MARCH 16, 2018

Watch: Internetv  (will likely make VOD over the next few weeks on CMLL’s YouTube Channel)  


As TheCubsFan mentioned in his preview, Audaz has been the highlighted prospect this year. He has mostly faced off against Virus, which has been the highlight of the lower card. The first fall had the standard opening of everyone trading holds until Audaz got Virus alone in the ring and gave him a top rope hurricanrana followed up by a very impressive springboard frog splash by Star Jr. for the direct captain’s fall. The pace picked up in the second fall, where it was more of a well executed sprint. The Rudos pinned Flyer and Star Jr. to tie it up after Disturbio ran up Templario’s back for a corner double knees on Star Jr. and Templario did a Sasuke Special from the ramp into the ring onto Flyer. This was some incredible stuff. The deciding fall had the rudos run through each of the young tecnicos until getting a 3 on 1 onto Audaz. Flyer went for a mask rip on Templario continuing their mini feud which brought in Disturbio, who promptly got triple corner drop kicked. The only dive in the match had Flyer do a top rope moonsault taking out Virus.

Which led Star Jr. into to doing a top rope missile dropkick onto Disturbio for one pin, and Audaz followed up with what is best described as his own version of La Mistica where he did a rotated headscissors into an armbar that submitted Templario.  It looked incredible and would be a “move of the year” if more people watched CMLL. This was a blast of an opener and did a great job of getting Audaz over with his new submission. ***1/4


Kaho’s been a blast on her tour of CMLL. She’s very undersized in comparison to most of the rudas, but she is really compelling as Princesa Sugehit’s tag team partner. The tecnicas dominated the opening passes. Dalys and Kobayashi had a fun turn where Dalys obviously overpowered Kaho, so Kaho had to rely on her speed and technique. That lead to the tecnicas getting the first fall with Sugehit submitting Zeuxis and Marcela giving a brutal top rope double stomp on Seductora followed by a pin. The second fall started with the rudas taking a part the tecnicas, including some rough looking section with Seductora and Kaho. The Rudas won after Seductora was assisted by Zeuxis in a rope walk splash on Marcela and Zeuxis pinned Kobayashi after a really stiff looking corner double knees.

The trecera was more of the rudas in control. Kaho Kobayashi is a tremendous seller and was really willing to ragdoll herself around for Zeuxis and Dalys. This fall started to drag, but it still had some solid moment with Dalys throwing people around. A pair of flying double knees from Dalys and Zeuxis went into them getting submissions on Princesa Sugehit and Kaho Kobayashi for the win. This had its moments (Kaho flying around for everying, Zeuxis and Dalys looking brutal), but when you have a match with someone like La Seductora who isn’t good at all and it starts to drag, there’s no coming back from it. *3/4


This had both generations of the Dinamitas going against the Muñoz family, with Rush and Dragón Lee in similar gear, but Mistico being a jerk and not dressing like his brothers. Máscara Año 2000 was the captain for the Dinamitas, which was a sign that this match would have it’s…issues. Arena México was extra rudo favored so they weren’t wanting anything to do with Mistico. It was pretty surprising that Dos Mil was doing much in this match, so consider me STUNNED that he took a dangerous for him back bump off a Rush drop kick. The Muñozes won the first fall with Dragon Lee hitting his Lanza stomp Forastero and Sansón tapping out to La Mistica. The segunda started with crowd brawling, highlighted by Rush throwing a full beer at Dos Mil and the brothers all posing on the announcer podium. Because Rush was willing doing something with Mistico, Arena Mexico turned on him because they really really hated Mistico tonight. The only time the crowd cheered for him was when he did a really impressive slingshot headscissors on Forastero on the floor. Máscara Año 2000 basically was a mascot this match and only came in during the second fall to do some bad looking stomps and bounce when Rush tried to kick him. Mistico and Dragón Lee did a pair of incredible dives taking out the NGD members which left Rush in the ring with a senior citizen. He promptly gave him the running corner dropkick and pinned him with his feet on the rope to be more of a dick.

How do you rate a match that ended up being truly 5 great people, and someone whom had no right to be wrestling and pretty much got destroyed? Well, this was another match that that some really fun moments, until it started to drag a bit. Just because this was going to be two straight falls, we didn’t need the second fall to go so long. The stuff that the Muñoz family did was fantastic and the younger Dinamitas were great playing off of that. **1/4


Internetv went down during the first part of this match, and it did not come back in very good quality. Los Guerreros Laguneros won the first fall in a triple submission on the tecnicos. Atlantis did a surprising turnbuckle dive onto UG. Atlantis has not looked like his normal self since he returned earlier this year, so I’m hoping he turned back time a bit and is his usual self.  The tecnicos took the second fall with Taven frog splashing Euforia and Niebla Roja htting the Codigo Roja on Gran Guerrero. Third fall wasn’t much. I spoke too soon about Atlantis. He can move around, but please god, Atlantis, don’t ever leave your feet unless you’re coming off of the turnbuckle. From what I saw, Taven and Niebla Roja did all the work for the tecnicos and Atlantis came in for the finish, getting Último Guerrero with La Atlantida. NOT RATED BECAUSE FEED ISSUES


