C! Z! W! On this week’s episode of Wrestling Omakase, John is joined by Jake (@Oatgan) & Kevin Brown (@darukinoi) to discuss the longtime northeast independent promotion.

If you’ve ever wondered just what the hell the deal is when people start talking about CZW, hear it straight from two fans. Everything is touched upon including the differences in the Zandig/Hyde/Callihan eras, the “big three” yearly events of CZW over the years (Cage of Death, Tournament of Death, and Best of the Best), various title reigns, storyline tropes, that whole Onita deal, whether CZW has a “style”, and more!

Plus, we go into detail on guys like Nick Gage and John Zandig. Finally, we have a huge mailbag (people really had a ton of CZW questions) covering everything from show names to fan behavior to announcers and more! It’s a loaded edition of Omakase on another promotion that doesn’t exactly get a ton of audio coverage, so check it out and enjoy.

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