Most people don’t like being wrong. It’s not fun, you often feel or look stupid in the aftermath of making some bold prediction, and no one wants that. Being wrong is something that’s irritated me from a young age. It’s not so much than I’m stroppy or whatever, but I am, for better or worse, a fairly self-assured young chap who has confidence in what he thinks and says. I don’t enjoy being wrong, I take it as a personal affront most of the time, but I was happy to be wrong with my prediction for the Impact Redemption main event.

In my mind there was no way that Austin Aries lost. He was the only one worked for the company regularly, he was their guy. Yet I couldn’t see what stood before me and more importantly what stood before Impact – an opportunity to do something different and interesting. With the original main event of Aries vs El Patron, it was almost a lock that A Double got the win. But with El Patron doing El Patron things and being consigned to the annals of Impact history, they didn’t have to stick with the old plans. They could give Pentagon or Fenix a title run, for however long, and spice up the world title scene. And that’s what they did. Pentagon was portrayed as a damn star in the closing stretch of a gripping main event, taking out both men and firmly establishing himself as the new top dog.

In Pentagon winning the title, Impact has a different feel and a different vibe. He is an enigma, a unique character in the wrestling landscape. His matches are distinctly more violent and edgy than most, and he meshes well with Aries in the interactions they’ve had. I’ve no idea how long they’ll keep the belt on him, I don’t look at the spoilers (I see you Mr. Cohen, with your nefarious scoops), but there’s so many interesting matchups at the top of the bill they can now do. Pentagon vs Eli Drake, Pentagon vs Moose, Pentagon vs Eddie Edwards, the list goes on. Impact saw an open door and they went through it.

This week’s episode also showed another way they can spin this. Aries seemed indignant in defeat, refusing to accept what happened at Redemption. As a man who straddles that ever more blurry line between faces and heels, this loss could be the opportunity to make Aries a more definitive heel and create a new series of programmes from there. A change is often as good as a rest and on this occasion I was happy to be wrong, as Pentagon’s win was a shock and it opens way more doors on the long and winding road to Slammiversary.

The good ship Impact keeps sailing on, now captained by a man with no fear. Cero Miedo, Pentagon is here and the future looks bright with Redemption now firmly in the rear-view mirror.

The Week in Review

  • Watch the video package on DJZ. It’s genuinely brilliant and takes a deep look at the severity of the injury problems the guy has had over the past year. He’s one of the top talents on the Impact roster and now he’s healthy, I hope he’s got a big year ahead.
  • This week’s squash defeat against Moose marked the final appearance of Braxton Sutter in Impact Wrestling. The man had his fair share of love interests during his time with the promotion and leaves without a real place in the new landscape. It’s a shame as he’s a solid hand and I think they didn’t really get the most out of him, but best of luck elsewhere.
  • It wasn’t much of a surprise to see the Eddie Edwards/Sami Callihan feud continue. They’ve done a tremendous job of magnifying all the detestable parts of Callihan’s gimmick and Edwards really stepped it up a gear at Redemption. I want to see where they go next – hopefully a big match at Slammiversary where both men can shine.
  • I really enjoyed the main event tag title rematch. The narrative they’re doing with Konnan’s enforced absence is good and should lead to freshening up of the tag division, which couldn’t be more needed. I’m intrigued to see who this ‘King’ figure is they keep referencing.
  • They managed to set up some good stuff for next week on this episode. A couple of Knockouts matches, an X-Division title bout between Sydal and Ishimori and a very fun looking six-man tag pitting Drago, Aerostar and El Hijo del Fantasma against DJZ, Dezmond Xavier and Andrew Everett.

Well, until next time….