Impact Wrestling on Pop TV
Thursday, September 14
Universal Studios
Orlando, FL

Johnny IMPACT def. KM

Johnny IMPACT was very upset that Eli Drake beat him up last week. Drake was in Mexico instead. Impact has done the whole “Guy wants to fight guy supposedly in another country” thing a couple of times already this year (most notably with CODY (Rhodes) and Moose). KM interrupted and IMPACT beat him. IMPACT won with his senton elbow from the top (where he gets the crowd to count down to the IMPACT, which is a little corny but hey it works). This worked from a presentation standpoint, the crowd were into IMPACT, he looked more comfortable than he has in the past on his interview, and his offense popped. **1/2

Taya Valkyrie def. Ava Storie

Squash. Valkyrie won with the Road to Valhalla (her double underhook facebuster). Rosemary came out to interrupt and ended up getting beaten up again at the hands of Sienna and Valkyrie until Allie, Terrell and Gail Kim all got involved. Their relentless insistence on having people make Rosemary look like a geek baffles me. *

El Hijo del Fantasma and Pagano def. EC3 and Eddie Edwards

Fairly standard tag match, Pagano didn’t exactly explode off the screen in his in ring debut. The finish was really lame. Edwards hit a Blue Thunder Driver and the referee decided to occupy himself with EC3 and Fantasma brawling on the floor rather than what was going on in the ring. Texano interfered, dropping Edwards with a powerbomb to give team AAA the win. Storm made the save after the match. We have a trios match in the works I’d imagine. **1/4

Kongo Kong def. Mahabali Shera

Fine match. Shera is an okay wrestler these days. Kong won with a splash. *

Johnny IMPACT def. Texano

Texano debuting earlier in the show as part of the invading AAA force only to lose in the main event was less than ideal. Enjoyable main event, with IMPACT injection of energy keeping things interesting for the most part. IMPACT has filled the hole left by El Patron pretty well (and is much less likely to be problematic). **3/4

Eli Drake def. Mascara de Bronce

The show closed with highlights of Eli Drake beating Bronce from AAA. It was cool to showcase Drake wrestling internationally without clipping it or limiting it to highlights. It puts the global in Global Force (for now), it makes Drake look like an international star. Bronce looked really promising considering how young he is, Impact might think about bringing him in for some X-Division spots. Drake looked good anyway, and it’s nice that he actually got to main event the show for once. **

Final Thoughts:

This was your prototypical Impact. Nothing was bad, some stuff was good, but for the most part it was all just there. Fine, agreeable but entirely forgettable.