Our last preview is the fourth and final show of PROGRESS’ tour of Australia: PWA x PROGRESS.

APRIL 23, 2018

The Four Nations (Madison Eagles and Adam Hoffman) vs Conco and The Fudge (Concrete Davidson and Big Fudge) vs Juan Direction vs The Velocities (Paris De Silva and Jude London)

I always enjoy the PWA multi-man matches, they are whacky and people get their stuff in. The Four Nations team is the most reputable team with Madison Eagles and fellow respected veteran Adam Hoffman. The Velocities feature two young high flyers De Silva and London. Juan Direction is the Mexican luchador version of the One Direction boy band. It is a four-member group (Funny Juan, Giant Juan, Romantic Juan and Tough Juan) but they have not announced the two members that are in this match. Conco and The Fudge features old-timey strongman Concrete Davidson and half ice-cream/half man Big Fudge (who has a reputation as a meme in both Australian and UK wrestling Twitter circles for his comedic appearance).

PWA Tag Team Championship – SMS (Unsocial Jordan and Snapchad) vs The BABES (Matty Wahlberg and Carter Deams)

Heel vs heel match. The party boys Matty Wahlberg (who does Beer Pong challenges on shows) and Carter Deams are facing the Social Media Squad consisting of Unsocial Jordan and Snapchad. The SMS group has become the metaphorical ‘anti-fun police’ of PWA and have been censoring members of the PWA roster (which involves attacking them and duck taping their mouth) who they deem as bad influences towards fans. They recently won the tag titles on the last show in a TLC match with The Chocblockers (Shazza McKenzie and Big Fudge). These are two young tag teams who may look to make a name for themselves and put in an impressive performance.

PROGRESS Womens Championship – Toni Storm vs Jessica Troy

In PWA, there was a tag team called the Floozies (which does still exist in the SHIMMER and RISE promotions) which had Charli Evans and Jessica Troy. Evans moved to the UK and has made a name for herself in their women’s scene. Even though Evans has achieved that success, I do believe that Troy is the better worker of the two as she is the crisper and quicker wrestler (that’s not to say that Evans isn’t a good wrestler, because she is). Troy seems to be better from technical perspective. So, Troy is someone to watch for and this should be a good contest. Troy is definitely on the same level as anyone in the PROGRESS’ women’s division.

No DQ – Jimmy Havoc vs Ricky South

‘Tuff Stuff’ Ricky South is a very flamboyant and charismatic wrestler. He is also very good for someone who has wrestled for less than two years. However, he faces his most extreme challenge to date with a plunder match against Jimmy Havoc. This is a match that is outside of Ricky South’s comfort zone, who is known to be colourful and playful. The question is whether South will show a more violent side or patronise the CZW Tournament of Death winner (which doesn’t sound very wise).

Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate and Trent Seven) vs The Four Nations (Jack Bonza and Mick Moretti)

The Four Nations have been a dominate heel stable in the New South Wales for some time. Both Jack Bonza and ‘Rapscallion’ Mick Moretti have been the major driving forces for that stable. Bonza is a rugged technician and Moretti is an enigmatic lunatic. Together, they make an effective team and they are perhaps the best tag team in NSW. This should a great match between two teams that can mix comedy and great in-ring work.

Pete Dunne vs Caveman Ugg

Ugg is on the verge of breaking out to the upper echelon of the Australian scene and stands out from the pack with his gimmick. He has been fighting against PWA champ Robbie Eagles for the title on the last couple of shows. Ugg is a big and powerful man with his super heavyweight frame. He can also do moonsaults and topes with ease. The Brusierweight will have his work cut out for him against this huge brute.

Robbie Eagles vs Travis Banks

Champion vs champion. A true Oceanic dream match. The ‘Sniper of the Skies’ Robbie Eagles has shown to be a cerebral high-flyer with his ability to work on his opponents’ body parts to assist in executing his top rope moves. Will that be enough against the tenacious Travis Banks? Also, Eagles will be returning from PWG All-Star Weekend in California and won’t have much time to rest. This could be the best match of PROGRESS week.