WWE WrestleMania 34
Sunday, April 8 (4:30pm)
Mercedes Benz SuperDome
New Orleans

Watch: WWE Network

Meet our previewers:

  • Jeff Martin: Suddenly far more excited about this year’s Wrestling Mania, Jeff is still more interested in having you fine people read his graphic novel, Wrestlemon. It’s on sale for 20% off! He also does Twitter stuff @HEATcomic.
  • Andrew Sinclair: VOW’s resident Impact aficionado, Andrew is working on the assumption that if he writes this preview his imminent deadlines will quietly go away. Follow him on Twitter at @AMSinclair97
  • August Baker: August is really looking forward to watch John Cena in the front row of WrestleMania, going nuts for every little thing. He’s taking a break from spending time with his adorable baby to write about a 30 hour wrestling show. He hopes you appreciate that. @augustbaker12

WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal

Jeff Martin: I like that the women get the same opportunity to be crammed onto the  biggest show of the year in a meaningless battle royale, just like the men. Unfortunately, gender equality in WWE also means being subject to the same creative issues. To be fair, the women’s battle royale has a lot more going for it from a story standpoint, as they’ve got the Sasha Banks/Bayley betrayal story taking another step forward in this match, as well as Becky Lynch being heated up as the Smackdown frontrunner. Presumably the Banks/Bayley story plays into the finish, either with Sasha once again costing Bayley a win or Bayley finally getting one up on Sasha to lead to a singles match down the road. I like the latter scenario, personally. Prediction: Bayley.

Andrew Sinclair: I want to be pleased for the women that they’re getting this spot, I really do. BUT (there’s always a but), these battle royals are nothing but participation awards. The same goes for the men’s one – being on this card, the biggest of the year, should be an achievement and something that’s earned during the year. No one automatically deserves a spot at Wrestlemania and not appearing should be motivation for the next year. Anyway, rant over because I realise most won’t agree with me and the people that matter won’t listen. I’m not sure who wins, but I’m veering towards Sasha Banks. She’s the most pushed woman without a spot on the main card, so this gives her something to boast about in the aftermath. Prediction: Sasha Banks.

August Baker: Sasha and Bayley are the biggest story in the match, but let me talk about one thing real quick. Are Absolution and the Riott Squad terrible groups, or just pointless? It’s hard to tell. It’s been years since WWE has had factions this bad. Remember La Familia, or the Cabinet? They’re that bad. The Sasha/Bayley story does not end here. With Bayley getting a bit of attitude, I expect a reverse of the Royal Rumble happens here, where Bayley teams up with Sasha before throwing her out. Becky is my favorite girl on the roster, so it would be nice if she got a win, even if it probably means nothing a few months later. Prediction: Becky Lynch

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Jeff Martin: With Rusev being added to the United States Championship match, my frontrunner for the “we’ll push you for a few weeks” trophy is gone. I like Andrew’s idea that they might use the battle royale to give a boost to a returning superstar, because if they don’t, what’s left? As a complete aside, Dolph Ziggler giving up the US Title to return and lose the Royal Rumble and then the Andre Battle Royale is going to be hilarious. Prediction: I’ve got  nothing so I’m stealing Andrew’s Samoa Joe prediction.

Andrew Sinclair: The men’s battle royal is a lot more intriguing than the women’s, because I think there’s a lot more options at their disposal. I think it’s got to be a surprise winner, as it does offer a means of galvanising someone who’s either been injured and out of commission or on NXT and therefore maybe an unknown to those only following the main roster output. I’ve whittled my potential candidates down to three: Big Cass, Drew McIntyre and Samoa Joe. I’m going with Joe because he’s the only one I know is cleared. Prediction: Samoa Joe

August Baker: I disagree with Andrew on this one, because I find this match waaaay less interesting than the women’s battle royal. As of this writing there are nine people in this match, almost half of them part of jobber tag teams. Random surprise entrants would be welcome and necessary. Dolph seems to be getting pushed, so I might as well pick him. But really, it doesn’t matter in the slightest. Remember how last year came down to Mojo Rawley and Jinder Mahal? Prediction: Dolph Ziggler

Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

Jeff Martin: Daniel Bryan’s return to the active roster and subsequent mic work has been the only real bright spot on a pretty dire Smackdown Live program, and has added A TON of interest to WrestleMania. I’m very pleased that the Owens/Zayn storyline is actually going to go somewhere productive, instead of just being the time-killing mess that it’s been since Hell In A Cell. Speaking of messes – Daniel Bryan is cleared to wrestle after years of having his career held hostage, but his advertised partner, Shane McMahon, might not be. If Shane’s diverticulitis diagnosis is real, there’s no way he’s going to be in this thing. If it’s a work… that is a weird choice. If Shane is in it, he and Bryan winning is pretty much a lock – Daniel Bryan isn’t going to lose his WrestleMania return. UNLESS he finds himself in a handicap match, and Owens and Zayn become his first singles opponents after winning their jobs back. Prediction: Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon.

