JR Goldberg (@wrestlingbubble) makes his return appearance on the first-ever listener requested episode of Wrestling Omakase!

Two weeks ago we covered the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame candidates from Japan & America with Rich Kraetsch, so now we’re back to discuss the candidates from Mexico in possibly the most positive wrestling podcast in history. Hear JR make convincing arguments for nearly every candidate, everyone from Blue Panther to Caristico/Mistico to Dr. Wagner Jr to LA Park and more.

Plus, before we get to that, we discuss some of the candidates from the other regions again, how JR got into lucha in the first place, how it’s harder for American wrestling fans to get into lucha than puroresu and some of the key differences, how the rules compare in lucha to some of the Japanese lucharesu companies, and more! Finally, we wrap things up with a brief ROH mailbag, following up on our last episode on ROH by answering some questions sent in by listeners.

It’s an episode that takes us right up to the three-hour limit set by our podcast host (hence the lack of any opening songs this week, sorry!) as we discuss a whole lot of lucha & a little bit more, this week on Wrestling Omakase.