I was re-watching the 205 Live portion of the WWE Royal Rumble 2018 Kickoff and I was enamored with the trios match. While they may have been put in the worst spot on the card when it comes to fans inside the arena, the cruiserweights still went out and had a good match that showcased the individual talents of every competitor in the match.

It was a match that was entirely too good for the Kickoff show and it should have been put on the live pay-per-view. That, however, is not what I’m discussing here today.

In this match, where Kalisto, Gran Metalik, and Lince Dorado bested TJP, Drew Gulak, and Gentleman Jack Gallagher, there was a spot that sparked my imagination and made me think of a way in which 205 Live could really stand out compared to their main roster counterparts.

The spot in question was a triple moonsault by the Lucha Trio off the top rope and to the floor on their opponents.

Here, take a look:

That spot was awesome, and it allowed all three luchadores on the 205 Live roster to shine and display their ability while also allowing new viewers (who may have stumbled upon the show on YouTube) to instantly gravitate to this fast-paced matchup.

It was great.

And it got me thinking. If WWE wants to be serious with their reboot of 205 Live, they need something more than a 16-man single elimination Cruiserweight Championship tournament. They need something more than a new General Manager.

The Raw and Smackdown Live rosters have had tournaments. They also have General Managers. The only thing unique to the 205 Live brand at the moment is the weight limit – which they need to stick to, there is no need for a heavyweight like Goldust to come and beat three of the brand’s stars. That’s in the past though, there should be none of that on this new 205 Live.

205 Live and the Cruiserweight division needs something to stand out. That’s when it hit me: 205 Live gives the WWE a unique opportunity to create a brand-specific Trios championship.

While 205 Live has had some excellent secondary feuds in the past (I’m looking at you Gallagher vs. Kendrick), most of the competitors are left to compete in meaningless matches week in and week out. The top stars of the brand are the ones competing for the Cruiserweight Championship itself, but for every Hideo Itami, you have a Lince Dorado.
That’s not a knock on Dorado’s talent, it’s just a precise look at his recent booking in singles competition. Dorado is flourishing in these six-man matches alongside Kalisto and Gran Metalik. Take a look at this next video:

Look at the chemistry that the masked marvels possess in just their first six-man tag match as a team. But look at this further, this was Dorado’s return to 205 Live since October of 2017! Yes, for three months, this 205 Live competitor was told to sit at home while creative had nothing for him.

This alternative of a potential WWE Cruiserweight Trios Championship will give the competitors like Lince Dorado a chance to have a storyline and to wrestle – which will boost his popularity and could one day make him a contender for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

I think the time is right, after WrestleMania that is, to introduce a secondary title to 205 Live to help boost the stature of the brand. Why not make that secondary title something unique? After all, the only way that an audience will see the brand as a counterpart to Raw and Smackdown is by making its own product.

And what better way than to showcase individual talents and characters than by having six of them grow all at the same time?


  • Kalisto vs. Lince Dorado was a good match that did its job well. This Cruiserweight Championship Tournament. These two are a great fit for the Lucha Libre portion of the brand.
  • I am a big fan of the selfie style promo – it’s a great integration of social media and brings a new connection between fan and performer to the forefront of the show.
  • I am even a bigger fan of the sitdown interview style that TJP had this week. It was quick, it was to the point, but it was a great showcase of the TJP character. Not only did it do its job, it also shifted the style of the show itself. I like that there are no opening monologues that go on forever – instead we get to hear from the wrestler directly as if this were a sport.
  • Akira Tozawa’s Vince McMahon spoof gimmick is great. It adds another dimension to Tozawa’s character.
  • The main event was an awesome match between Hideo Itami and Roderick Strong. Itami and Strong played to their strengths and these two put on a show. I, personally, would have preferred if Hideo won (just because he’s been on the brand longer and should have a shot at the Cruiserweight title soon enough) but I am interested to see how far Roddy goes in the tournament.