Andrew Sinclair: Bryan finally being cleared by the WWE medical team made me happy. Initially I was struck by nothing but euphoria that one of the best to do ever do this was going to be back in the ring. Then the cynicism set in – he’s been a pawn in a PR game, this smells fishy and he won’t be in the great ‘dream matches’ we all want him to be in. Like Joe Lanza of this very site, I’d love him to leave the company and just go over to Japan and do all the stuff you know he wants to do. I doubt he will, but that’s what I’d love to see.

As for this match, woo! (*starts clapping sarcastically*). More authority rubbish – Sami and Kevin really do deserve better than this. On paper this should actually be quite good as the three proper wrestlers are all excellent and to his credit, Shane never gives anything short of 100%, I’m just annoyed he’ll be featured prominently at Wrestlemania for the third year in a row. Or will he? If he’s actually got diverticulitis, I struggle to see how he’d be physically able to compete. When Lesnar got it during his UFC tenure he was physically gutted by it and on the shelf for months. Likewise British footballer Darren Fletcher was taken out by the illness for a long time. I suspect we’re being worked, but pick an illness that’s a bit more believable if you are. Assuming this match happens, Owens and Zayn probably win. Probably. Prediction: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

August Baker: The highest honor a WWE wrestler can have is being involved with a McMahon at WrestleMania. Boy I wish I was joking, but that’s how the company sees it. As silly as it is, if you’re not going to be in the main event, being involved with McMahon and family is the best spot on the card. WWE doesn’t see this match as a demotion for Owens and Zayn, they see this as a reward. So it might not be a mat classic, but we should feel a little happy for those two for getting themselves into such a high profile spot. We should NOT feel happy for Daniel Bryan however. WWE took two years of his career away from him for petty, political reasons. Only the threat of him becoming the face of a non-WWE wrestling boom made them clear him. I hope he remembers the last two years when his contract negotiations come up, and leaves a deuce in Vince’s mailbox on the way out the door. Prediction: Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon

US Title
Randy Orton © vs. Jinder Mahal vs. Bobby Roode vs Rusev

Jeff Martin: Rusev’s addition to this match is the only positive thing about this entire dreadful feud. Jinder Mahal is terrible, and Roode and Orton are so dull that I can feel my body age when they’re on my TV screen. Rusev, meanwhile, is the number two babyface on Smackdown if you judge purely by crowd reaction. I hope this is on the pre-show, because I’m going to be watching WrestleMania at a party (edit: it’s been announced as being on the main card, so I get to play “can I take a chicken-wing-and-liquor shit in the time it takes Randy Orton to walk to the ring” again this year). I want to see Rusev’s glorious victory, but in a scenario where I can skip to the finish of the match without the rest. Fun Fact: During the WrestleMania entrance where Rusev was in a tank, there was a prominent “Edmonton Loves Rusev” sign in the crowd. Being from Edmonton, I can confirm the truth of that sign. Prediction: It will be Rusev Day AND United States Championship Day.

Andrew Sinclair: Rusev’s addition stopped this from being possibly the most dull triple threat they’ve ever booked at Wrestlemania. I’d hope they’d go with Rusev winning it to freshen up the title scene which has had all the life sucked out of it since Ziggler vacated it at the back end of last year. Orton and Roode had a snoozer at Fastlane and Mahal is just terrible. I’d make it a happy Rusev Day for one and all and give them something to cheer about, but they probably won’t. Still, I’m trying to be positive. Prediction: PLEASE PLEASE RUSEV

August Baker: How long can Rusev be ignored? I’m not expecting a Daniel Bryan-style revolution here or anything, but c’mon. Just let him be on TV and let him be Rusev. I would be more than happy not watching any of the rest of these guys ever wrestle again. I’m not convinced Rusev winning the US title would change anything for him or for the dire situation the belt is in. Free Rusev, free the United States title. Prediction: Randy Orton

