We are back with a new batch of Voices of Wrestling Power Rankings! Today we’re looking at Top Ten Rankings for EVOLVE Wrestling covering EVOLVE 96, 97, 98, 99, 100 and 101. The calculation of these rankings will be based off:

  • Wrestlers win/loss records during the previous month
  • The position of the match on the card (a win in the main event is worth more points than a win in the opening match. A Loss in the main event minuses less points than losing in the opening match of the night.)
  • PPV and TV Show wins are worth more points than house shows
  • Title match wins and losses are also worth more points

1. Zack Sabre Jr

The reigning EVOLVE Champion was on all six EVOLVE shows… Had an excellent match to open up EVOLVE 96 with former Impact Wrestling star DJ Z… Successfully defended his title for the eleventh time against Jaka in their rubber match at EVOLVE 97… Defence number twelve came at EVOLVE 98 against a tenacious Darby Allin, who showed a lot of heart against the technical wizard… But, at EVOLVE 99 Sabre Jr ran into the brick wall called WALTER and suffered his first EVOLVE loss since Jaka defeated him at EVOLVE 94… Successfully defended the EVOLVE Championship for the thirteenth time against Austin Theory at EVOLVE 100… Defeated Chris Dickinson at EVOLVE 101 by referee stoppage

2. Keith Lee

Defended his WWN Title for the first time in EVOLVE in a hard hitting victory against WALTER at EVOLVE 96… After the match he  thwarted an attempted ambush from AR Fox and his crew… At EVOLVE 97 he lost the Three Way Non-Title match against Darby Allin and Tracy Williams when Allin pinned Williams… Lee was attacked after the match by Catch Point which set up his match for January… Was defeated at EVOLVE 98 by Jaka in a Non-Title bout after distractions from AR Fox and his Crew… Defended the Title against Chris Dickinson at EVOLVE 99 in a very good main event… Was attacked by Tracy Williams after match setting up his match at EVOLVE 101… Finally got his hands on AR Fox at EVOLVE 100 in an excellent match where both men’s styles meshed perfectly… Defeated Tracy Williams in a No Holds Barred Non-Title Match at EVOLVE 101… After the match laid out Stokely Hathaway with a Spirit Bomb

3. Matt Riddle

The King of Bros defeated Fred Yehi in a No Rope Break match at EVOLVE 96… He pummelled WALTER with elbows until the Referee was forced to stop the match in another No Rope Break match at EVOLVE 97… Lost to AR Fox at EVOLVE 98 in an excellent match… But is back in the win column at EVOLVE 99 when he made Jaka submit… Had an excellent No Rope Break “Future is Now” Match against James Drake which ended with brutal elbows that forced the ref stoppage… Show great respect to Drake afterwards… Won the Four-Way Elimination Match at EVOLVE 101 pinning Jaka with a jumping tombstone to become number one contender to the EVOLVE Title… The No Rope Break gimmick will make his match with Zack Sabre Jr extremely interesting

4. Austin Theory

Lost to Darby Allin at EVOLVE 96 in a very competitive match between the two youngsters… Jason Kincaid came to the ring after and attempted to “Save Theory’s Soul” but was superkicked by Austin’s manager Priscilla Kelly… Ended the 500 plus day FIP World Heavyweight Title Reign of Fred Yehi at EVOLVE 97… Again beat Yehi at EVOLVE 98 in an Anything Goes Match marred with lots of Interference by Kelly and Kincaid… Faced Jason Kincaid at EVOLVE 99 which ended in Referee Stoppage when Kincaid appeared to injure his knee… Came up short in the biggest match of his career so far when he was defeated by Zack Sabre Jr in the EVOLVE Title Match at EVOLVE 100… Was the first man eliminated in the Four-Way Elimination Match at EVOLVE 10

5. Jaka

One half of the reigning EVOLVE Tag Team Champions was forced to team with stand in partner Tracy Williams (Chris Dickinson was suspended) and went to a No Contest with the former champs Anthony Henry and James Drake at EVOLVE 96… Lost to Zack Sabre Jr in an excellent EVOLVE Title match at EVOLVE 97… Defeated reigning WWN Champion Keith Lee in a Non-Title match at EVOLVE 98 with help from AR Fox’s distraction… Lost via Submission in another excellent match against Matt Riddle at EVOLVE 99… Had an all out brawl against The End (Odinson and Parrow) which ended in a double DQ after all four men brought chairs into play… Chaos enstued as the rest of Catchpoint and The End came out and brawled (Anthony Henry also got involved)… Was the last man eliminated in the Four-Way Elimination Match at EVOLVE 101

6. Darby Allin

Defeated Austin Theory at EVOLVE 96… In a Non-Title Three Way Allin pinned Tracy Williams to win the right to any match of his choosing in 2018… He choose to challenge Zack Sabre Jr for the EVOLVE Championship at EVOLVE 98… Genuinely became a top of the card star at EVOLVE 99 with his hard fought battle against ZSJ… Decided that he needed to return to the prelim’s and work his way back up to an EVOLVE Championship match… Came out after the ZSJ vs WALTER match and asked for one more match, this irked WALTER who proceeded to batter Allin… Defeated Jason Kincaid and Jarek 1-20 in a Prelim Triple Threat which confirmed his place in the Four Way Number 1 Contenders match at EVOLVE 101… Eliminated Austin Theory in the Four-Way Elimination Match but came up short getting pinned by Jaka… Allin’s story arc appears to be one of the companies focuses for 2018

7. AR Fox

The former EVOLVE Champion made his return after missing 26 shows at EVOLVE 96 defeating Jason Kincaid… After the Main Event Fox made his intentions clear by attempting to attack the WWN Champion Keith Lee… Defeated DJZ at EVOLVE 97… Defeated former WWN Champion Matt Riddle at EVOLVE 98 and then sent out a challenge for the WWN Title for EVOLVE 100… Did not appear at EVOLVE 99… Came up short against Lee in an excellent match for the WWN Title at EVOLVE 100… Fox is clearly back at the top of the Card in EVOLVE

8. Anthony Henry

The former Tag Team Champion and James Drake fought to a No Contest against the EVOLVE Tag Team Champion Jaka and (Stand In) Tracy Williams at EVOLVE 96… Again teamed with Drake to defeated Kyle the Beast (KTB) and Shane Mercer at EVOLVE 97… Surprisingly defeated Tracy Williams EVOLVE 100 due to confusion between Hot Sauce and Stokely Hathaway… Teamed with Drake in a losing effort against The End (Odinson and Parrow) at EVOLVE 101

9. Timothy Thatcher

Missed both EVOLVE 96 and 97… At EVOLVE 98 he teamed with his Ringkampf partner WALTER to defeat the Catch Point Team of Tracy Williams and Dom Garrini…Defeated Fred Yehi by submission at EVOLVE 99… wasn’t booked on EVOLVE 100 or 101

10. Joe Keys

The MCW wrestler sneaks into the Top 10 based off his victory against Ken Dixon at EVOLVE 101… Wasn’t a particularly impressive performance though

Missing in Action:

  • WALTER: Lost to Keith Lee and Matt Riddle at 96 and 97 but bounced back with wins against Catch Point and Zack Sabre Jr at 98 and 99
  • Chris Dickinson: Defeated Parrow at 98 and The End at 100. But lost to Keith Lee and Zack Sabre Jr at 99 and 101
  • James Drake: Big difference for Drake compared to Henry was his lost to Matt Riddle at EVOLVE 101

That’s EVOLVE Wrestling Rankings for now. We will be back next week with British Wrestling Rankings. Feel free to send me and any questions to nevermore2108@sky.com or follow me on twitter @Joesuffers