WWE remains big business and many millions of people tune in week in week out to see their favourite superstars battle it out against each other. You may think you know everything there is to know about wrestling, but here are 10 facts that will surprise you.

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The First WrestleMania Main Event Using Two Real Names

The majority of wrestlers adopt a stage name, whether it be a nickname, a pseudonym or something else. However, in 2003 we saw the first WrestleMania main event take place between two wrestlers who both use their real name, Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle.

Nikki Bella the Soccer Player

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While studying at college, Nikki Bella was part of a Championship winning soccer team and there was a chance that her future lies with that sport, instead of in the wrestling entertainment industry. At one point it was reported that an Italian soccer team were chasing her signature, but her twin sister Brie managed to convince her that the WWE was the best bet for them both.

The Drinks are on Stone Cold Steve Austin

Noted for his beer drinking antics in the 90’s, Stone Cold Steve Austin knows a thing or two when it comes to alcoholic drinks. To keep up with his reputation from his WWE days, Steve has brewed his one beer, which retails under the name of Broken Skull IPA. Alongside this he is also a big wine drinker, and sees himself as a wine connoisseur.

Kane from Spain

While the wrestler Kane may have American citizenship, he was actually born in Spain, just outside of Madrid to be precise. Glenn Jacobs is the real name of Kane, and he was born in Spain while his parents were stationed there with the United States Air Force.

Smackdown Was Originally Made to be A Women Only Show

When Vince McMahon thought up of the original idea to create Smackdown, he did so to challenge the WCW show Thunder, which took place every Thursday. One of the first ideas for Smackdown was to create a diva only event, where female wrestlers would compete on their own bill. The idea never came off, and Smackdown is still thriving all these years later.

Steve Austin’s Theme Tune is Inspired by Rage Against The Machine

One of the most iconic theme tunes in WWE history is the tune used by Stone Cold Steve Austin. The inspiration for this came from Austin himself, and the song ‘Bulls on Parade’ by Rage Against The Machine. Austin played the song to Jim Johnston, who composed all the music at that time, and ten minutes later one of the greatest intro’s of all time was born.

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The Birth of The Royal Rumble

When the idea was first pitched to Vince McMahon about the Royal Rumble by Pat Patterson, the boss hated it, so much so that he put it in the bin. However, when contacted by NBC some months later, McMahon needed an idea to run as a special event on their network. McMahon told Patterson to present his idea to NBC, they loved it, and the Royal Rumble is the second most popular pay-per-view in all of wrestling. The Rumble is also the most popular event of the entire calendar with great wwe odds.

WrestleMania on a Monday

WrestleMania is one event that many wrestling fans from all around the world tune in to watch. Traditionally the event takes place on a Sunday, but one event, the second ever WrestleMania, actually took place on a Monday. The event took place on April 7th 1986, and became the first and only WrestleMania to take place on any day other than Sunday.

Mr WrestleMania Actually Had a Losing Record

For years, we have known Shawn Michaels as Mr WrestleMania, but that is due to the memorable fights he has been in, and not due to his record at the greatest wrestling event. Michaels has fought 17 times at WrestleMania, and you will be shocked to know his record stands at 6-11, worse than many others who have fought at the event. Those who watched Michaels fought may not have realised his record, but those giving out WWE betting tips will have known about it, and taken advantage.

Sting vs The Undertaker

The match we all wanted to see for years, actually took place a long time before we wanted it to. In 1990, Sting took on Mark Callous, who went on to become The Undertaker just a short while after the fight. Callous stood in for Windham, and just a few weeks later he left the NWA to make a career for himself in the WWE, and the rest is history.