Since the arrival of Drake Maverick as General Manager and the announcement of the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament, 205 Live has seen a big surge of positive coverage online. Websites like ESPN and Forbes are all over this new path forward for the brand.

It helps that a report came out not too long ago that informed the world that Vince McMahon has stepped away from leading the Cruiserweights creatively. Triple H, the mastermind behind the NXT brand, now has full control over the 205 brand – which can be seen by the lack of 10-minute promos and the emphasis on the actual wrestling matches. It is much more like the critically-acclaimed Cruiserweight Classic than the 205 Live brand of old.

But with all this coverage, I keep seeing the same term thrown around when it comes to the future of 205 Live: “super-indie”.

Some are calling this the creation, along with NXT, of a super-indie under Triple H. They say that this is Triple H’s version of companies like Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.

205 Live is not a “super-indie”.

205 Live is the evolution of professional wrestling.

The Cruiserweight brand is a demonstration of the future of professional wrestling – and while it does use talents that were taken from the independent scene, it has moulded them into what they need to be for the brand to succeed.

Take a look at a guy like Jack Gallagher.

When he first made it to the WWE for the Cruiserweight Classic, he had done a version of his indy scene gimmick. Gallagher was “The Extraordinary Gentleman” and did “Gentlemanly” things for the spirit of a “Gentleman’s duel” in competition.

Could you imagine an independent promotion turning that character heel? I can’t.

But the WWE intelligently turned Gallagher into a badass villain. Why? To evolve the brand. To evolve the way a character needs to be portrayed to add a dimension to the brand that it can’t get from anywhere else.

Look at Jack Gallagher now. He is not floundering as a face below guys like Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali, and Kalisto. He is now a viable competitor for the Cruiserweight Championship.

And that is thanks to the 205 Live brand being the next step in the evolution of professional wrestling as a whole. The show is no longer Raw-lite. It is no longer the standard WWE show.

It is presented as a sport. Every single match has meaning: to get one step closer to earning a shot for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. But underneath the sport, it is still the same inner workings and the countless creative hours of the WWE brand.

205 Live is not a “super-indie”.

205 Live is the evolution of professional wrestling.


  • Akira Tozawa vs. Mark Andrews was a great match! Both guys put on spectacular performances and I am super happy that Andrews one. I think putting him as a 205 guy is best considering the UK brand doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.
  • I am all for this new Drew Gulak! What a great match between him and Nese that had the storytelling aspect down to a tee. Gulak is great.
  • Drake Maverick is awesome in his role and he is such a breath of fresh air when it comes to the WWE GM role.
  • BUDDY MURPHY! I am ecstatic to see Buddy join the roster! I’ve been such a fan of his for a while now and I am glad he is getting his rightful opportunity to show the world just how damn good he is. Keep an eye out for this guy. I have a feeling he’ll be Cruiserweight Champion within the next year – and that’s a good thing!