Open the Voice Gate is back and it’s time for our episode looking back at the year that was in 2017! It was a very up and down year for Dragon Gate, including some peaks and many valleys, and John, Milo, and Mike discuss them all with a comprehensive 2017 year in review, going month by month.

Once that’s over we turn to the OTVG awards. John & Mike had given their picks back on the Milo is Missing episode (#26), but Milo gets the chance to give his picks as well. And finally, we reveal all the winners in the 2017 2nd Annual Open the Voice Gate awards! The awards were open to all OTVG listeners and we received a larger number of ballots than last year, so hear who you chose as the MVP, Most Outstanding Wrestler, Tag Team of the Year, Unit of the Year, Match of the Year, Show of the Year, Best & Worst Dressed, and many more.

Finally once we’re done with the awards, the OTVG crew turns their attention to 2018! In a new segment, all three of us are each assigned 10 wrestlers randomly (via RNG) and we then have to give them a 2018 new year’s resolution of what they should try and achieve in Dragon Gate! Some resolutions are serious and some are wacky, but it’s all a good time. So enjoy this final look back at 2017 and look ahead to DG’s 2018.

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