I came into this match wondering why it was happening: Terrible joined Los Ingobernables in perhaps the biggest moment of CMLL’s year after winning the Parejas Incredible tournament with Rush and said him and Bucanero was done. But they were teaming in this tournament, he didn’t turn on Rey Bucanero during the tournament, AND THEY WON THEIR BLOCK. #CMLLLOGIC

Rey Bucanero and Terrible won a quick first fall with Bucanero submitting Valiente off of what looked like a botch, and Terrible catching Volador with a styles clash in a quick first fall. Not much to this. The second fall was fast as well: Rudos started off strong, tecnicos got back into it, and Valiente hit a lungblower on Terrible for a fall and immediately followed it up with an armbar on Bucanero. Standard CMLL Title or Apuestas Match stuff. The final fall had a pair of stereo dives from the Sky Team members, a lot of back and forth, and a somewhat rough looking tower of doom powerbomb delivered by Valiente. The biggest nearfall was a double splash from the former TGR teammates. This was followed up by Valiente and Volador’s trademark Spanish Fly onto one and then top rope armdrag onto the other for another nearfall. A miscue from Terrible let the tecnicos take over with a bunch of dives and Bucanero getting submitted by Valiente. Then a mistake where Volador sidestepped a Terrible punch that hit La Comandante put him into a position to be schoolboyed by Volador giving the titles to Sky Team.

To be honest, I wasn’t into this match and I wasn’t into the stupid tournament leading up to this. The crowd was really into it, which means they don’t mind #CMLLLOGIC, but it’s really frustrating. I waited the entire tournament for Terrible to turn and completely end TGR, and nothing. The match it self was okay. Somewhat overdone. Two quick falls leading to an ovewrought third one. Not my style of title match and greatly paled in comparison to the Rush/Terrible vs Volador/Último Guerrero tournament finals earlier this year. **1/2


For all my misgivings about #CMLLLOGIC, sitting through two old men who shouldn’t be wrestling, and matches that go too long, I’ll give this to CMLL: They make their apuestas matches feel like something incredible and special when they are ones that matter. Before the match, the Diosas split into teams and did two costumed dance numbers, one Ángel de Oro themed, one Cuatrero themed. Both dudes had special gear made and felt like superstars.

The first fall was Cuatrero brutalizing Ángel. From the first whistle, he completely made the tecnico crash and burn on a tope suicida, brawled with him across the crowd, ripped at his mask. Completely owned him, which has been the story of this feud to date. Cuatrero beats down Ángel, and Ángel has to rely on tricks to get back at him. Cuatrero won the first fall submitting Ángel with one of his father, Cien Caras’ finishers, best described as a bear hug that happens in the tombstone piledriver position.

The second fall started with more of Cuatrero beating him down. Sanson, Cuatrero’s second got involved. Right when it looked like it was going to be a quick 2-0, Ángel caught Cuatrero in a roll and locked in a Campana to tie it up.

Ángel got his first real burst of offense to start the final fall. He took Cuatrero around ringside, ripped at his mask, then jumped off the top of CMLL’s stage to splash Cuatrero. It was something that Ángel de Oro’s done a lot of as of late in this feud, but I kind of wish he held off on doing it until the apuestas match.  A lot of heated nearfalls ended with the two trying to trade abdominal stretches and a pair of dives, a vicious looking tope suicida from Cuatrero and a spectacular Sasuke Special from Ángel de Oro. This third fall really felt like a lot more of late 00s US indies versus a traditional lucha libre apuestas. I liked that a lot and the crowd was pretty molten on the side of Cuatrero. Ángel de Oro almost had tap Cuatrero in Campana, but Cuatrero refused to submit and hit a huge stalling BT bomb for the win and Ángel de Oro’s mask. Ángel asked for his parents to come down to the ring for the unmasking, they were holding back tears as they did. He ended up looking remarkably similar to his brother Niebla Roja, so losing the mask probably is the right move for him.

This match saved the show. For all the build up, and needing a strong match to end their second biggest show of the year, the pair knocked it out of the park. Nueva Generacion Dinamitas now have a mask so they’re going to have more cache going forward, and with Ángel de Oro could become a star with his look unmasked. Great match. ****1/4


This show ended up being exactly what I expected going into it: a very good opener, a mess of a women’s tag, a fine family match, a weird feeling tag title match, and a great apuestas match. The crowd was hot all the way throughout, but leaned towards cheering the rudos. Personally, I’m okay with that, as I’m an NGD/Cuatrero fan. The main event was put into a difficult situation of having two relatively untested guys headline CMLL’s second-biggest show of the year. However, both Cuatrero and Ángel de Oro delivered, and now look like potential stars. The main event is worth going out of your way for, but I wouldn’t recommend anything else but the opener.