People who talk about wrestling on WWE matches are often frowned upon because WWE betting is essentially about punting on predetermined outcomes, which only a handful of people are aware of. However, it can’t be denied that a great deal of money exchanges hands in WWE betting.

While on one end you could avail all UFC free betting offers and place your punts based on well-researched statistics and a comprehensive analysis of the fighters, in WWE betting, you can’t make predictions with the same kind of confidence (unless of course you have some insider information!).

Let’s take you through some of the basics of WWE betting so you know what you’re doing.

The reality

Although children and casual WWE fans take the results of these fights too seriously, most people know that the outcomes aren’t real. The best fighters don’t always win and outside interference and/or foreign objects can be often brought into play. Here are all the latest updates on WWE.

WWE is easily the most popular and biggest wrestling organisation in the world. In fact, the current US President Donald Trump also made an appearance in WWE back in the year 2007!

They don’t hide the fact that their results aren’t real and normally refer to their activity as ‘sports entertainment’. However, this hasn’t stopped reputed bookmakers like Betfair, Bet365, Unibet, SportingBet, Coral etc. to provide odds on WWE events.

How professional wrestling is perceived

People normally view professional wrestling as a form of entertainment, and not something that can be compared to combat sports like boxing or MMA. Even the chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon is open about their business and says they are all about ‘sports entertainment’. Hence, it is very difficult to handicap professional wrestling matches as they have no relation to statistics whatsoever. Nevertheless, some research can be carried out prior to the bet placements. Furthermore, you’d need to wait a pretty long time to make your moves as the lines often change majorly once the event date gets closer.

Please note, it’s important for WWE to keep the surprise element alive, to keep itself in the business. While some storylines might be very predictable, seasoned fans of WWE know that unexpected things can happen and surprise outcomes aren’t something uncommon in this sport.

For instance, everyone recalls how Brock Lesnar outdid The Undertaker, thus ending latter’s 21-0 run at WrestleMania. The shock element was so well planned that probably only Vince McMahon, The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar knew about the outcome. Although the two fighters must have been briefed about what was expected to happen, they weren’t told exactly who was going to win, at least until a few hours leading up to the fight.

All such information is very secretly guarded as any WWE employee or writer could use backdoor channels to bet on WWE fights and score huge profits.

Accepting bets on WWE matches is a learning process for all bookmakers as they need to think a lot before setting the lines for these events. However, great spikes in WWE pay per views is making all this possible. It would be quite interesting to see how betting on professional wrestling evolves in the coming times.