We take a break from our Year in Review series this week on Omakase to take another look at another American independent wrestling mainstay: California’s Pro Wrestling Guerrilla! John is joined by two fans who have been attending PWG for years: Eric (@superjew1) who has been attending since 2013, and Brian (@BrianDaBrain) who has been attending since 2006. Brian also started the PWG trading card project, which he gives us some details on during the episode.

But the main topics include: how PWG has changed over the years, when exactly it went from being a California indie with some fly-ins to a full-on super-indie (and what they think of that change), PWG’s role in helping people get noticed, where PWG stands in the current wrestling landscape, how Dave Meltzer attending so any shows has lead to a backlash of sorts, whether or not PWG has real storylines, favorite (and most overrated) PWG World title reigns, notable moments, and more! It’s live from Reseda this week on Wrestling Omakase!

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