Wrestling Omakase returns after a brief period off with an exciting new episode looking at the entire history of the World Wonder Ring, STARDOM! John is joined by returning guest Sean Williams (@TheDragonSuplex), author of the STARDOM Project blog, and new guest Tara Wrist (@ae2501maeth), longtime STARDOM and joshi fan, to discuss the entire history of this incredibly interesting joshi promotion!

The three start right at the beginning in 2011 and discuss a ton of different topics as they work all their way up to the present day: the early days and first rookies, Nanae Takahashi and Rossy Ogawa, gravure idol turned joshi star Yuzuki Aikawa, Act Yasukawa and Yoshiko’s careers and their infamous incident, the match quality of the promotion, idols and merch sales, Oedo Tai, starting STARDOM World and targeting Western fans, and much more! Plus a number of other topics come up including other joshi promotions, today’s joshi world vs. the dark ages of the 00s, true idol promotions and matches involving AKB members, and much more! It’s a fun and packed nearly 3 hours of discussion entirely on joshi, and we hope you enjoy it.

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