This week on Burning Spirits Drew is joined by Timothy Robert Buechner (@luchaundead) to review Wrestle-1’s biggest show of the year: Wrestle-1 2017 Pro-Wrestling LOVE in YOKOHAMA!

We break down every match and discuss the all the young talent active in the promotion right now. We move onto the main event and hit on a variety of topics including the continued progression of emerging ace Shotaro Ashino, Jiro’s incredible ability to integrate his character, match structure, selling, each wrestler’s individual performance, and overall opinions of the match. We also diverge throughout the episode and talk about the strong imagery & aesthetic of the band Crass, Metallica’s real life Spinal Tap Some Kind of Monster, and Lemmy from Motorhead.

This is an awesome episode that got me excited about Wrestle-1 (although you can’t hear it in my voice) and is a great jumping off point for people interested in a young promotion that’s been on fire this year!

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