Wrestling Omakase returns this week with a jam packed show full of variety! John is joined by returning guest Taylor (@tamaimbo) who last appeared during the live Omakase from Japan. The two open things up by reminiscing a bit on their trip to see puroresu live together, and give some advice to those of you who might be planning trips later this year for the G1 and such. They then move on to a review of RAW 25 from this past Monday, as both Taylor and John are NYC locals who ALMOST went to the show. Do they regret missing it? You can probably guess, but find out for yourself.

Once that’s out of the way the two move on to part two of our puroresu grab bag that started last week! This time around we’ve got four NJPW/CMLL FantasticaMania shows to discuss, plus Korakuen Hall shows from All Japan, NOAH and Wrestle-1. John and Taylor also give an overview of Wrestle-1 and what they enjoy about the promotion, to try and encourage new fans to check it out. They also discuss Dragon Gate’s recent 1/14 Osaka show that just made tape, and some issues the two of them have with the way current storylines are unfolding there. Finally, the two wrap it up with an interesting request from a listener: to each pick five wrestlers from the WWE current roster who we think a puro promotion could book better, and explain why. It’s a fun little exercise to wrap up an episode that talks about wrestling from all over the world!

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