RAW Women’s Title
Alexa Bliss (C) vs. Nia Jax

Jeff Martin: This has been a very enjoyable build, and has made this match feel more compelling than just a required WrestleMania title defence. The story of Nia Jax being an incredibly powerful monster whose strength is also the source of her weakness has been consistently interesting, and given her quite a bit of depth. Body image issues also aren’t the kind of thing you see tackled in pro wrestling storytelling, so it feels very fresh in that sense. Alexa Bliss will probably stay in the title picture so she can carry the division with her superlative mic work, but I believe she will be in the role of challenger. Prediction: Nia Jax.

Andrew Sinclair: I’ve actually really liked the build to this. Well, forget Nia losing on multiple occasions to Asuka as that was totally unhelpful, but aside from that it’s been good. Alexa looked like she was moving towards a face turn at the end of Elimination Chamber before doubling down on her heel status. Nia is now the angry monster who should just come in and absolutely decimate Alexa. Some of these matches need to go short and this should be one of them. Alexa has earned so much credence through her title reigns on both brands and a sub-four minute decimation starts Nia’s first title reign in the best way. Prediction: Nia Jax

August Baker: I’ve been wanting Nia to get this title shot since Summerslam. She had a great gauntlet match on Raw back then and looked like a million bucks. I figured her shot was gone when Asuka came into the division, but now the scene is wide open. I’m not a huge fan of the Mean Girls stuff. It’s one of only two or three stories WWE is able to tell with women. Instead of getting weepy, I would have much prefered if Nia had responded by kicking some ass immediately. Now, if Nia goes out there and kills Bliss and wins the title, I think it will have been worth it. I just wish they could tell more stories than “catty women don’t get along.” Prediction: Nia Jax

RAW Tag Titles
The Bar © vs. Braun Strowman & TBA

Jeff Martin: I hope Braun Strowman refuses to have a tag team partner. If he must have a partner, I hope my friend Dan’s prediction comes true, and he gets a rotating series of jobbers wearing “Braun’s Partner” shirts as teammates. He can use them as weapons against his opponents, necessitating a new one each week. But seriously, just give Braun the world title already. He’s the best thing on RAW. Prediction: Braun Strowman

Andrew Sinclair: The obvious question – who’s Braun’s tag partner going to be? As a man who proudly says we would #WalkwithElias, I’d love the Drifter to get the spot and I think they’d make for quite the humorous team. That said, I’m currently thinking it might well be Lars Sullivan. He was supposedly shunted from the NXT title programme and losing the ladder match at Takeover offers him a way out into a monster team that would immediately boost him on the main roster. Whoever it is though, they’re definitely winning. Sheamus is banged up and will probably take some time off post-Mania and Cesaro could do with switching rosters. Prediction: Braun Strowman and sport’s greatest ironman, TBA.

August Baker: I’m glad we didn’t get the reveal of his partner on Raw. With any luck, it will be a genuine surprise, but it will probably be the Big Show. I, meanwhile, hope his partner is Hornswaggle. Cesaro and Sheamus have had a good run, and Roman will need challengers more often than Brock did, so it won’t surprise me to see Braun moved into the tag division where he can be a goofy big dude without consequences, and for The Bar to get some singles opportunities. Prediction: Braun Strowman & TBA

Smackdown Tag Titles
The Usos (C) vs The New Day vs The Bludgeon Brothers

Jeff Martin: It’s too bad that the Smackdown tag team division fragmented into a comedy division and a real division at some point, because the split has made it incredibly rare that a feud develops that isn’t just two teams wrestling a zillion times. While this feud is in large part an extension of the Usos/New Day program, which was two teams wrestling each other a zillion times, it’s been well-handled since the addition of the Bludgeon Brothers at Fastlane. The Bludgeon Brothers are silly, but the other two teams are taking them seriously as threats, and each team has a clearly defined reason for wanting to fight each other team. The turning point of this feud, for me, was the episode of Smackdown where Big E teamed with Jimmy Uso. Big E’s fury was overwhelming in its intensity, and was one of the best serious, blood feud pro wrestling promos that’s been cut in WWE in ages. The Bludgeon Brothers seem like the obvious choice in this one. Prediction: The Bludgeon Brothers.

