The Year in Review series marches on this week on Omakase, as we take a critical look at where Ring of Honor stands in pro wrestling in 2017! John is joined by longtime ROH fan and host of many podcasts Joe Gagne (@joegagne) & VOW’s ROH reviewer extraordinaire Sean Sedor (@SASedor2994) as the three of them try to parse what ROH’s year was really like. We go deep on the current roster: are the BULLET CLUB heels or faces and does it matter? Can anyone else opposing them truly look good (or maybe more importantly, look cool)? We also discuss the various wrestlers they lost and gained in the past year or so and what might be at work there.

We then dig deep on the weekly television and why Joe & Sean still feel like it’s an entertaining watch. The three then talk some of the major shows they attended in the past year (namely Manhattan Mayhem with the Hardys’ first appearance, the War of the Worlds NYC show, the Best in the World PPV, and finally Final Battle). They then move on to picking their award winners in ROH for various categories (MVP, Best Major Show, etc.) and a top 5 Match of the Year list. Finally, they wrap things up by taking some of your Twitter questions on ROH. It’s all things in the honored ring, this week on Wrestling Omakase!

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