This week on Wrestling Omakase we begin our Year in Review Series! Each episode will recap a specific promotion’s 2017 with passionate fans/viewers of the company, giving you match recommendations, picks for various awards (MVP/Most Outstanding/Show/Tag Team/etc.), and an overview of what the past year has looked like.

It’s a great way to wind down 2017, and it starts this week with All Japan! Our guest is Eyean (@skrongstyle), a very devoted AJPW fan, and together he and John break down their entire year. We talk all the various titleholders, Kento Miyahara’s historic reign, the controversial rapid fire Triple Crown changes from the past few months, the return of KAI, Shuji Ishikawa becoming a player, the cursed run of injured tag team title holders, and much more.

It’s nearly two hours from two fans who really love AJPW, so whether you’re a fan yourself or totally new to the company, find out all about the past year in Zen Nihon on this week’s Omakase.

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