In lucha libre you are trained to live as a character in all facets of your life. For Sexy Star, that means distorting reality to benefit your character’s narrative.

That’s exactly what the infamous luchadora has done in the aftermath purposefully injuring her opponent (Rosemary) during their match at TripleMania, AAA’s biggest show of the year.

Strangely, however, she has been able to warp the situation into an astonishing angle in Mexico.

Wrestlers and promotions outside of Mexico started denouncing Sexy Star’s unsafe and unprofessional behavior almost immediately following her match by canceling her bookings, and, surprisingly, stripping her of her AAA title. In Mexico, however, her star power hasn’t been diminished outside of a certain group of fans.

Sexy Star wisely remained silent outside of certain biased media. In those select interviews, she defended her actions as self-defense, a language misunderstanding, and finally as a matter of cyberbullying by international fans.
The following is the translation of the interview done by Sexy Star on Mexican television. The context of which is a northern Mexico regional TV network that bases out from Monterrey. The show in which this interview happens is a Dancing with the Stars-type show. The host is called Chavana and is a long time host of various shows on the network.

Sexy Star is asked about the TripleMania situation:

Sexy Star: “Well, the truth is that these days have been very difficult for me. On Saturday I had a championship match. (said in the context of being legit, as referring to a boxing)

“It was extremely hard. Everything got out of hand. It’s a situation that has me confused. I want to keep quiet and when it finally becomes correct I will talk about it. I told Adrian that when I feel the worst is when I become the fiercest. That helped me today.

“Men and women have tried to end me; take me out of this sport. I didn’t give up, they won’t stop me representing all the women that have been abused physically and psychologically (playing on her character trays). I’m being stronger than ever. If I once was depressed what says that I won’t pull through.

“It’s a complicated subject. I can’t think clearly about it.”

Chavana: What happen there? (video of the Rosemary incident is shown)

At this point, Sexy Star gets angry and refuses to watch the video.

Chavana: Tell me.

Sexy Star: “I was in a championship match; I was doing what I needed to do. Doing what the fans deserve. Giving all the courage needed until the end. That’s what happens. I submitted her. It appears that the woman is hurt. I can’t confirm if that is true.

“That is all I can say about it.”

Chavana: Would you say that this led to a cyberattack (cyber bullying)

Sexy Star: “I’m being a victim of that. It’s something very delicate. You don’t know how much damage is being made with what is being said. The mindset that those comments are leading me to. It´s a feeling of being trapped, powerless, helpless.

“But knowing that I’m not alone as I have my beautiful family. My daughter, my parents, my husband.”

The outrage following the AAA incident and its fallout left a lot of people with a bad taste in their mouth. The interview didn’t help Sexy Star’s cause. She was seen as unapologetic, inauthentic and heartless. But if you know the world of lucha, you can find the clues in her language that reveal the behind the scenes happenings that have dripped through knowledgeable news outlets.

She wasn’t welcome back into the AAA locker room. She was handed the title after it was stripped from Taya Valkyrie by the front office. She has a long history of personal issues with other luchadoras.

But you can see the way Sexy Star has changed through her years in lucha libre. She spent years on the receiving end of full-force kicks, punches and submissions from the Apache Sisters during her rookie years and was seen by fans as just another pretty girl who deserved beatings because she wasn’t good enough.

This trial by fire taught Sexy Star to defend herself, both in the ring and out, through self-protection and backstabbing to get that which she felt was hers, the top of the division. But it wasn’t until the international fans started to see the character she portrayed on Lucha Underground that she modified her Sexy Star backstory through the international and Mexican media to get sympathy. The skeletons in Sexy Star’s closet were in plain sight when she revealed she was a survivor of domestic violence. She became a superhero.

Problems had been brewing in the AAA locker room prior to her departure, however, and you saw what happened upon her return during TripleMania. In the mind of her fans, it was a deserved hero’s welcome to fill the void at the top of the luchadora division. Her actions at the end of the match did little to dissuade her fans in Mexico. They seemed unable to divide reality from kayfabe when it comes to the negative opinions of foreign fans.

The many comments chastising Sexy Star on podcasts and social media has only added fuel to the fire of her defensive fans, saying the attacks are based on race and not her actions. With many years of tradition keeping a certain level of magic in lucha libre, it’s reasonable to question whether lucha companies are able to handle banning or blackballing a wrestler based on actions like those of Sexy Star’s. Additionally, the questionable connections Sexy Star’s made over the years has kept a lot of the Mexican outlets quiet and they haven’t covered the story with the gravitas that it deserves.

But with a diminishing luchadora division and lack of star power, AAA is at crossroads. Can they punish her in both Mexico and Lucha Underground? Most likely, she’ll leave the lucha scene for a short while before the next big story distracts from her ongoing saga.