Open the Voice Gate is back in 2018, and John has left Mike and Milo home alone! Between talks about Kyoto and a tangent about Idol culture and how it relates to Lucha Libre training practices, the pair break down everything that has happened in Dragon Gate so far in 2018.

They start with the January Korakuen, and breakdown the international debuts, the early comedy match of the year candidate, what’s the deal with ANTIAS, and a whole lot about Kzy. Then it’s the February Korakuen with the big Match of the Year contender of Mochizuki versus Kzy, along with the match that nearly broke Mike, and what’s up with Big R Shimizu.

Milo and Mike then broke down the cards for the big four days of the upcoming Champion Gate series and the Kotoka retirement show, and took listener questions including favorite Dream Gate reigns and top all-time units. It’s a packed two and a half hours of Dragon Gate passion so don’t miss it!

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