It was the most momentous fight of his 21-0-0 career, and yet the focus has already turned to who Anthony Joshua will fight next. Having already received offers from boxing and the UFC, perhaps a showing in the WWE would be the best move.

The global superstar

To conclude March, two undefeated heavyweight world champions went head to head at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff. Joseph Parker, showing off his keen boxing skills, took the heavily backed Anthony Joshua to points. Joshua won the fight and now owns all but one of the major world heavyweight title belts.

It was the biggest bout in heavyweight boxing for a very long time, and most likely the biggest to take place in the United Kingdom based on its significance in the sport. Joshua cemented his status as a global superstar, so there’s no wonder why everyone wants a piece.

Challenges from everywhere

It’s been well-documented that Joshua has been pursued by the UFC, and has even received a challenge from a UFC heavyweight star. Francis Ngannou, one of the UFC’s premier heavyweight fighters, has issued a challenge to Joshua. As Joshua has said that he’s open to the possibility of a UFC fight, this could well come to fruition down the line.

However, switching to a sport that can be much more punishing than boxing while coming from such a pure discipline would most likely result in failure. Joshua would have a lot to learn a lot going into what would more likely be aimed at being a quick cash-grab publicity stunt.

Sticking to boxing and achieving as much as he possibly can in the sport would cement him as a legend. He’s already in line to fight a fan-favourite in Tyson Fury and the other world title holder Deontay Wilder, with these potential foes at 5/4 and 7/4 in the boxing betting, respectively. Battling Wilder and becoming the first undisputed heavyweight champion of the world since Lennox Lewis would be a phenomenal achievement.

So, what move for Joshua would raise his already huge appeal, possibly increase his fan base, and make him some money? Perhaps a showing in professional wrestling would do the trick.

Bring boxing’s biggest star to wrestling!

The WWE is well-known to bring in stars from all around the world from all different kinds of sports to feature at their events. Whether it’s in the form of a guest host as boxer Ricky Hatton, or a participating guest star in the crowd like footballer Wayne Rooney – who smacked Bad News Barrett – an appearance from Joshua at the WWE could allow him to reach out to a new, massive fan base.

Or, Anthony Joshua could go down the route of Floyd Mayweather Jr, who built a notorious grudge match against Big Show. The David versus Goliath storyline saw the former boxer beat Big Show in a real matchup – with the help of some brass knuckles.

Some glory for Anthony Joshua in the wrestling ring would not only allow him to reach a whole new group of sports fans but also do so without much risk to his health. Going into the UFC would be a bad move for a potentially legendary boxer, but a couple of appearances in the WWE could prove to be very beneficial.