Much like “brother” YASSHI’s random breaks where he shows up randomly to join an unit, Open the Voice Gate is back to talk all about that has happened in March and April in Dragon Gate! Milo and Mike break down Champion Gate, discuss the retirement and career of Kotoka, talk in depth, and reveal some new news, about the ongoing rumor mill about DG, Oriental Wrestling Entertainment and CIMA, look ahead to a very exciting Dead or Alive card and the upcoming King of Gate tournament. Milo and Mike also review the newly launched Dragon Gate Network, discuss its strengths and failings and what they’d like to see from DGNet in the future. Then the pair bust open the mailbag to talk about the Triangle Gate reigns of the Zetsurins along with our dream Dragon Gate Cage Match stipulations!

The episode’s image comes from @dgkh_s, check them out for some awesome DG at Korakuen photographs!

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