OTT returned to the 2,000 seat National Stadium for the second time in 4 months for WrestleRama. The show was highlighted by the return of Ricochet, Jeff Cobb and War Machine to OTT while Matt Sydal, Candice LaRae and Mick Foley were making their OTT debuts. All three OTT Titles were also defended as Katey Harvey and Martina’s long running feud over the OTT Woman’s Title culminated in a memorable match, CCK took on The Kings of the North for the OTT Tag Team Titles and in the main event Mark Haskins and Marty Scurll challenged Ryan Smile for the NLW Heavyweight Title in a triple threat elimination match.

Over the Top Wrestling
August 5, 2017
National Stadium
Dublin, Ireland

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Hardcore Match
Jimmy Havoc def. Paul Tracey

Jimmy Havoc is the 2017 CZW Tournament of Death Champion and while this was not anywhere near CZW deathmatch level of violence both Havoc and Paul Tracey brought some fun hardcore action. We got some dueling cookie tray shots to the head, some crowd brawling with a toilet seat, Jimmy’s trademark sickening paper cuts and even some thumbtacks and a table. Jimmy drove Tracey through the table with a death valley driver and picked up the win with an acid rainmaker. ***1/4

Charlie Sterling & Zack Gibson def. Lads from the Flats (Paddy & Workie)

This match was the end of an era in OTT as it was the final appearance of The Lads from the Flats but nobody in the Stadium knew that at the time. Workie revealed on Twitter that he was calling it a day and it would appear that Paddy M will now be flying solo in OTT. Gibson & Sterling were the perfect opponents for The Lads as there was no chance they were going to garner any cheers. Gibson is the perfect heel in OTT right now and down the line I can see Gibson & Sterling challenging the Kings of the North in a huge tag team title match. It was not to be a happy ending for The Lads as Gibson & Sterling picked up the win via a low blow followed by a double team spike piledriver. ***

Angel Cruz & Joey Ryan def. B. Cool & Candice LeRae

This match was originally set up as Joey Ryan & Candice vs Angel & B-Cool but a backstage segment earlier in the night led to Candice and B-Cool forming a new team as they felt unappreciated by their partners.

As you would expect with any Joey Ryan match this involved a lot of baby oil and many dick references. Ultimately the stars of this match though were Angel and B-Cool as Angel received a huge welcome from the crowd as his popularity with the OTT faithful continues to grow by the month. This was the perfect comedy match at the perfect time for the crowd on the night, Joey and Angel would be the eventual winners following Candice and Joey reuniting towards the end of the match. **3/4

After the match Logan Bryce and Justin Shape jumped Angel and B-Cool. This led to GM for the night Mick Foley coming out along with his bodyguards for the night Team Prick. After Shape threw powder in Foleys eyes Joey Ryan returned to check on Mick and this led to a moment I never thought I would see. Mick Foley taking a bump from Joey Ryans dick and Foley being the worker he is, his hand was wrapped selling an injury from Ryans dong the next night in Belfast.

British Strong Style def. Jeff Cobb & War Machine

UTTER INSANITY! That is the only way I can describe this match. A lot of people are sick of the British Strong Style six man matches but when they produce a match like this I could watch them every single day of the week every year for the rest of my life. What an absolutely amazing match this was. War Machine and Jeff Cobb were fantastic here too. From the crowd brawling at the beginning right through to the finish when Bate pinned Cobb following a spiral tap from the top rope the OTT faithful were on the their feet and appreciating these world class talents.

Tyler Bate was a man possessed in this match, doing a tópe suicida, cartwheeling through the ropes onto War Machine, giving the monstrous Hanson an airplane spin and squatting him midway through and amazingly a deadlift suplex on Hanson; Tyler Bate is an absolute freak. War Machine and Cobb played their part magnificently as the bigger men absorbing all that BSS could throw at them and responding by suplexing and throwing Dunne, Bate and Seven all around the Stadium. This is an absolute must see match in not only OTT history but also in the careers of all six men involved. ****1/2

2 Unlimited def. Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm

Veterans of the UK scene Jody and Johnny made their OTT debut and proved that even though they are closer to the end of their careers than the beginning they are still able to hang with the best of them. Fleisch and Storm outshone and outperformed their younger opponents and I really hope this isn’t the last we see of them in OTT. 2 Unlimited are without a doubt talented and able to do some amazing dives but the sense of danger and possibility that something may go badly wrong when they are in the ring is palpable. This was highlighted when they Jay attempted a shooting star press onto Storm while jumping off his brothers back but instead horribly slipped and clashed heads with Johnny. The finish followed soon after this with 2 Unlimited getting the W following a combination team spinebuster blockbuster. **3/4

