Pro Wrestling Revolver Pancakes & Piledrivers
Saturday, April 7 (11:00 a.m.)
The Sugar Mill
New Orleans

WrestleCon. Pro Wrestling Revolver. Pancakes & Piledrivers. The Super Indie Summit. You could be forgiven for thinking that the name of this show actually referred to four completely separate shows, but in a way that kind of fits the theme Sami Callihan and his crew are going for.

The second incarnation of the show that attempts to differentiate itself from the WrestleMania weekend pack by offering some much needed sustenance sees a slight change up from its first occurrence. Whereas last year it was a pure Revolver show (three words that probably don’t belong together at all), this year they’re working alongside Chicagoland’s AAW and the English Promotion Fight Club Pro to attempt to offer a taster of a wide variety of the best indie wrestling on offer across the Western world. While that sounded great on paper, the concept has flattered to deceive. AAW and Revolver’s rosters overlap a tonne to begin with, and despite teaming up with a British promotion from the announced card there seems to be less European talent involved than on half of the other indie shows that’ll be taking place in NOLA. Consequently what we’re left with is what looks like a fairly standard Revolver card with one or two unusual names thrown in with the name ‘Super Indie Summit’ slapped on.

However, taking a positive look at things, having attended last year’s show I can vouch for it; in my opinion it was one of the best shows of the entire weekend. Two highlights in particular were Callihan & Cage having a hell of a tag match with the Lucha Brothers which blew away my expectations and the bat shit insane eleven man ladder match. If Pancakes & Piledrivers II can prove to be a comparable sequel, then it will be one of the sleeper shows of the weekend.

Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero M and Fenix) vs. Teddy Hart and Jack Evans

Teddy Hart in 2018 is a hard pass for me. Jack Evans isn’t much better, which is disappointing as I was really into him just a few years back. I enjoy the Lucha Brothers, but I’m not expecting them to pull this much past the passable mark. There is that 5% chance that this ends up being absolutely insane though, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. At least we should get a strong promo from Evans prior to the match; there at least he always delivers.

Colt Cabana and Marty DeRosa vs. Joey Ryan and Session Moth Martina

This has an intended audience. It isn’t me. Of the three wrestlers in this match, I’m not a fan of any of them, and even from a comedy perspective they just aren’t my bag.

Jessicka Havok vs. Meiko Satomura vs. Kimber Lee

Man, why did this have to be made into a triple threat. You’re going to the effort of bringing in a legend like Satomura (and a legend who can very much still go I should add), but then throwing her into a throwaway three-way that immediately decreases everybody’s interest. I’m no huge fan of either Havok or Kimber, but I would have vastly prefer either in a singles match with the former AAAW Champion.

OVE (Callihan & the Crists) vs. AR Fox, Joey Janela & Brian Cage

This should be a fun trios match. It’s six guys who are all familiar with each other and will work hard. You’re going to get a high pace, lots of big moves, some crazy bumps and probably a handful of groan inducing stuff. If the match doesn’t involve several people holding hands and running around the ring for several bicycle kicks then I’ll be surprised. But y’know what, after all the silliness it’ll probably pick up and I’ll be into it.

AAW Championship: ACH (c) vs. Trevor Lee

This could be really good, both guys certainly have the talent. However, I don’t really know with Trevor Lee anymore. After bursting onto people’s radars in PWG where he showed so much promise, in more recent times his career really seems to have stalled out. A lot of the times I’ve seen him work recently he just comes across disinterested. ACH isn’t a completely different story either, his post-ROH buzz that he had for awhile has completely dissipated. If they go all out this could be tremendous, but it has just as high a chance of being a three star forgettable but sound match.

Jeff Cobb vs. Shane Strickland

If this ends up being anything like Jeff Cobb’s PWG match with Ricochet then I’m going to adore it. Jeff is at his best working short sprints where he throws around his opponent, which matches up pretty well with Strickland’s strengths. If they try to have an epic then I think this could fall flat, but keep it short and this’ll probably be a lot of fun.

Eddie Kingston vs. Juice Robinson

The theme of the guys on this card seems to be that I find them hit and miss, because Eddie Kingston is another guy like that for me. If he’s on then this could be awesome as Juice has been on fire as of late.

Ladder Match: Besties in the World vs. Scarlet & Graves vs. Aussie Open

Now this is the crown jewel of this card. Three great teams who are all right of the verge of being established top tier indie pairings. All three of them feel like they’re one break out match away from being indie stars, and this very well could be that. I’m so excited to see what these six guys have in store; tag team ladder matches are my favourite version of the ladder match as it allows for even more creativity without the need to the ‘climb-pull down-big spot-setup-repeat’ cycle that often plagues these sorts of matches. Don’t sleep on this one guys.

Palmer’s Open Invitation Scramble

This will be the “throw everybody else who is around and wants to work onto the card” match. Revolver actually has their own championship for this, aptly named the Scramble Championship which was was first won last year at this show by Jason Cade in the prior mentioned incredible scramble ladder match. If this match is anywhere near as crazy as that one then this’ll be a real spectacle. We’re yet to have any names announced for this to my knowledge, other than of course the current Scramble Champion Palmer, but I expect Jordan Devlin to slot into the show here since he’s been announced but doesn’t appear anywhere else on the card. As for the rest of the guys? Your guess is as good as mine.