PWInsider noted that Jimmy Jacobs made his debut at the latest Bound for Glory PPV of Impact Wrestling. The scene was nothing too flashy, he just made his entrance and then walked towards the commentary team but even so, taking into consideration his recent let-go, this was unexpected, to say the least.


Switching sides

The ex-WWE writer was released from the WWE in October after he took a photo of the guys from Bullet Club when NJPW invaded RAW. Even though he is also an accomplished wrestler and an ROH legend that began his career in 1999, this did not stop him to take a photo next to the Bullet Club. Perhaps he thought that his five ROH WORLD TAG Team titles would help him put this under the rug, however, WWE was not really impressed by his scandalous act.

The already controversial star made his return to the promotion quite soon after being released from WWE and appeared at Global Wars in Chicago. There, he showed pure writer’s instincts by using his personal experience with WWE to appear in the crowd and taking a selfie with the ones from Bullet Club.

Jimmy’s Other Stunts

Besides his very successful indie career, Jimmy also did a gig as an in-ring performer for the WWE but many say that he never used his full potential. There are a lot of voices in the industry that considered Jacobs had what it takes to become a real WWE star, however, his controversial career and off-ring habits put him in the position of being stuck at a mere enhancement talent.

It seems that following Jimmy’s return to the WWE he will also resume appearing into the Combat Zone Wrestling under the stage name of ‘Unprofessional’ Jimmy Jacobs. It doesn’t take a lot of wrestling or WWE knowledge to see through this intentional dig at his WWE episode and the way he parted ways with the guys there. But even for Jimmy, this stunt looks like a little bit too much and he just might enter the final year of his career. That’s if he doesn’t make it big in Impact Wrestling. Many claims that Impact Wrestling is his main chance in remaining relevant and still have a word to say in the wrestling world. But even this move seems like a real gamble, something similar to playing free online slots no deposit to win real money.


Jacobs’ Bio

Jimmy Jacobs’ real name is Christopher Scoville and he was born on February 17, 1984, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He first got into wrestling in the summer of 1998 as an assistant for PWW – Pro Wrestling Worldwide, a promotion that was based in his hometown and where his brother, Nick, was also working. He spent 9 months doing all sorts of work from commentating or being the company’s webmaster and step by step he made his way towards actual in-ring appearances which lead to his first Ring of Honor title.