The OTVG crew is finally back to bring you their latest multinational episode, now featuring Milo on the other side of the world from Japan! John, Milo, and Mike come together to deliver one of their weirdest, most random episodes yet; in addition to DG topics, a ton of other stuff is covered, including (but not limited to): Milo grades Tokyo, Super Sentai & Kamen Rider, John’s thoughts on the new Darren Aronofsky film mother!, John & Milo discuss their favorite & least favorite My Hero Academia characters, Mike’s D&D character dies, #GABEGATE, Ryan Satin not knowing what a journalism is, and more! When the show does finally turn to DG, we talk the Dangerous Gate show and give a full rundown, including a long discussion on YAMATO’s Open the Dream Gate title reign coming to an end and the start of a third Mochizuki reign.

Beauty in Brutality: Dangerous Gate & The End of the Jimmyz

But of course, the main topic is the life and times of the Jimmyz, as the iconic unit has finally come to an end. The trio discusses their memories of the unit, why they think it worked, how the history could be traced back to Do FIXER & M2K, their favorite matches and moments, and more! Finally, some thoughts are included on where we think the Jimmyz members might be going from here (we don’t really have a clue, but we try!). And then inexplicably our talk turns back to Super Sentai again right before the end. Folks, I can’t explain this one. It was random even for us. Enjoy!

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