as you know by my previous writing and sayings, Meltzer’s ratings are not the be-all end-all of professional wrestling – but we cannot deny that the matches on WWE programming are a lot better now than the 2008-2011 era.

With the quality of both matches and wrestlers becoming constant S-tier, WWE has become much more mainstream for the first time since the Attitude Era. Wrestling and the WWE is everywhere now, with fans being much more open to announce their fandom than ever before.

We’ve seen the ascension of multiple new stars in the company. Guys like Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, and Braun Strowman have seen levels of fame probably never imagined. Household names like John Cena, Triple H, and The Undertaker have all taken something sort of a backseat to the next generation of WWE Superstars. This is good.

The push of the NXT generation of talent within the WWE ranks is what has constantly been the driving force of this resurgence for the company. Most matches on any given card could steal the show – be it the tag team division, the women’s division, or the main men’s division. That goes to show the depth of the talented roster that they have under contract.

While it sometimes drags on too long, Raw usually has multiple full-length pay-per-view quality matches that are absolutely insane to watch on television. SmackDown Live has been fantastic and looks to be becoming even stronger thanks to the Superstar Shakeup. 205 Live has been a weekly highlight for the company. And, as we all know, NXT continues to be one of the best shows in modern wrestling history week-in and week-out.

WWE has been great lately since I put aside a critical mind and just allowed myself to engage as a fan. I urge you to just sit back and just have fun while watching whatever WWE show you watch next.

WWE isn’t that bad.