Andrew Sinclair: I’ve said it many times before, I don’t like multi-team bouts but I’m sort of looking forward to this one. They’ve actually managed to heat up Bludgeon Brothers at about the right pace, and I like the fact they’ve decimated the Usos and the New Day at every turn in the build. The Usos have been excellent as champions and I’m keen to see them as chasers, whilst the New Day can always be relied upon, but I hope this is the catalyst for them to do something different. I feel as though they’ve run their course as a team and Big E is in need of another singles run (I live in hopes). Get prepared, it’s Bludgeoning time. Prediction: Bludgeon Brothers

August Baker: The Bludgeon Brothers are too goofy to take seriously. The two Silent Hill rejects make the Ascension look like a serious team. Luke Harper in particular looked much more threatening in just jeans and a dirty shirt then he does in that ridiculous outfit. And what is with wrestlers carrying stupid, over-sized, Party America props as weapons? NO ONE THINKS THOSE ARE REAL HAMMERS, RIGHT? I just find the whole thing stupid. Uso’s are great, New Day is great, Big E should be WWE champion, but I could not care less about the Bludgeon Brothers and their dumb outfits. And this has been your WWE Fashion Update. Prediction: Bludgeon Brothers

WWE Cruiserweight Title Tournament Finals
Cedric Alexander vs. Mustafa Ali

Jeff Martin: If you haven’t watched the Cruiserweight Title tournament on 205 Live, you’re depriving yourself of some amazing wrestling in front of disinterested crowds. Incidentally, that’s also what’s going to happen in this match at the end of the WrestleMania Pre-Show (hour 32 of the WrestleMania experience, for those keeping track). Left to his own devices, Mustafa Ali has proven to be one of the best promos in the entire company, and his segments have become a highlight of 205 Live. Hopefully being on the pre-show gives these guys 15 or 20 minutes to attempt murder on each other and do an unfathomable amount of flipz. Based on the bumps Ali was willing to take in earlier tournament matches, he might spontaneously combust if he takes a Lumbar Check. Prediction: Cedric Alexander.

Andrew Sinclair: 205 Live is the Phoenix that has risen from the ashes left by the end of Enzo Amore’s stint with the company. This is the culmination of an excellent 16-man tournament covered in depth by this website’s very own Griffin Peltier (seriously, check out his columns, they’ve been ace). This is the only match on the card I’m truly emotionally invested in as a fan and one I’m struggling to call. Mustafa’s story is as beautiful as they get and nothing would please me more than seeing the man from Bolingbrook, Illinois leave Mania as champion. There are questions about where 205 Live goes after Mania, but for now I want to live in the moment. If they get time, which I suspect they will now Hunter has his fingers in the pie, this will be match of the night and I cannot wait. Cedric won the match between the two before the tournament, so it makes sense for Mustafa to get hs win back here, setting up the potential for an excellent trilogy. Prediction: Mustafa Ali

August Baker: I don’t know that I need to sing the praises of 205 Live these days. If you’re not watching, you’re missing out. It’s not only quality wrestling, but it’s wrestling that makes sense without convoluted storylines. Having a General Manager who just makes matches and inspires guys to do their best without getting involved in the stories makes Drake Maverick easily the best authority figure in WWE. Ali vs Gallagher is my favorite main roster match of the year so far. I’m not as big a fan of Cedric as other people, but Ali should be a star. This match will be very good at minimum, and could realistically be the match of the night, even if it gets stuck on the preshow. Prediction: Mustafa Ali

SmackDown Women’s Title
Charlotte © vs. Asuka

Jeff Martin: Asuka won the Royal Rumble. That’s it. That’s the entire storyline. It’s the reverse of the Jax/Bliss story, which has been quite interesting but will likely result in a mediocre match. This will probably be very good, but there isn’t a single goddamn thread of anything to care about in it. Prediction: Asuka.