Ricochet def. Matt Sydal

A match involving two of the biggest name imports on WrestleRama but yet the crowd at this stage of the show was badly in need of a break. Over 2+ hours into the show which meant some people were in the Stadium almost 3 hours the crowd was crying out for intermission. It is a credit to both Sydal and Ricochet that they were able to get the fans invested in a match that had no consequences to anything in OTT. Ricochet picked up the win following a gorgeous 630 splash. ***1/2

Jordan Devlin def. Matt Cross

After missing ScrapperMania in April at The National Stadium for contractual reasons Jordan Devlin had a very successful debut in OTT’s second home. Even though this was M-Dogg’s OTT debut it was a long awaited return to Ireland for the Lucha Underground star as he toured Ireland previously for the long forgotten IWW promotion at the height of the Wrestling Channel in 2004/2005. Devlin has been receiving the backing of the OTT crowd recently and Cross is always popular and both men were on form. Devlin picked up the win with the ever impressive top rope Spanish fly. ***

OTT Women’s Championship
Martina def. Katey Harvey

On the biggest night of their respective careers and the biggest match in Irish womens wrestling history: Martina and Katey Harvey delivered a hell of a battle. This was not a long match but it was intense and had the big match feel. Right from the off Martina hit the Seshbreaker for a believable nearfall. From there both women traded finishing moves and at one point Martina suplexed Katey on the front row of chairs. This was a perfect way to end the Katey and Martina feud and in the end Martina regained the Woman’s Title after a leaping top rope Seshbreaker. ***1/2

OTT Tag Team Championships
Kings of the North def. CCK

This match was a result of CCK cashing in their gold ring from their victory in the Marble Zone match back at May’s show. At no stage was this anything other than six men just bringing their best and in true CCK fashion bringing some SICK FUCKING TAG MOVES. The Kings have been phenomenal in OTT in 2017 and CCK have been best the best tag team in the UK in 2017 and this clash didn’t disappoint. Kid Lykos being the smallest guy in the match, he seemed to be constantly flying about whether of his own volition or being flung by KOTN. Unfortunately though on a 450 from the top rope to the outside Lykos injured his shoulder. Amazingly this did not slow him down and he still performed a one arm springboard Spanish fly on Corvin. It appeared CCK had the titles won when Corvin fell victim to a Lykos brainbustah, a Slice of Heaven from Banks and finally an underhook piledriver from Brookes but somehow Corvin kicked out. Corvin though was to be trapped in Brookes octopus stretch and just as it appeared he was about to tap out Dunkan was able to distract referee Niall Fox allowing Bonesaw to put Brookes out with a kick to the back of his head allowing Corvin to get the pinfall. Following such a fun match the finish was a little bit flat but it does allow the Kings to continue to reign in OTT while CCK lose nothing from this defeat. ***3/4

OTT No Limits Championship Elimination Match
Mark Haskins def. Marty Scurll & Ryan Smile

Triple threat matches are normally clunky affairs involving one guy spending a lot of time outside the ring away from the action but this match was not like that at all. Smile, Haskins and Scurll blended perfectly to produce one of the best triple threat matches you will see all year. Smile, coming in as champion, had history with both of his opponents and the fans were in no mood to see him retain. Scurll was probably a slight favourite among the majority of the crowd, many of whom were sporting Bullet Club merch, but it was Mark Haskins who stole the show in this one. Haskins has had a phenomenal run in OTT since his return from injury and it was to all culminate on this night. Scurll was the first eliminated by the champ Smile following a roll up and a big hand full of trunks. And the champ seemed to have the match wrapped following a low blow, title shot to Haskins head and curb stomp onto the title while referee Foxy was KOed but Haskins somehow survived. Smiles reign as the self proclaimed King of OTT was to come to an end at the hands of Haskins as Smile was forced to tap out to his trademark sharpshooter. Following a near 5 hour show it would have been understandable for the OTT crowd to be burned out but when Smile tapped out the roof almost came off the Stadium as OTT was now at the beginning of a new era. ****

Final Thoughts:

WrestleRama, OTT’s second event at the National Stadium has to be considered a major success. While the crowd was not quite as big as it was in April for ScrapperMania, the in ring product was stronger and more reliant on regular OTT acts. Hearing the crowd sing Angel Cruz’s theme song, seeing Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate in an arena setting, watching the Kings of the North turn back the challenge of one of the best teams in the world, seeing Martina and Katey deliver in a huge spot and witnessing the culmination of Mark Haskins journey in OTT are all things I won’t forget. This is a long show and time management is definitely something OTT needs to improve, but WrestleRama is still a show I would highly recommend to anybody who wants to get a feel of what OTT is all about.