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Kevin Hart.

You can’t turn on a TV these days without seeing him. He’s pretty much everywhere. From promoting clothes with David Beckham to hanging out with the Rock shooting the new Jumanji film, you can’t move without seeing him. And now, if you like poker, you’re seeing even more of him thanks to his becoming a brand ambassador for PokerStars. But that got us thinking about wrestlers. With their massive followings, why wouldn’t the likes of Becky Lynch or Kevin Owens be good at promoting poker brands? They could even do it alongside Hart.  

So, we got the idea that a wrestler should “bro up” with Hart, and with that in mind, we decided to try to find his perfect partner. And while it might seem like there are tons of candidates to choose from, there’s actually only one player we’d like to see at the poker table with Hart.

The Rock was the obvious choice, but the fact that he’s a former wrestler kind of puts him out of contention. However, with Johnson and Hart working extremely well together, it gave us a fairly solid idea of the kind of wrestler that would be his ideal partner at the table. But before we got to him, we had to eliminate a few first.

No one can dispute the pulling power of Sasha Banks, and we’d pay good money to watch a fly-on-the-wall documentary of her and Hart spending time together. Sparks would fly, and we imagine that Banks would dominate the relationship in her unshakeable fashion. The same could be said for Charlotte and, in fact, most of the female wrestlers currently in action. While that dynamic would be nice to see, we thought a bromance would be a better option for this particular partnership, so we decided against any of the ladies.

AJ Styles was the biggest star of 2016, but while he’d bring with him a massive following, we just can’t see him staying calm enough at the poker table to stay the course. He’d give away his hand far too easily and in the process would likely take his partner (Hart) apart in a fit of rage.

No, our poker playing wrestler needs a cool head and the ability to take whatever insults Hart throws his way — and a bit of showbiz personality wouldn’t hurt.

At the personal news conference he called in April to announce his partnership with PokerStars, Hart claimed that he knew how to make poker fun again, and we’re inclined to believe him. But wouldn’t John Cena be the ideal foil for Hart’s antics? You can just imagine Hart screaming Cena’s mantra “Never Give Up” at the poker table while the wrestler tries to keep casino security from kicking him out on the street. 

Cena’s also one of those wrestlers who always do well on camera (when not in the ring), showing that he’s got the ability to take everything in stride. He’s also not afraid to be the butt of a joke, and if you’ve seen him in Trainwreck, then you’ll know that he’s pretty good with comedy. And besides, he’s just so damn cool about everything.

Yes, forget the Undertaker (he’s retired anyway), if you’re looking for the perfect poker bro then we can’t imagine one better than John Cena. Seeing him and Hart together would make us very happy indeed, since there would definitely be a few laughs. And when it comes to poker, Cena has a bit of experience, so the pair might even make some money.

It could be the start of a beautiful friendship, so come on, PokerStars and Kevin Hart… Make it happen! “Never Give Up” could be your new brand slogan!