Andrew Sinclair: Asuka’s challenge of Charlotte was not what I envisioned for Mania, but is certainly something I’m happy about. An excellent match in prospect, but whether they get the time to show what they can do remains to be seen. Part of me thinks Charlotte could well be the one who ends Asuka’s streak and do it at Mania, but it just doesn’t feel right. Charlotte’s reign has gone nowhere and she seems to be floundering as this weird quasi-face, so dropping the belt and reverting to type seems the obvious move. Asuka should win and I increasingly believe she will. Prediction: Asuka

August Baker: Boy I really don’t want Charlotte to win this. I don’t know when I want Asuka’s streak to end, but it’s not to Charlotte. However, WWE is obviously high on her, and losing to her at Mania is probably the best Asuka could expect. I’m not sure WWE would have the first ever winner of the Women’s Royal Rumble lose her title match, but I’m also not sure WWE cares about that kind of thing. I’m going with Charlotte here, because WWE seems to like her a lot more than I do. Prediction: Charlotte

WWE Intercontinental Title
The Miz © vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor

Jeff Martin: Finn Balor and Seth Rollins are both at their best when they are wrestling, and neither of them is a good promo. The Miz has done a great job of keeping this a fairly entertaining, if almost entirely inconsequential, storyline. It’s kind of an ideal set-up for everyone, really. Rollins will likely splinter off to finish up his issue with Jason Jordan once he returns, and I assume the Miz will disappear for a few weeks to enjoy being a new dad .That leaves Finn Balor who has been booked terribly since his return from his shoulder injury, so I’m guessing he’ll capture the title so that he has SOMETHING to do. Prediction: Finn Balor.

Andrew Sinclair: Wrestlemania will mark Miz’s 599th day as Intercontinental Champion across 8 reigns, leaving him just 20 days short of Pedro Morales’ record. That’s been mentioned a lot in the run-up, so much so that I suspect he drops the belt at Mania. I do believe he’ll beat Morales’ record in time, but he’d need to win the title again to do so, a feat that would tie him with Chris Jericho for most reigns as Intercontinental champion and that’s the exact sort of thing the WWE would love to put together. That means either Rollins or Balor is winning the belt for the first time and I’m currently leaning towards the Irishman. Rollins has been on fire lately, starring in the gauntlet match on RAW just before Elimination Chamber, but I just can’t see him picking up the belt. I’m assuming they do a wrestler swap again after this Sunday and I think Rollins could do with switching brands and sets of opponents more than Balor, so that’s why I’m leaning with the Demon King. Whoever it is, I just want the belt off the Miz. Prediction: Finn Balor

August Baker: This should be really good. WWE has really nailed big time three way and four way matches the last several years, and I expect this to be no different. I have enjoyed the story of Balor coming in and stealing Rollins’ thunder every week. Balor has a grin that makes him look like a dork, but the charming sort of dork. With the Miz being a fellow new father, I assume he’s going to lose the title and take some time off. With Miz being gone, I’m expecting the other two to continue feuding. Balor is the eventual champion, but I think he has to bring out the Demon to do it, and I’m not sure we’re getting that at this show. Prediction: Seth Rollins   

WWE Title
AJ Styles (C) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Jeff Martin: What do you even say about this? It’ll be really good. The build is… I guess they stopped writing after “Nakamura wins the Royal Rumble and challenges AJ?” I mean, I get it, deadlines can lead to shoddy work, but if I was working on one of my books and didn’t bother drawing the pages between the inciting incident and the climax, I’d be fired. And I’m my own boss.  Prediction: Shinsuke Nakamura.

Andrew Sinclair: Even though Shinsuke won the Rumble and this match was the obvious one to make the moment AJ won the belt back from Jinder, I genuinely had doubts they’d actually go through with it. Shinsuke’s main roster run has been lacklustre and I truly believe this match really is his last chance saloon to rectify it in the eyes of management. AJ is almost certainly bringing injuries into this match but this should be excellent. Probably not on the level of their epic Wrestle Kingdom bout from two years ago, but still something special. Prediction: Shinsuke Nakamura

August Baker: I’m still having trouble believing this match is actually happening at WrestleMania. The last few years have been wild, huh? Even if this match is only 75% as good as their WrestleKingdom classic, it would still be the best WrestleMania match in years. What’s a little weird, and not exactly encouraging if you’re a WWE guy, is the nearly non-existent story from New Japan two years ago was actually better than the nearly non-existent story we have here. For a company that prides itself in its storytelling, that’s kind of embarrassing. They tried to shove some sort of “mind games” narrative that just isn’t working for me. Fortunately, this should be great, no matter the story leading into it. Prediction: AJ Styles

Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle vs. Stephanie McMahon & Triple H

Jeff Martin: Ronda Rousey waffles between being really intense and cool, and tripping over her verbal delivery like I trip over… any low-to-the-ground objects, really. We all know that Stephanie tapping to the arm bar is the end of this one, but I’m still intrigued to see how Ronda handles an actual match. I have a suspicion she will be a worse, but more famous, version of Shayna Baszler, and that will become a talking point for us wrestlenerds down the road. As an aside, I’m endlessly entertained by the characterization of Triple H as the guy who is exasperated by this entire situation and just wishes Kurt Angle wasn’t quite so dumb. Prediction: Ronda Rousey, and I guess also Kurt Angle, but let’s face it, Ronda Rousey.

