Shake Them Ropes
October 25, 2017
STR 237

At first, Nia Jax walked out of WWE due to issues with how she was presented. Then, she walked out due to injury issues and needing time to heal up. Then, she walked out due to being booked to lose to Sasha Banks at WWE TLC. Rob and Jeff will discuss what’s going on with Nia Jax on this episode of Shake Them Ropes.

Plus, more of this Raw vs Smackdown “bragging rights.” This week on Raw, members of the Smackdown roster attacked the red crew as the show was entering its closing moments. Thankfully Kurt Angle didn’t book a hot 10:50pm main event match or anything, right!?

We’ll also look at the first draft of the WWE Survivor Series card. All that and more on this week’s Shake Them Ropes podcast!

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