Wrestling Omakase continues its trip down northeast US indie memory lane with this week’s episode, as John is joined by their normal Open the Voice Gate co-host Michael Spears (@fujiiheya) to discuss the history of CHIKARA.

Both John and Mike were, at different but partially overlapping periods, big fans of the “fun-filled lucha supershow”, so this is a discussion of what they both enjoyed about the promotion during their time watching. In particular the Eye of Tyr storyline is discussed and recapped in detail (as a particular favorite of both hosts), as well as the many other threads it encompassed: Chris Hero’s turn, heel run, and departure, the Vin Gerard storyline and the Unstable, Claudio’s feud with Eddie Kingston, and the initial run of the BDK.

Plus, the two discuss what they thought made the promotion stand out originally and what made them both fans, and there’s a discussion on all the foreign guest stars that used to appear for the company as well. Finally, the two discuss where they felt the promotion went wrong after the 2013 “shutdown” and why neither consider themselves fans of current day CHIKARA. Don’t miss another fun trip down memory lane, this week on Wrestling Omakase.

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