Andrew Sinclair: Aside from Ronda throwing Trips through a table, everything about her presentation thus far has been crap. She looked like a complete goofball at the Rumble and she’s just proven to be a terrible actor. Add her lack of experience to the glaring deficiencies in the rest of the match – Kurt showed last year he can’t move anymore in the ring, Stephanie just isn’t a wrestler and Triple H, whilst the most competent of the bunch, has become nothing but the master of the rest hold. This is pure marketing and McMahon nonsense and I absolutely hate everything about it. Rousey is probably going to tap Stephanie out because she’s the hot commodity, but I’ll pass on actually watching this. Prediction: Rousey & Angle

August Baker: Anyone who saw Rousey’s terrible acting in Furious 7 knew she would be hopeless at promos. If Hollywood’s acting coaches can’t get her to have a believable performance in a taped environment, how could WWE’s promo coaches at the Performance Center get her ready for a live audience. Paul Heyman needs to be her mouthpiece after Mania, or WWE will have wasted a lot of money. Rousey isn’t some developmental smuck who they can just throw into the deep end as see if she sinks or swims. They have to take care of her. I guess there’s an actual match here too, but it sucks. One egomaniac who should stay backstage, one broken shell of a man, one non-wrestler and one unproven commodity. I’m sure it’ll make some ESPN headlines though. Prediction: Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle

WWE Universal Title
Brock Lesnar © vs. Roman Reigns

Jeff Martin: The original long Brock Lesnar reign felt really unique and made both Brock and the WWE Championship feel like special attractions, and I loved it. This title reign has been an interminable slog, to the point where I’m actively excited for Roman Reigns to win the belt just so that there can be a meaningful feud over it afterward. It didn’t help that as soon as Brock won the title from Goldberg at last year’s WrestleMania (the best match on that show, and in WWE last year), it was glaringly obvious that he was going to hold the belt until it was time to crown Roman at ‘Mania (AGAIN!?). This will probably be pretty good, as both guys tend to deliver in big-time singles matches, but I’m mostly looking forward to being free of the inevitability of it all. Prediction: Roman Reigns.

Addendum: The not-technically-announced-but-surely-happening John Cena vs. The Undertaker match will almost certainly be a train wreck, as John Cena has been really clunky over the last year, and the Undertaker moving like a zombie is no longer a gimmick, but I LOVE the balls of not actually announcing it. It’s WrestleMania, and that match being announced or not probably won’t make a difference in the Network era, so try something different with it. Also it’s not my company, so I don’t give a shit if they maximize their buys. I’m very interested to see how they set it up on the show.

Andrew Sinclair: All roads lead to the Roman Empire. This is end of the long and winding path we’ve been on for more or less the last two years – Roman’s grand coronation. Look, he’s a perfectly serviceable wrestler who can be entertaining if with the right opponent and in the right moment, but the inevitability of all this has been dreadful. He’s not over and probably isn’t the main event talent they think he is, but it’s just been relentless. And the attempted shoot stuff in the build-up has been contrived and had the exact opposite of before – Brock is even more of a mercenary than normal and Roman looks like the establishment muppet. Roman will win, I just hope after all this the match itself is actually worth watching. Prediction: Roman Reigns

August Baker: This match might be great. It has that potential. But I’m going to complete the sweep here, and echo my fellow previewers. This feels inevitable. The entire purpose of Brock’s title reign was for Roman to get this win. Will it make Reigns the superstar that WWE desperately wants him to be? It will not. But WWE doesn’t have much of a choice anymore. For the past four years, they have sacrificed their entire roster for Roman. Every choice, every decision, was done to make Roman look strong. A dozen or more potential stars had to be derailed so Roman would look good. Doing anything but having Roman win and be a dominant champion would shoot themselves in the foot even more. WWE has made their bed. Time to get cozy. Prediction: Roman Reigns.