Impact Wrestling on Pop TV
Thursday, November 9
Aberdeen Pavilion
Ottawa, Ontario

Pet Peeve: Impact abandoned the Global Force branding after Jeff Jarrett’s exit and yet the Global Force green is still present in the ropes and some of the branding. That’s the sort of mixed messaging that needs to be stripped out from the branding if they are to present a coherent front.

Eli Drake opened the show along with Chris Adonis and gloated that he retained the Global Championship all by himself. The crowd started chanting Johnny and Drake like a champ, played it to the maximum. It irks me to no end when people cut off a meaningful chant for the sake of getting through their content. Eli buried Canada before being interrupted by Petey Williams. They set up Petey vs. Drake next week in a title match. I’m a big fan of Petey, I love lower card guys challenging heel champions and it makes sense to elevate Petey as the company’s resident Canadian hero – but I’d have loved if they actually built Petey up before this. He’s been making up the numbers in the X-Division before now and suddenly he’s getting a title match next week.

Matt Sydal def. Sonjay Dutt

Jimmy Jacobs joined Josh and JB on commentary. A rare two segment undercard match, though this was probably just a step too slow for these two. They worked the match around Dutt’s leg as Sydal worked it over but a crisp, clean cruiserweight match likely would’ve served this match better. I’m never give out about some more two segment matches on Impact though. Dutt was slow climbing the top for a splash due to his leg allowing Sydal to hit the Shooting Star for the win. EC3 came out after and mocked Sydal for choking. I get they wanted to pivot to EC3/Sydal next but there was probably a more elegant way to get there than just sending EC3 out there to run him down out of nowhere and unprovoked. **1/2

GHC Heavyweight Championship
Eddie Edwards def. El Hijo Del Fantasma

This was the first GHC title match in North America (unless JB and Josh Mathews were lying). This was one of the better Impact TV matches in while, an extremely competitive match with Edwards winning with a Die Hard Flowsion. Edwards has been far and away the best wrestler on the Impact roster these last twelve months. Something of an unsung hero, he delivers every time. Also Fantasma has the best suicide dive in wrestling. ***1/2

oVe def. Marcus Burke, Ray Steele and Phil Atlas

Squash. oVe won with the All Seeing Eye (a triple team elevated cutter). oVe are much better suited as heels and Callihan adds a sense of danger and charisma to them. LAX ran them off after the match. *

Allie def. KC Spinelli

This was an enjoyable match from Border City Wrestling as Allie showed more as a wrestler than she’s been given a chance to before on Impact (the Allie character should’ve evolved to full on wrestler by now). Spinelli had a strong showing too as this was a simple, well executed well paced match with some solid nearfalls. ***

The show closed with very long brawl between Alberto El Patron and Johnny IMPACT. It was very, very long. Seriously, they brawled for nearly fifteen minutes all over the building. Things picked up a little a IMPACT broke out some parkour and then jumped off some stuff. This was far too long in the tooth and could’ve done with being much more tightly edited but it did make Patron vs. IMPACT feel like a big rivalry and it is probably the biggest fresh match the company has right now.

Final Thoughts:

A solid show with some decent wrestling and simple angles to kickstart the EC3/Sydal, Patron/IMPACT and Williams/Drake programmes. The booking was worlds better than Bound For Glory.